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user7402931  +   870d ago
just how the wii u and xbox one was supposed to outpower ps4?

unless it comes out 2015 i cant see them making that happen at an affordable price.
jeffgoldwin  +   870d ago
My gaming laptop (i7, 8gb ram, 670m gpu, solid state hard drive) from last year outpowers xbox and ps4. Not even joking.

But the price point of consoles is very low, so there is a trade off.
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user7402931  +   870d ago
lol, i can make something up too.

my old 2 year cell phone is probably 4 times more powerful than your laptop.
WarThunder  +   870d ago | Well said
@jeffgoldwin, Your wrong,

John Carmack: "A part used in a console has twice the efficiency of the same part used in a PC, as the PS4 is coded to the metal.
Therefore, you need a 3.68 teraflop GPU to equal the optimized 1.84 teraflop GPU in PS4."
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Wikkid666  +   870d ago
GS fanboys are so pathetic
SnotyTheRocket  +   870d ago
Exactly. You couldn't build a PC as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4 for $399.
Zele  +   870d ago

Not true at all because gigaflops is not all that matters in a graphics card. a 3.64 teraflop PC card would be a Titan and GTX 780. These cards out class the PS4 in every way possible.

Also the 780 can run Battlefield 4 maxed at 1080p at over 60FPS. The PS4 version has to run on medium at 720p to get 60fps which the 780 would run easily at 120-150fps at the same quality as the PS4. Flops are not all that matters in a graphics card. In terms of ROPs and TMUs the PS4 and Xbox One are out gunned by even a mid end graphics card.

Also their CPUs are very bad low end laptop ones which doesn't help either.

If you want a PC that will greatly outperform a next Gen console you can get it for $700-$800. Look in an AMD FX 6300 and a Radeon 7950 or Nvidia GTX 760. If your an Intel Fan you can pull it off with an i5 for $800-$850.


Yes you can for $500 you can get this. That build is really old it was for a friend who wanted a PC instead of a next gen console for $500 after rebates and some combo deals + promos he got a similar build for $450 (Still had an fx 6300 but he got a HD 7870 instead and found better deals).

That outperforms a PS4 in raw power. Gaming computers are not expensive they do not cost thousands of dollars to max games. $800 will get you a PC that can max nearly everything imagineable.
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WhiskyWhiskers  +   870d ago | Well said
Well said Warthunder.

Very important but people should know this from experience. Did no one remember when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were first released they competed easily with some of the highest end PC's you could afford.

Which was sad because the could game just as well as thousand dollar PC's at the time.

I remember feeling stupid when I first got a PS3 and 360 knowing how little ram they had and the GPU's they were using, with all the money I had spent on a PC that could barely keep up and cost way more money, had way higher specifications all of that but it wasn't enough.

PC's aren't technically built for gaming they are built for multiple tasks, consoles are built solely for gaming for the most part unlike a PC. It makes a huge difference.

I mean seeing games like The Last of Us being played on a measly 256MB of RAM and 256MB VRAM is incredible, I don't care how much of PC enthusiast you are, that is something.

You could never play The Last of Us on a PC with the same specs with a GPU with 256MB VRAM and 256MB of RAM. It would just ignite in flames probably.
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BG11579  +   870d ago
@WarThunder is right.
PC do not come close to console when we are speaking of use efficiency. A console with time will use up to 80% to 90% of its processing power. Computers in the order hand cannot achieve to use 50% of their computing power. Blame it to directX if you want. Worse, giving time and because of constantly growth of the software system of the computer, this efficiency drops even more.
That is why, even if your computer seem to be more powerful than the PS4 or Xbone, it won't be able to run PS4 and Xbone's games at the same standard like those two consoles.

The PC maybe the best powerful tool to play video-games, but it's thanks to their the massive money you constantly put inside to either upgrade hardware or to buy overpowered parts, not the programing prowess.
1nsomniac  +   870d ago
Instead of quoting irrelevant figures explain this, could your laptop run KZ:SF?
Zele  +   870d ago

It is different this time. This is the first time ever in history that the new consoles in terms of raw power are worse than a normal gaming PC. When the PS3 and xbox 360 came out they were mid end graphics cards with very good cpus that were better than almost every desktop one.

This time it is a low end CPU with a lower mid end graphics card. The consoles are not better than a mid end computer, they are equal to low end gaming PCs.
bjmartynhak  +   870d ago

Well said,

Though I wonder how things are going to be with PS4 and XB1 being more similar to PCs.

The cell architecture could be a pain for developers, but also allowed some crazy stuff
Muerte2494  +   870d ago
PC = Brute force
Consoles = equal optimization

cheapest GTX 780 on newegg is $650
This is just the card alone. You still need a board, RAM, SSD, and CPU.
PC gamers love to "claim" superiority based off pure speculation.

Steam Survey shows most PC gamers rig don't equate to next gen consoles.

PC elitist gamers aren't apart of the market their championing.
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Zele  +   870d ago

Can your PS4 run BF4 on Ultra with 4x MSAA at 1080p? No its not even close. It is medium with probably FXAA and it runs at 720p so it can get 60fps.
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PlayStation_4  +   870d ago
it's more powerful than it on paper, yes, but console games are super-optimized. And that's why you see games looking like TLoU and Beyond: Two Souls on 8 year old hardware
JP1369  +   870d ago
Zele- BF4 doesn't run at 720p on PS4. This issue was clarified long ago, so either you're lying or misinformed and acting like you know what you're talking about, which is just as pathetic.
Ittoryu  +   869d ago
@ Zele

No it doesn't BF4 is running yes at medium ( who cares about ultra) in 1080p and 60fps that news broke today dude.
MAJ0R  +   869d ago
Why do people talk as if PS4 and Xbone are different from PC's? They are just low-mid end PC's. The only difference is that game developers, especially 1st party, are extremely talented and are able to optimize games far better. I guarantee nearly every single time you compare multiplatform game on PC to the consoles, PC will win every time.

Optimization is the only difference, high end PC's will always have more power, I didn't even know this was a debate, rather common knowledge. Who cares anyways?
SephirothX21  +   869d ago
John Carmack was talking about your average PC port. Look at NVidia and AMD's specific drivers for different games. The difference in efficiency is no where near twice as much. If that was the case, why can BattleField 4 running on a GTX 680 outperform the PS4 version?
Gamingcapacity  +   869d ago
Valve is a great company. I would be up for getting a Steam Box.
jmc8888  +   869d ago
Carmack can be wrong, sorry...there's no such rule as....consoles guts are 2x as good as the same thing in a PC. That's laughable. Amazing people believe such a broad and unscientific statement is a fact rather than a general guess.

Moore's law isn't a law either. It's a guideline they shoot for.

People shouldn't use GTX780 as an example, my GTX 670 can max out BF3 and be between 55-60 FPS (with vsync on). I've seen that card as low as $309, and I haven't been looking very often. A 660ti, even cheaper, can basically do it as well.

What people forget about the PC's is you can upgrade the gpu.

Right now, there are a ton of PC gamers, who bought an i5/i7 PC where all they have to do is upgrade their GPU. Any i7, and I mean ANY i7 since the line came out in 2008 is still a more powerful CPU then in the PS4/Xbox One. At stock speeds let alone an overclock.

So no, you don't need to buy expensive parts, you don't need to upgrade often, but can CHOOSE to if you want to...and many PC gamers only need to buy a graphics card....they don't need to upgrade their whole rig.

Many PC gamers only need to spend about $300 and they'll have something far better than a PS4. That $ figure could be even lower in a few months.

Hey I like the PS4, I've got one pre-ordered and it will be delivered on launch day. Even though I could play BF4 on ultra settings like BF3, I'm going to most likely buy it on PS4.

Comparing PC's of 2005-06 to 360/PS3 and thinking we're in the same situation now is amazingly wrong.

If you wanted consoles to be on par with how they launched in 2005-06 you'd need that console to have a GTX 780 in it. That they don't is showing the FACT that the consoles are starting with tech that is a couple years behind high end PC's, and more if you consider the Uber SLI Pc's. Not only that but you'd need something far more powerful then the mobile CPU they got in them. PC's were still using single core CPU's and the dual cores were barely coming out.

So say the 360 and PS3 launched in 2007-2008 with the same specs they did, and THEN compare them to top end 2007-2008 PC's and that's a proper STARTING point comparison.

Growth of software slows down PC's? Wow. People do realize that if say a particular program is updated and uses more resources like pretty much all programs do, then you close the program before you start playing a game. Ctrl+Alt+delete style. People are also acting like the OS of the consoles, won't somehow get bloated over the years.

Super optimized doesn't give you that much difference. TLOU is not a good looking game. Sorry. Graphically it looks like any other under rezzed 360/PS3 game. The art direction is good. Some people conflate the two.

Just like now how some people say GTA V graphics are good on consoles. No, they are not. I'm sure the art direction and attention to detail is amazing. True these things can help blur the line a bit, but overall TLOU running at 1080p or higher with DX11 style features would be a good looking game.

That's why many WANT a TLOU PS4 edition. Because it can be done so much better and actually be a good looking game.

C'mon guys. The PS4 will be a good system, I'm buying one. I'm even choosing to play some games on the PS4 that I could play at higher settings on my PC. But what you guys are putting out there about PS4 vs PC is simply not true.

That's reality. It's #truthfact. It's perfectly OK.
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inveni0  +   869d ago
My current PC already competes with PS4 hardware, so I'm not interested in a Steam Box to play the Steam I already play on my PC. Steam Box isn't a very clever idea, imo. A Steam Box is a PC is a PC is a PC.
LonChaneyTV  +   869d ago
The consoles of this next gen basically are PCs, taking advantage of the console's GPUs translates to taking advantage of AMD's mid ranged 7 series. I wouldn't be surprised if the PC specs ends up translating to that on their boxes.

the only way Specs in the PC world could be bogus is if the technology couldn't be replicated, in which in this case it actually can.
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strifeblade  +   869d ago

You said specs on paper mean nothing due to console optimization but you infact contradict a lot of the sony fanboys out there.

By your logic just because on paper ps4 is stronger than x1 means nothing to due to x1 very custom architecture (in comparison to ps4) which games can fully optimize.

I find a rebuttal with a ps4 is more powerful on paper futile because that would contradict your statement about pc specs. Whatever, fanboys like to change based on the situation.

What ever neccessary to prove your point right... right?
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Army_of_Darkness  +   869d ago
I don't think so bro. Calling the ps4 a low end pc is ridiculous because I have a low end gaming pc and Mass effect 2 looks and runs like shit compared to the ps3 version so I can't imagine what the ps4 will do to mid end gaming pc's lol!

pc fanboys cannot accept the fact that console games can look and play equally as great without tweaking, upgrades and enhancements that the pc requires all the time. That's what I think they hate on, the fact that they have to spend and work hard for their games while console gamers just pop in a disc and enjoy;-)
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dmeador  +   869d ago

In your wall-o-text you seem to have pretty good arguments, and then you claim "TLOU is not a good looking game", and then I doubt everything you say. You are either blind, biased, or spoiled. Its a great looking game by any standard.
LetoAtreides82  +   869d ago
@jmc888 The reason people want TLoU on PS4 is for faster loading times. The load times for TLoU on the PS3 can get ridiculous sometimes. The graphics/performance are pretty damn good for a PS3 game.
Ps4Console  +   869d ago
Are you crazy buying a gaming laptop you should never do that because you can't upgrade a laptop you should know that .
KazHiraiFTW  +   869d ago
AMD uses x86 architecture for the latest consoles which means games will be made on the PC as the lead platform and scaled down for the xdone and ps4. Console advocates seem to forget this. Saying that the console has 2x the processing power of the PC for the same specs is so 2006.

And PLEASE stop using TLoU as an example of console graphical excellence. I own the game, I've spent over 20 hrs playing it, and the graphics are disgusting for a 2013 game. Artistically it's beautiful but technically it's atrocious. The aliasing was so distracting and the low res textures constantly reminded me just how old the ps3 is. Don't even get me started on the awful frame-rate. TLoU should be praised for its story telling and intense gameplay, NOT its graphics.

By the time 2014 comes to a close and the first round of PS4/xdone games are out hopefully you kids will begin to realize the true power of the PC. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to build a rig that destroys any console.
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pixelsword  +   869d ago
Hopefully some game footage will come out.
Vanakka  +   869d ago
Im sure, but a laptop of that caliber is about 1000+ dollars.
Mystogan  +   870d ago
They can't even afford to outpower the Wii U.

I don't know about Sony or Nintendo but Microsoft spend billions creating the X1. About 1 billion on Kinect 2.
Valve can't dream about spending that much cash.

if its going to be anything like a traditional console(not like ouya). It's power would be Xbox 360 level.


You don't get the point. If they spend 1 billion dollar on just Kinect.What do you think the console itself would cost? A shit load more, I can tell you that.
The new consoles are already small PC's. So I don't really get what you're trying to say here.
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OrangePowerz  +   870d ago
Why? Valve doesn`t need to spend money on crap like Kinect and they can afford to make a small PC that can match the X1 for an affordable price. They don`t need to build a console, just something that has the size of a console and use standard PC hardware with most likely Linux as their OS given Gabes comments about how Linux is the future for computer games.
JP1369  +   870d ago
A large chunk of that money is spent on R&D. Valve knows PC hardware pretty well by now, and will most likely have several options available. Also, if you really believe that MS spent one billion on Kinect, then you also probably believe that they spent the same amount on their new controller. What this means is either you're incredibly gullible, or MS has horrible engineers. Either way, Valve can put together a machine with some serious power that would compete with consoles. Especially if they're not as worried about power draw as MS and Sony.
jmc8888  +   869d ago
Spending money isn't an indicator of how good a console is, nor is it an indicator of what needs to be spent.

Microsoft has been pouring money down a hole. Their shareholders should be livid they spent what they did. You don't need to spend all those billions creating a console.

You do realize that Microsoft, other than the Kinect chip, isn't creating the guts of the system.

The R&D needed to make the Xbox One was really spent by AMD/ATI. That's who makes the chips and developed the tech of the chips.

That's the dirty little secret. It doesn't take billions to launch a console. Only microsoft is dumb enough to spend billions on a console and isn't making the guts thus the those billions aren't making the console any more powerful.

What they've spent on Kinect is unjustifiable. People are asking what's the justification of Kinect2 being with the Xbox One. Most don't see a reason for it at all. But imagine if you had to somehow justify why you've spent billions on it to your bosses. Heads rolled and probably more will.

Valve can very easily, and relatively speaking very cheaply create a console that is more powerful then the Xbox One and even the PS4.

What's even funnier is they can create THREE consoles (or three small form factor PC's), all at different power levels, for more likely a bunch less then Microsoft spent just on Kinect. From the rumors I last saw the one more powerful then a PS4 was also significantly more expensive.

Any moron can waste money. That is EXACTLY what Microsoft has been doing... being unbelievably wasteful with their cash.

Microsoft has literally written the book this generation on how NOT to launch a new console. The part people haven't focused on yet is how much overall they spent to develop such an underwhelming console.

People need to look at all these expenditures and ask...what did all these millions and billions add to the system? The depressing answer is...not much...if anything. In some cases the focus actually created a situation which lowered the power of the system.

So they spent billions on Kinect, spent more to package it in with the system, yet because of that had to not only skimp on other parts, but in order to neutralize some of the skimping they added ESRAM which will make some ports horrible simply because of it.

Hell they spent what, 100 million redesigning the controller. 100 million!

The sad truth is Microsoft spent billions in essence sabotaging their machine. They don't see it as that. But if you spend money to weaken your console, you did, exactly that....and they did. What a waste.

Why anyone thinks Steam needs to copy that disaster is hilarious.
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_QQ_  +   870d ago
It can be 500$ and 100$ more powerful than PS4...If PS4 had 100$ more worth of parts it woul be more powerful.I'm talking about specs not things like kinect so please no one be a dumbass and make that comparison to counter what i said.
-Foxtrot  +   870d ago
"Sure, it’ll be a bummer for the few nostalgic gamers who enjoy lining up their games on a shelf and flipping through each title while deciding what to play next. However, for the most part, this is no do"

I hope to god that it will still let you insert physical discs. I don't see why Valve won't let people do that.

This article makes it out like it's a PC console with small console elements but I'd rather see a full on console with PC elements instead.

Even if it is more powerful since the PS4 lets me use physical discs, I'd choose that over the Steambox any day
jukins  +   869d ago
@MAjor thinking that the ps4 and xb1 are "low-mid pcs" makes you sound ignorant. Both are highly customized chips derived from off the shelf components. Im not claiming the next gen systems will outperform a high end pc but PC with specs along the lines of the next gen consoles ,instead of the super power monster pc's that are often used for multiplatform comparisons, will always fall behind.
TomShoe  +   870d ago
Maybe the Wii U, but the PS4? Unlikely.
BattleReach  +   870d ago
Then explain WHY you think it's unlikely.
Mystogan  +   870d ago
They can't afford it.
jmc8888  +   869d ago
You do realize that they don't need to develop the guts of the console....just like Sony and MS don't have to.

AMD/ATI did the REAL R&D.

Their engineers create the design of the system and controller, create the OS, and contract with suppliers and manufacturing.

Having Steam and Big Picture made the most important part of the OS the UI is already done.

Making a powerful console ISN'T hard. It's making that powerful console affordable that's hard.

Besides Steam is pretty wealthy. Remember they are a digital distributor and game developer.

Basically their business model is about as profitable as it gets. They buy game keys for X and sell them for X+Y. They don't have to hold any of those games in a store room, nor pay for packaging/shipping. (except their ports to consoles)

That's why you can get games that are still selling for $50-60 on consoles, for $20 bucks MONTHS ago during a sale. People do realize that they'll be able to buy AC:IV on Steam during the winter sale for about $29-33 around Xmas right? Plus pretty much any other PC game that may still yet to be launched.

I do see their console as a big gamble, because it's really the only physical product they have and all the associated costs that go with it.

I'm not saying they'll succeed. But I can tell you with ease they can develop a console for cheaper costs to them then MS spent, and it be more powerful then the other consoles. That part is easy, if they want to. The hard part is pricing and selling them, and any guess on that is as good as anyone's.
whoyouwit04  +   869d ago
See, that's why I always say sony fan boys are brain washed you just have it in your head that sony is untouchable. However, you sony fans are in for a very rude awakening just wait and see.
Kryptix  +   869d ago
Weren't you one of the people that thought the Xbox One had 3 GPUs. lol You're laughable and have no credibility, that's why you only have 2 bubbles for following MisterX's misinformation.

On topic, if the Steam Box turns out to be impressive then I'm definitely getting one as my second console next to the PS4. I owned every home console for this gen and the last but next gen I'm only getting two so I can use the extra couple hundreds to get a few more games or use it for my subscriptions. Probably have PS4 for physical discs and the Steam Box for those great deals they always do. Steam never disappoints when it comes to that.
gaffyh  +   870d ago
Possibly, but will probably cost a LOT more.
shivvy24  +   869d ago
or depends when it releases as parts can get cheaper
XboxFun  +   870d ago
That would really make things interesting.
Trago1337  +   870d ago
This thing WILL out power those two consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One already have a low end CPU and a low -mid range GPU, I'm certain Valve would ship this thing with beefier parts. Especially since they'd likely show off their next generation engine.
WarThunder  +   870d ago
PS4 has a mid-range GPU (HD7870) not a low midrange.
John Carmack: "A part used in a console has twice the efficiency of the same part used in a PC, as the PS4 is coded to the metal.
Therefore, you need a 3.68 teraflop GPU to equal the optimized 1.84 teraflop GPU in PS4."

Xb1 has a low-range GPU (HD7790).

And plus it also depends on the architectural of each platform and the development. It will be hard to beat a 8 cores, HD7870 GPU with a 8GB GDDR for a 399 price. But it will be cool to see another platform on the market.

lol @5 disagrees, pathetic....
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Trago1337  +   870d ago
There's one flaw in you're point. You seemingly ruled out the possibility of the Steam Box being modular, making it upgradable. So even then, it will still out power the consoles. However, we still don't know the final specs of the steam box, so it's anyone's guess as to how powerful the system will be.

I'm making my hypothesis based on a few factors.

1. They confirmed that they will have three announcements.

2. One of those announcements could be their next generation engine Source 2, it's been hinted at multiple times in the past months.

3. They will likely announce a new game that uses Source 2 that runs on the Stem box. Now whether they want to show the true graphical fidelity of the engine, or the ease of optimization, or both depends on them, but I think it'll be to show off graphical fidelity. So why wouldn't they have the Steam Box more powerful than the PS4?
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Tooly  +   870d ago
straight facts from carmack his self and you still get disagrees
extermin8or  +   869d ago
@Trago1337: I think left for dead 3 will be the source 2 game you refer to. Thing is will it be exclusive to their platform or not? I see the steam box less as a games console more as a Linux based gaming pc series. Abit like Alienware is a gaming PC make that runs windows OS. However as most of steams library currently isn't available in linuz, and what is mostly requires you to repurchase it if you own windows version..... Also if it's upgradeable in terms of gpu, cpu etc then it deffo isn't a console. whole point of a console is everyone has the same rendering.processing power available to them for devs to use. Also whatever Steam release they can't afford to subsidise the cost the way Sony and MS often do. So if they have the specs io a $800 PC. It's not going to cost any less than $800.
marloc_x  +   869d ago
You have a picture of Carmack hidden in your bathroom, mmm?
Mystogan  +   870d ago
Valve can not afford to create a console to Match PS4 or X1. First off, they don't know if this thing is going to be successful, exhibit A, Ouya. General consumers AKA "not-PC gamers" don't know who Valve is or even Steam for that matter.

Second, The costs. Making a console costs a shit load of money. Let alone making one that can Match X1 or PS4. These things cost billions. Billions that valve doesn't have.

Lets say they actually do have the money.
They have ZERO guarentee that this thing is going to take off. They wouldn't have money for marketing and such. Nothing. Because again, Nobody knows who Valve and Steam is.

Bottomline: If they're really working on a console. It will be nowhere near X1 or PS4. Not even close to the Wii U.
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HammadTheBeast  +   870d ago
All depends on pricing. If it can out power PS4/XBO, then it better do it for under $550.

Any more than that, and you're going into gaming PC territory, where it's cheaper to build a PC which is better anyways.
_QQ_  +   870d ago
Well seeing as upgradeable parts will probably be true then it will be the consumers choice to make it more powerful, if that isn't the case then it probably will be the most powerful. It would be cool to get a console that gives you options though. Plus Valve would probably offer exclusive content that would come close to sony and Nintendo.

Halflife,Left4Dead,Dota,Count erstrike,Portal,Team fortress,plus i'm sure they would expand first party if they did enter the console bussiness,but i don't think it will be a console they release .
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extermin8or  +   869d ago
Might aswell buy a PC then hadn't you as it's going to be running on linux... which cuts out any benefit of steams library as most of it isn't supported and what is generally requires purchasing separately for linux than from windows.
gwumper987  +   869d ago
The problem with making an upgradable console is that it completely eliminates the main benefit if home consoles; ease of access. If a console was upgradable, you would loose the security of knowing your games will always run and be fully optimised. Because of this the steam box will only attract the pc crowd.
DeadManIV  +   870d ago
At the same price?
arbitor365  +   870d ago
isnt it, like, 1000 dollars or something? its not a console. its a gaming PC.
jcnba28  +   870d ago
No you're thinking of the Piston.
The_Villager  +   870d ago
Oh no what are the sony fanboys gonna do if that's true?
jeffgoldwin  +   870d ago
Just fall back on the usually denial excuses like free online--scratch that one, exclusives, or sony loves us long time.
WeAreLegion  +   870d ago
They'll probably just buy both. Valve has the respect of gamers, in general.
2pacalypsenow  +   870d ago
nothing cuz devs prefer consoles over PC anyways....
_QQ_  +   870d ago
I'm sure its because they prefer weaker hardware/s.They prefer the amount of money they make releasing games on consoles,
2pacalypsenow  +   869d ago
Yeah and that's what people make games for to make $$$$$$
LaChance  +   870d ago
They will explode.
karl  +   870d ago
i will only ask what exclusives will have steam box that wont be on pc.

thats the only reason i would buy a console...
_QQ_  +   870d ago
If valves newest titles become exclusive then it would be worth it.
extermin8or  +   869d ago
Linux based so the entire steam back catalouge will be cut down to under 200 titles.... So might aswell get a pc if it's upgradable? No?
karl  +   869d ago
if half life 3 comes as the only exclusive for the console.. i would totally buy it
RTheRebel  +   870d ago
Hangout in a Sony Circle Jerk named N4G?
scott182  +   870d ago
I wonder why there are so many fans of Sony..... Maybe there is a reason.
SuperLupe  +   870d ago
Nice :D
XboxFun  +   870d ago
Then power won't mean anything and then all of a sudden games will matter again.
SuperLupe  +   869d ago
Yeah but this time Xbox got the games. Quick quick lets help them find something else !
Hicken  +   869d ago
Games have always mattered. To PS fans, anyway. Which is why PS4 buyers are banking on the titles by SSM and others that haven't shown anything off yet. Cuz games are still important, and PlayStation fans know the games are coming.

That argument used to be part of the MS fanboy's repertoire, until it was clear that advantage belonged to Sony.

If the Steambox outpowers the new consoles, as the article suggests, it'll likely do so at a higher price. Unless they do what Microsoft and Sony are doing, and sell the console at a loss.

And without the stable of exclusives that current consoles have, it'll be a harder sell. Valve may have a few exclusives to pop on there, but that'd come at the expense of their PC fanbase who won't likely ALL want to shell out $500 for one or two games over the life of the console.

Make it modular like the PC, and it'll be hard to justify the price and lack of flexibility. Plus modular consoles don't exactly have the most successful history.
scott182  +   869d ago
True that, games matter to me. Getting killzone SF and Drive Club. Amazing looking games.
XboxFun  +   869d ago

"And without the stable of exclusives that current consoles have, it'll be a harder sell."

I really think you need to familiarize yourself with all the content and games Steam does have and you will see they have a lot more exclusives than both Sony and MS.

@ Superlupe
I honestly don't know what they'll come up with since their arguments get more and more into the ridiculous realms.

I have already seen a few start to say that every game has to run at 1080p @60fps or else!
gwumper987  +   869d ago
Um well we'll be fine actually. The steam box occupies a different micro-market in the game industry. Console gamers probably wont latch on to this because it changes what makes console gaming what it is, that is security. We will buy our inexpensive, capable hardware and never have to worry if the a new game will run on it.
Belking  +   870d ago
We will find out soon enough. They can't make it that much more powerful and still be affordable. Next week MS will be revealing the true specs of the xbox-one. NDA will be lifted and we will find out some good stuff.
Ittoryu  +   869d ago
What true specs? the specs have been known for months.
majiebeast  +   869d ago
The delusional ones he still thinks the dgpu rumor is true its pretty sad.
Kayant  +   869d ago

Ikr how people consider http://misterxmedia.livejou... as a valid source is unbelievable like seriously the level of fanboyism and delusional that is written on that site is sad and ridiculously.
robotgargoyle  +   870d ago
All this uproar about MS trying the "always online" console, where will Valve's system fit?

Download only titles? Need connection to play? Idk.

It has a portfolio of 1st person exclusives, (Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, Portal)but little else. It'd probably transfer over all owned games from a steam account so an instant library of games would be there for owners.

Don't know where Valve would fit in this next generation ecosystem, but will be upset if I can't play Left 4 Dead 3 on my console of choice.

It's hurdles would be securing multiplatform games. For every game that makes it to the pc, 3 don't.
starchild  +   870d ago
What complete nonsense. The PC gets more games than any platform. Every platform misses out on some multiplatform games, but the PC gets the vast majority of them.

There is really only one great multiplatform game that I wish was on PC: Red Dead Redemption.

But it's not like the consoles don't miss out on multiplats. You can't play Left 4 Dead, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake or The Witcher 2 on the PS3, for example. And those are all great games.

Every platform misses out on games, but I am completely happy with the PC because it not only gets some fantastic exclusives (I'm enjoying Outlast and Amnesia A Machine for Pigs right now), but it also gets nearly every multiplatform game I want to play and they all look and run so much better and can be tweaked with things like sweetFx and mods.
RumbleFish  +   870d ago
"It's hurdles would be securing multiplatform games. For every game that makes it to the pc, 3 don't."

??? I don't think so.
robotgargoyle  +   869d ago
Yeah, haven't been thinking straight. Working too much. Thinking of sports titles.

Have you seen any sports titles for the pc (NBA Basketball, NFL/College Football)besides racing sims?
extermin8or  +   869d ago
IT GOING TO BE LINUX BASED THEY ALREADY ANNOUNCED THIS FFS SO THERE IS NO "INSTANT LIBRARY" is no one payign any attention to anything these days... AND @Starchild true but you could play them on xbox....? The PC doesn't get ANY of the main PS3/PS4 exclusives. So by your reasoning out of the Big AAA games if you include the xbox's exclusives that don't go to PC either.PC is 3rd on the list out of the 3 because sony have the PC/PS exclusives and the true PS exclusives and MS have the pc/xbox exclusives AND the xbox exclusives.
SignifiedSix91  +   870d ago
Still not going to help it get a good market share. The thing will probably cost $700.

Aint nobody got money for that s**t.
AHall88  +   870d ago
If you're unemployed/on welfare sure, $700 would be too much.
Anyone with a halfway decent job would have no problem with that price, just save a bit a month till it releases. It's not like you'll have to have all the money right when the thing is announced.
Ittoryu  +   869d ago
Yeah cause no one has student loans, car payments or Children right? Who would waste time on that crap? I mean come on it's not like unemployment is really high everyone makes 45$ an hour...tool.
AHall88  +   869d ago

Well, clearly a $700 electronic/entertainment device is not for you. No need to lash out if you can't afford it dude, not everything is going to priced for everyones budget.
I never went to college, so I never had to worry about student loans, thank God.
I got a decent used car that's paid off and have no plans on bringing a family in to this ****ed up world, so I guess I'll be one of the super rare people that could afford this then(If it actually is going to be $700).
extermin8or  +   869d ago
Not about what people can afford but what people are willing to afford. 1stly this will be Linux based although they've said you can instal another OS if you want. It's basically a PC aimed at being on your tv than at a desk. Trying to change consumer habits. Something that rarely goes well I might add. Most people wont bother spending the extra money for near imperceptible increases in graphics etc. Because tbh that's what the difference is, if they can spend half the price and get games that do look a damn bit better than last gen games. Then the incremental increase on the other hardware, which likely will be modular and therefor alienate alot of people due to the technicalness of it all. People re unlikely to be willing to pay theat level of money for a console/pc hybrid. They'd probably rather have a traditional pc and a next gen console at half the price each.
gwumper987  +   869d ago
Look, maybe that is fine for you, but there is a reason consoles dominate over pc all around the world (except for places like china for obvious reasons) that is price. $700 is a significant investment for a vast majority of people. This includes people with good, steady jobs. People with real responsibilities have to balance their finances and 700 is alot of money.
WeAreLegion  +   870d ago
Ya don't say!!!?!?!
RiPPn  +   870d ago
I think Valve is going to run into the same issue that the Xbone did with it's original vision. Since the steambox is digital distribution it undercuts retail markets and gives them no incentive to push the device. Add in it's potential high price and it's likely going to be a very niche device.
kevnb  +   870d ago
I dont get articles like this, wont it just be a steam branded PC? Probably available with different specs, just like any other pc.
starchild  +   870d ago
Whatever Valve is up to I don't think it will be as simple as that. They wouldn't do it if they didn't think they could bring something worthwhile to the table.
AfterThought  +   870d ago
Oh yea! I'll see it when it happens. Who cares anyway, if it cost that much money you are better off building your own steam box anyway. Why am I going to pay money for a stripped down PC that plays steam games that also can be played on a regular PC.

If they think exclusives will save the thing, I think that will just upset everyone who has supported steam on PC's. I know people who would flip a damn table if they found out HL3 is exclusive to the steam box.

I would rather build a PC in a miniature casing for probably around the same price, that can use steam and do a boat load of other things as well.
#17 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rhaigun  +   870d ago
I know you're trying to be funny, but exclusives is a legitimate reason. I don't have to name them, because you know what they are. Their exclusives are good enough to justify the price of admission. And, most of the hugely popular games on PC like Dota, Starcraft, CS and Source engine games will run on a pretty weak PC.
Destrania  +   870d ago
My prediction of the news next week will be that Steam Box is scrapped due to the PS4 being more powerful and better priced than the Steam Box was going to be, along with PS4 already w/Vita TV sporting all the features that Steam Box was going to have. This will result in Steam being announced to come exclusively for PS4 and not the X1, and also Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 being revealed.
#19 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Lolrus  +   870d ago
It will likely by a pc in a small htpc form factor with mobile parts, running on a skinned version of linux with some steam UI. For it to succeed, it needs some rather substantial exclusive content and a subsidized price.
#20 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cloud495  +   870d ago
I think you're right. I think it'll be something like psvita Tv. Where you can play small games on it and other games can be streamed from your pc in another room.
#20.1 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
arbitor365  +   870d ago
they can replace microsoft in the industry. I would be happy with that. valve is ten times the gaming company they are.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   870d ago
Insert PC elitist comment.
TheBreezyBB  +   870d ago
Can it play PS4 exclusives?
thekhurg  +   870d ago
And monkey's could fly out of my ass.
jimmywolf  +   869d ago
as weird as that would be i pay too see it
Software_Lover  +   870d ago
My PC outpowers both by a pretty good margin, yet I still can't play Forza, Halo, Uncharted, or Deep Down on it.

Go figure
EXVirtual  +   870d ago
If it does, it's not gonna be cheap at all. How much was the Piston Xi-3 again?
And won't this remove the whole customizing thing?
#26 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
matrixman92  +   870d ago
this things life depends on the cost...if It costs too much, why not just build a pc...if it costs cheaper than the consoles, it is probably a lot weaker. It really needs to be around 400-500 with better parts than the consoles, which I will never see happening. It just doesnt have a place in the market
abc1233  +   870d ago
Wouldn't the customisation option remove a significant advantage consoles have over PCs in that it's a closed environment and developers can optimise their games significantly more on a console? In that respect, wouldn't the steambox just basically be a subsidised PC?
#28 (Edited 870d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
spoonard  +   869d ago
I already own two gaming PC's, both with multi-monitor set ups. A PC that plays games limited to Steam on my TV in the living room is not a big concern of mine truthfully. But I am still very interested to see what comes of this.

Price wise it's going to be tough to beat out the new consoles coming out in a couple of months. The price to performance ratio of new gen consoles cannot be beaten.
urwifeminder  +   869d ago
That will ruffle a few panties on this site lol.
jcnba28  +   869d ago
Yep lol
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