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NYC_Gamer  +   876d ago
Its about time NYC start doing something game development wise and the city also need some type of gaming event like PAX
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Pandamobile  +   876d ago
New York City needs to actually have a sizable gaming industry first before they start hosting their own developer events.

For now, the biggest developer event on the East Coast is the Montreal International Game Summit.
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N4g_null  +   876d ago
Lots of developers come from the new England area... did you know the guys from epic where from up north?

nyc has a crazy art scene and interactive art is big there.
Pandamobile  +   876d ago
Yeah, but for a city of its size, it's pretty lacking in the games department.

Montreal is the main industry hub in the north east. It'd be great to see NYC grow though.
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FullMetalTech  +   876d ago
Actually its a good idea for New York. Were already seeing a trend of music, movies and tv shows being produced here so another medium like game development can be a great revenue source for the city.

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