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ABeastNamedTariq  +   878d ago
All I know is... I can't friggin wait for it.

I'm also pretty excited to download the PlayStation App. Seems interesting.
1OddWorld  +   878d ago
My Best Buy isn't doing a midnight release. I have to wait until 10am the next morning to pick mine up but I will be first in line.

What games are people pre-ordering? I can't decide
ABeastNamedTariq  +   878d ago
Well, for me, I'm definitely getting Killzone and Battlefield 4. I was going to get Watch Dogs, but now I'm on the fence about that. I'll probably cancel that and get a second controller.
JoGam  +   878d ago
So you're going to bed early that day huh? Just like a kid on Christmas eve......LOL
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   878d ago
killzone, madden, 2k14, watch dogs, assassin's creed, drive club and battlefield 4....also gettin warframe, blacklight etc.
Sevir  +   878d ago
I've got mine paid off at Gamestop,

I'm picking up Killzone, Watch_Dogs at Retail on Midnight, And I'll Download load, Resogun, Driveclub and Knack via the PS App So theyll download while I play the the KZ:Shadow Fall Campaign. :)
BitbyDeath  +   878d ago
Going to preorder knack, test out driveclub through plus and download killzone sf. (maybe just the multiplayer if able to buy separately)
patsrule316  +   878d ago
I preordered Watchdogs, and I am getting Madden 25 for my son. I want Killzone and Assassin's Creed IV, but I'll wait for price drops. There are several indie games I want that will tide me over until the price drop on those two, and the big guns come out: The Division, Destiny, Dragon Age, The Witcher, The Crew, and Infamous.
Ketzicorn  +   878d ago
Getting KZ:SF,Watchdogs,AC4,Madden 25,and Fifa 14. (Maybe Full version of Driveclub, on the fence about Knack,NBA game, and Lego Marvel) I will probably pick up another controller when they release the new colors and maybe a stand.
kizzle32  +   878d ago
Gamestop FTW! Midnight release and on a Friday to boot makes me a happy camper for sure! I pre-ordered: Assassins Creed IV, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, BF4, and Watch Dogs. I will rent the sports games and see which basketball game is superior since EA is promising an amazing comeback. And Driveclub I will just try the watered down version that comes with PS+ on day one and see how I like it and may upgrade to the full version.
ShwankyShpanky  +   878d ago
Preordered KZ:SF, but might just get the DD version. I think KZ+F2P+Driveclub/Resogun will keep me busy for a little bit.

I WAS going to do a midnight pickup, set it up, start downloads, go to bed, go to work, have it ready and waiting when I get home... BUT I just now called GameStop, and they said they're not doing a midnight release for either console.

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JoSneak  +   878d ago
only getting BF4 and fifi 14
hate EA thought
fsfsxii  +   878d ago
Does gaming. TV is an extra. /s
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Chapter11  +   878d ago
Oh boy there's a stand, that's a game changer right there. PS4 wins next generation!
xHeavYx  +   878d ago
Reason 2 "PS4 is A LOT more powerful than the competition"
SniperControl  +   878d ago
Not according to the xboys on here, in another article, they are saying the X1 has a hefty PSU, that means it must be powering a hidden almighty GPU that AMD will reveal on the 25th, and all Sony boys will be butt hurt.
Of course some of them are privy to more info which they cant reveal just yet.'s becoming embarrassing now.
xHeavYx  +   878d ago
They will probably come up with a cell processor inside that power brick too
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   878d ago
It's been embarrassing for awhile.Long since the days of "PS3 has no games" and "haha 3rd place"

Now it's xbox with no games, 3rd place, worse XBL and not a single worthwhile exclusive in years.

They lost all their bragging points and they so dearly wanted xbone to come out swinging so they can feel smug again.

It's actually pathetic to see all this unfolding from the sidelines.Just watching the ridiculous theories and hyperbole they come up with since the xbone reveal.Just pure delusional.

It's like presenting a dinosaur bone to a radical creationist and saying "explain this."
jmc8888  +   878d ago
225W is not a hefty PSU.

203W was the 360's (initial).

PC's run 500-1500 Watts.

For context my i7 3820@4.3 ghz and GTX 670 utilizes an 850 watt PSU. Though I'm not maxing it out.
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BLow  +   878d ago
Reason 7: I thought the PS3 was region free. Oh well, the PS4 will be and is good for those who import games.
jmc8888  +   878d ago
Reason 5: Xbox Sharing plan without the asinine DRM and other rights erosion.

Captain Obvious moment: Steam and Sony, both showing you didn't need the idiocy that Microsoft implemented for their sharing plan, and also didn't need to scrap the sharing feature when they took the DRM away.

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