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nick309  +   805d ago
nzbleach  +   805d ago
Now someone add the tardis :)
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Software_Lover  +   805d ago
Lol. It would be great if we could fly around the map in it, and make it our home since its bigger in the inside
Makkanchor  +   805d ago
This is jus retarded
BattleTorn  +   805d ago
I don't watch Dr WHO, but I do recognize the Dalek's "exterminate" from somewhere...

Anyone know? Has this thing been parodied in a TV show or movie, or another game?

after a little diggin, I think it was the Paris Hilton's episode of SNL. lol
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SignifiedSix91  +   805d ago
There's Funny Bot from southpark too lol.
niral  +   795d ago
Yes, it was parodied by Rowan Atkinson but there were no daleks present.

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