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Hitman0769  +   719d ago
been telling people this for ages. i'm not saying PS4 won't be incredible, but don't act like you're some type of specs expert because you read an IGN post... seriously...

Carmack already spoke on this and his words were more true than anybody's thus far...
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MRMagoo123  +   719d ago
Ppl keep bringing up carmack and still dont realise that he didnt say the console power was the same he was talking about the architecture, he said himself he has not done any rigorous benchmarks so he cant talk on power at all.
Hitman0769  +   719d ago
the entire point is that he said the architectures are different enough to where you can't do benchmarks until the games have been developed. can you just let it go, let the years go by and the people make the games, don't pretend you know what you're talking about until that time comes.
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JohnS1313  +   719d ago
What a loser. Go to Hell You piece of crap Microsoft flunky.
microgenius  +   719d ago
here comes again micro$oft damage control
Mister_G  +   719d ago
4 > 1
wheresmymonkey  +   719d ago
I couldn't give a damn about which console has the better specs if all the games are utter shite on both and the dash is a mess then either can have all the power in the world would mean didley.

They should be fighting about why Halo is better Killzone not arbitary figures which mean absolutely jack to mist people.
GamePeace  +   719d ago
Deep Down can only be done on Ps4, so I know which console I am going for, although Deep Down is western oriented, there will be many unique japanese RPGs and games in General for Ps4. Everybody knows, if you want to experience games like Demons Souls, Deep Down, The Last Guardian, then go with Sony. If you like more average games like Ryse or Halo (more massappealing), then go with Xbox One. Dont Forget about Santa Monicas new IP and also Naughty Dogs new IP, so in the end it will be the better choice, if you consider the value of These titles: Deep Down, the new IPs of top devs like Santa Monica and Naughty Dog... and even if you are a shooter fan you have Killzone,The Order will find many fans. Plus many americans are superherofans, so they will buy Infamous, but not only them. Miyazaki (Demons Souls, Dark Souls director) is surely working on a new dark Fantasy RPG, but we dont know about its exclusivity yet... probably Ps4, because Dark Souls is only a spiritual successor of DS and multiplattform like the second Dark Souls, so it will highly be a second Demons Souls exclusive for Ps4 or atleast more Demons Souls oriented game for Ps4. Dark Souls brought the concept of a more open world and a Little bit more sunshine... Demons Souls was more grimm. Exclusive Contents for games like Destiny, I will buy Diablo III (Ps4), Final Fantasy XV, which will be better on Ps4, even if it goes multi. Xbox is more an Entertainment System than a console for unique game experiences... and thats why I go with Sony. I was in Possession of a Xbox 360, bought games like Skyrim, Gears 3, Halo: Reach, Bioshock. And today I have only a Ps3 in my room, sold the 360 because of its futility, while games like God of War Ascension, Ni No Kuni, Team Ico Collection, God of War Collection, God of War III, Uncharted ecc. Keep me playing on my Ps3, so it will be a easy choice for me. Specs are important, but not significant. Its more like the devs use the ressources of a console, like Naughty Dog did in the near past with games like Uncharted and TLOUS... didnt see a game like this on Xbox 360, sorry... and not to mention God of War, so ist the Quality of the sony devs that keeps me loyal to the Playstation...
Bolts  +   719d ago
Lol what is it about Deep Down that's only possible with the PS4? You can do a game like this with the PS3. It's a dungeon crawler, not BF 4 with 64 players. That's like saying Titan Fall is only possible with the cloud.
GamePeace  +   719d ago
Albert Penello (penello means pencil)is only a product of "its" (his) Company, Microsoft likes to underline PR for its launchbox, but c mon... do you really think that I will take you serious, Penello? Everybody would speak good for its own Family, this article is predictable... PR shit for a shitty console, which I am not willing to buy... untill Playstation exists, so why dont you go drink a tea with your rich Family and let poor Gamers like me, who must make a choice between two expensive and less expensive consoles alone with my choice? The games decide, not you and your Company! Its the work of devs (Studios) that will guide me through the jungle of PR talking, if I see some light at the end of the tunnel of BS, I will follow the light and so will my limited Money and time. The peasant would laught at you, a man that has nothing better to do than Propaganda for its moneysource in Forums... go make yourself a mushroomsoup, Boy...
jimsas  +   719d ago
Well... at least I now know what Penello means.....
Think I'll go and have myself a mushroomsoup ;)
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PS4isKing_82  +   719d ago
Microsoft is so scared of Sony now. Everyday now we have a new article of them trying desperately it seems to defend their inferior console. I'm still getting the Xbox one but it's apparent Sony has them by the balls going into next gen.
jimsas  +   719d ago
You're right , Just the other day I saw some Microsoft Employees hiding behind my bike shed , I asked them what they were doing and they told me that some rough kids from Sony were "after them" and were gonna get them by the balls, they looked terrified..
Oh and I'm glad you're actually gonna buy an Xbone - I thought with a name like PS4isKing_82 You might just be a 30 year old playstation fanboy....
theContortionist  +   719d ago
I find it funny how you all argue about the bandwidth that the consoles will be capable of as if the developers will actually use more than a fraction of it. Look at current generation consoles and pc games and name any that come close to using that kind of bandwidth.
jimsas  +   719d ago
I love the way the Sony fanboys flock to the Xbox One articles and Proceed to add their disagrees to any and all articles or comments that even give even the slightest bit of credit to the Xbox One.

I love the way they have named it the Xbone even though it should be the Xone (or should the PS4 be the PLS4?)

I love the way despite the fact the X1 is sold out in loads of release territories they continue to tell everyone that the PLS4 is outselling it by 500:1 like its going to affect sales lol.
I love the way they make out the PLS4 is 50% more powerful (..and don't forget its devs saying this..)

I love the talk of esram bandwidth and one guys statement that because its 32mb on X1 all data will have to be broken into 32mb chunks so that will slow it down ( its actually 4 x 8mb modules so doesn't that mean it can only handle 8mb at a time? oh no that means ps4 is now 600% more powerful and all xbox one games will run at 2fps and look like shit)
I love all the armchair hardware engineers trying to convince everyone how they are experts on console architecture and thats how they know the ps4 is better, misquoting "dev" articles to fuel their own insecure agenda.

I love the way they argue Deep down is 2x as good looking as Ryse (and don't forget Ryse is just QTE and that Sux) when Deep down's not even confirmed for a western release yet and nearly all of whats been shown is target renders and some basic gameplay that looks nowhere near as good as cryteks game.

..and heres a controversial one ... I've seen games running on both systems (E3,Gamescom) and I'll tell You without a doubt the games on the Xbox One look better - FACT, driveclub looks worse than forza , Killzone looks nice but does seems to have quite a variable framerate and its certainly not running at a constant 60fps - knack looks ok i guess but wheres the excitement in it, its hardly awe inspiring unless you're like ten years old, oh and the OS - its way better on the Xbox One, its slicker, faster, better at multitasking and feels proper next gen not "clunky" like PS4's - these are facts guys i'm not speculating i've seen these things with my own eyes.

So... PLS4 fanboys get your disagree buttons ready below and scan my post for spelling mistakes , google some "dev articles" saying how my eyes are wrong about X1 games looking better as you've seen them through the playstation eye or something (which is 50% more powerful than my human eye) I'm ready for Ya, obviously I'll be waiting for some intelligent response from the fanboy usual suspects (You know who you are)

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MRMagoo123  +   719d ago
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here comes the waaambulance, poor microsoft they can never catch a break why does everyone tease them waaaaaaa. Ps4 is at least 50% more powerful at least that what unbiased devs say so who cares what you think.
jimsas  +   719d ago
Brilliant !!
My first disagree and a typical example of an intelligent well structured N4G poster and Playstation fanboy.
I could not have hoped for a bigger more typical looking fish for my first catch of the day , Thanks !!
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blackmanone  +   715d ago
Jimsas, when you post garbage, expect garbage.
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Symonator  +   719d ago
he 176GB/s is the absolute maximum, NOT the reasonable expectation.
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