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CuddlyREDRUM  +   881d ago
NeoGAF, the home of gaming execs on forums.
Marius_Titus  +   881d ago
Right now the best graphics are exclusive to X1.
blackmanone  +   881d ago
"Right now (in my opinion) the best graphics are exclusive to X1."

Fixed it for ya.
AceBlazer13  +   881d ago
I'm not even gonna pretend I care what's inside.All that matters is what shows and so far ps4 has better showings closest thing xbone has to compete with ps4 is ryse and that isn't much.Couple that with the statements of devs it's obvious which is the strongest console.
JohnRecon  +   881d ago
Ah like Knack?

Sry, couldn't help it :)
AceBlazer13  +   881d ago
Yh you know a console is doing great when the best people can do is call out a platformer generally aimed at kids.
ma1asiah  +   881d ago
Somebody I forget who made the comparison between eDRAM in the X360 and eSRAM used in the X1.

I maybe wrong but I kind of got the feeling that the person does not know the difference between the two types of RAM

SRAM vs DRAM (the ā€œeā€ at the beginning refers to embedded)

There are two types of Random Access Memory or RAM, each has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the other. SRAM (Static RAM) and DRAM (Dynamic RAM) holds data but in a different ways. DRAM requires the data to be refreshed periodically in order to retain the data. SRAM does not need to be refreshed as the transistors inside would continue to hold the data as long as the power supply is not cut off. This behavior leads to a few advantages, not the least of which is the much faster speed that data can be written and read.

The additional circuitry and timing needed to introduce the refresh creates some complications that makes DRAM memory slower and less desirable than SRAM. One complication is the much higher power used by DRAM memory, this difference is very significant in battery powered devices. SRAM modules are also much simpler compared to DRAM, which makes it easier for most people to create an interface to access the memory.

Structurally, SRAM needs a lot more transistors in order to store a certain amount of memory. A DRAM module only needs a transistor and a capacitor for every bit of data where SRAM needs 6 transistors. Because the number of transistors in a memory module determine its capacity, a DRAM module can have almost 6 times more capacity with a similar transistor count to an SRAM module.

Because of its lower price, DRAM has become the mainstream in computer main memory despite being slower and more power hungry compared to SRAM. SRAM memory is still used in a lot of devices where speed is more crucial than capacity. The most prominent use of SRAM is in the cache memory of processors where speed is very essential, and the low power consumption translates to less heat that needs to be dissipated.
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ma1asiah  +   881d ago
Now I know this has not been confirmed BUT MS could possibly be using Fusion ioMemory in respect of the 8 GB Flash memory. Granted I do agree with past comments that the flash memory will be used to store the OS and apps. However Fusion ioMemory could be another use as well.

The virtual memory subsystem abstracts logical data addresses from their physical location by creating a directory of data locations. In modern OSs, a 64-bit virtual address space is used to organize and partition data used by the applications and users. Below this virtual address space lays the physical RAM, which has a much smaller address space. Operating systems and applications use this virtual interface to RAM (called the page table) to look up the physical location of data using a directory rather than requiring massive quantities of RAM just to satisfy each application's memory address space.

Similar to page tables in the host virtual memory subsystem, VSL virtualizes Flash via "block tables." VSL translates block requests to physical ioMemory addresses, also analogous to the virtual memory subsystem. It's important to note that these block tables are stored in host memory. This is a key advantage over other solid-state architectures (e.g. SSDs) that store block tables only in embedded RAM, where block tables are accessible only behind legacy storage protocols.

At the end of the day I don't seriously get this whole debate over raw power and graphics etc. We for the most part are console gamers not PC gamers, I mean if raw power and ultra high end graphics is what you want then why dont you just get a high end gaming rig.

Personally I think the hardware powering both machines is intriguing but for me it is the games that both will end up on each system that have me the most excited not simply specs that the average joe or joan don't really understand any way.

Seriously looking forward to that cold day in hell or that blue moon where we as gamers will actually spend more of our internet blogging time discussing games and not hardware.

I don't care if the X1 is less powerful than the PS4 or vice versa, they are both at the end of the day a truck load more powerful than the consoles we currently have and that to me is good enough.
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_FantasmA_  +   881d ago
Can this guy give it rest already? It seems everyday, several times a day he has to compare his cable box to the PS4. Its like they already know that PS4 is the one to beat. They can't just talk about their own system without the PS4. They are just desperate and trying to match the greatness of the PS4. I like this guy less and less everyday. Tomorrow it will be Larry Herb's day to b**ch and moan and then Thursday its back to Pinello.
Bias1973  +   881d ago
Why is it that Microsoft is taking time out to talk, stir, or respond to this? I mean you have a major company having people comment on it's units nickname, and they keep banging the drum about 30 percent more powerful, can someone find me where Sony said anything about it? I was under the impression that Sony said we have the most powerful unit, and on paper that seems to be true. I mean Microsoft is acting like a scorned teenager here.

Why don't they tell me why Kinect is worth 100 dollars more, or what makes Ryse so bad ass. Or talk about Forza's tracks, and music list, or tell us that Halo is gonna blow our mind! Instead both Larry, and Pinello are gonna talk about how the white light on the Xbone, is really cool, and 30 percent brighter then Sony's blue light.
BlazingEd209  +   881d ago
The thing is that the majority if stories are X1 related good or bad. This is marketing at its finest and Microsoft are generating more noise than Sony
modesign  +   881d ago
haha, micrososft analyse the performance of xbone and ps4. no bias there, (sarcasm)
bligmerk  +   881d ago
Microsoft got caught with their pants down, and instead of pulling their pants back up, they are trying to run and pull them up at the same time. All Sony is saying is pull up your pants.

TGS is only two weeks away. The truth is going to come out then. The past several weeks has been Red Alert Damage Control by MS, and they have been pulling every dirty PR, marketing and spin control trick they have. They have been measured, and found lacking. MS am cry.
clevernickname  +   881d ago
How kind that a Microsoft spokesman would clarify the performance differences between the two consoles. Perhaps a Ford spokesperson would comment on the performance advantages of Ford over Ferrari?
badkolo  +   881d ago
your delusionmal if you think the difference is that big
all of you sony bots wouldnt look so dumb if you could show us what on the ps4 shows that its that much more powerful, cause as of now nothing has.
sovietsoldier  +   881d ago
can i be the only one to say: i don't fucking care and just want to play some new games!
Harpers_Ferry  +   881d ago
Some of these Microsoft employees have been far too defensive about this performance stuff lately. I understand why these people feel the need to make counterarguments to some of the stupid shit flying all over the internet, but this is really one of those situations where it's better to let the product speak for itself.

When you see someone going off like this, saying things like "Our hardware isn't weaker! because..." and "We have this, we have better that, etc.." it just comes off like you've got something to hide, or you're overcompensating.
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robotgargoyle  +   881d ago
I get mixed feelings from all the negativity from fanboy zealots, but why did I preorder an XB1 after an underwhelming e3? XB1 has the established franchises that I love to play. Plain and simple.

I think the blind hope surrounding some kinda "secret sauce" in the xb1 is losing steam.

I'm going to accept it for what it will be. A great gaming console that has cool extra features, Kinect titles that'll be fun to play at parties, and a system with an excellent online service.

Would not complain if system had some extra hp not yet revealed. How could anyone not want more power out of their console? I understand that is a pipedream though.
Bias1973  +   881d ago
^This. I couldn't have said this any better being on the other side of the coin. I want the PS4 because I love Sony's exclusives. All I want is these things to get out so we can talk about what really matters. Games.
Harpers_Ferry  +   881d ago
Honestly, I think that's the best attitude to have regarding next gen. Decide what you want to play, then get the box(es) that will allow you to play those games. Each console will have it's share of cool features, each will have great graphics, each will have it's own library of exclusives, and each will be something any gamer should be able to enjoy in the end.

That's why I find comments like this one (from the link, that is) to be sort of disgusting. It's like the very people working on these things are being pulled into the fan boy arguments. It's one thing to talk about your hardware, or even take jabs at the competition, but this sort of thing just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
ZeV  +   881d ago
At UbiSoft Montreuil (Paris) everyone in the r&d is ok to say that ps4 is far more powerful than xbox one... The differences between the 2 consoles are significative ! On AC4 and WatchDog you'll see the performances far better on PS4...
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chamber  +   881d ago
I'm not someone who really cares about the power difference between the consoles but it seems a bit douchy for a PR person to do to do a spec by spec comparison with a competitors product that is not even out yet. Sony hasn't been the one talking about the percentage of power differences its been some developers and fans. The most sony has said was that they built the most powerful home console.

They keep talking about how they tuned everything while insinuating that sony just brought parts together as if they know the R & D and building process of sony ps4.

It all just seems like a desperate move by Microsoft.
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assdan  +   881d ago
We all know the PS4 is stronger microsoft needs to stop pretending and just move on from it. He's says we're oversimplifying when he clearly is. Also, multiple devs have come out and said that the PS4 is stronger, by a LOT.
generalthadeape  +   881d ago
I like Mr. Panello's tone and the comparisons he made between the Xbox One & PS4 make me feel more at ease with my decision to go with the Xbox One instead of the PS4.

It's very refreshing to see that perhaps the Xbox One isn't as "weak" as we all once thought.

I'm pretty sure that Panello's message was that the two systems simply can't be compared "apples to apples" because the hardware on each is a bit different.

After hearing what he said, I am still glad that I pre-ordered my Day One Xbox One because I am convinced that games will look great on BOTH systems.

If this is true, then I should buy the system that appeals to ME most-- at least for me, you gotta love that Xbox One controller & Titanfall!

If you chose a different system than me, more power to you. I think we ALL have something to look forward to this upcoming holiday season.
DJ  +   881d ago
He excels at PR but fails at basic math. He's claiming slower RAM and fewer GPU compute units as "superior". We're in a weird situation where the more powerful console, PS4, is also easier to develop for.

This is a big repeat of PS1 vs Sega Saturn.
cunnilumpkin  +   881d ago
the funny thing is, the difference between the two is rather small in comparison to the VAST and ENORMOUS difference between the ps4 and even a mid-spec 3 year old pc

a quad core I-7 920 with a gtx 580 and 8 gb ram with smash the living sh!t out of the ps4, and that's a 3 year old pc!

a modern pc makes the system obsolete

yet 90% of the people on this site, when games like bf4 and the division, and AC4 and all the multiplat games will claim the differences between the ps4 version and the pc are very small (they won't be at all, the pc version will DESTROY the ps4 version)

but every ps4 fan will act like the ps4 and pc version are close

and then any tiny pixel, or minor shadow detail, or single jagged edge difference between the xbox1 and ps4 the WARS will erupt and people will act like its some big deal

the point?

the difference between ps4 and xbox1 in tiny, microscopic nothingness compared to the monumental and enormous difference between the ps4 and pc!
Welcome2Die  +   881d ago
Everyone has already made up their mind about what console they are going to buy and there is nothing anyone can say to make them switch or pick up the other.
yewles1  +   881d ago
"ESRAM can do read/write cycles simultaneously"

I hope to GOD he's not basing that on usual SRAM logistics, he could be in REAL trouble if so...
Nevaar  +   881d ago
I wish every fanboy out there could tell me why all this bs matters.
Fiestabrian  +   881d ago
I like me some playstation 4.
redaxis  +   881d ago
"Our peak on paper is 272gb/sec. (68gb/sec DDR3 + 204gb/sec on ESRAM)"

At first they said esram speed has 102gbps bandwidth, then they "realized" it can read and write at the same time so it's 204gbps, now they can add in the DDR ram speed and come up with 272gbps?! What the hell?!

So if I have 10 modules of DDR3 on the board means I can ten fold the speed?
Reem  +   881d ago
I feel kinda bad for the bots, being a bot is like being in love with some really crazy girl that destroys your life :(
imt558  +   881d ago
Penello mess with wrong guys on GAF. What's he thinking.

READ THE WHOLE TOPIC! ( if you want ). They debunked Penello's information on every level.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   881d ago
you mean ms outlied performance difference
ATi_Elite  +   881d ago
I'm a Spec hound but I'm getting sick of the Next Gen Console specs war and all that CRAP.

None of these machines are playable by the public so why ARGUE over something you can't USE yet!

Enough with the Spec War already!!!! Let the GAMES do the talking!!!!

If your box is better then show the public by way of your box (not a PC) running your games in real time.
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jhoward585  +   881d ago
Show some proof of this. show us a demonstration for once.
jairusmonillas  +   881d ago
PS4 is 30%-50% more powerful no matter how they spin it.

It's their fault they prioritize Kinect 2.0 than X1's specs.
srd4484  +   881d ago
Where do you get this 30-50% from? I'd like to know. And don't say GPU because MS still has not released the GPU specs. And don't say they did because that's just not true. The 1.3 is rumored
jairusmonillas  +   881d ago

PS4 AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine w/ 1152 shaders
XBone 853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU w/ 768 shaders

PS4 1.8 terrarflops
XBone 1.3 terraflops


PS4 - 8 Core CPU x86
XBone 8 Core CPU x86


XBone 8GB DDR3

It's obvious you're lying anyway but I still posted it for you blind xbot.
kanyerab   881d ago | Spam
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