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pyramidshead  +   885d ago
Reading the gaf thread was pretty amusing haha. That Al guy never addressed any of the questions that users were asking about the points that didn't make sense.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   885d ago
There you have it folks read the article please. All this ps4 has 50% more power crap has been thrown out the window fo show. For all the folks that kept believing tose vgleaks were the final specs of the x1 should be embarassed.
DoesUs  +   885d ago
Not sure if serious? His writings have been disected and ripped apart my friend. But anyway, lets shut the shop now it all been sorted.

Oh Frigid, never change!
Smootherkuzz  +   885d ago
As a Tech I will say the difference between consoles are to small to say who has the upper hand if any. Price is the thing that hurting for both systems and will sway people to the cheaper system in the beginning.I think both systems will do well in the end " different strokes for different folks" for u younger people that means some will buy playstation and others will buy Xbox One.That's the best part you can buy as u please and forget about what others think, life is good.
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abusador  +   885d ago
What is amazing is the amount of delusion in terms of this topic. I dont understand whats hard wto understand? The info is already out Ps4 GPU, ram, etc..... is more powerful and thats that. The ridiculous dgpu rumor was already debunked, so there is nothing left to talk about. Customized parts? Both systems have customized parts so thats irrelevant.

Some of you fans go really psycho and just twist any little thing. If you bought and Xbone then be happy but plz dont think you bought the most powerful system bcus you did not, that is factual and is not theoretical.

Games like Infamous Second Son is already showing that Ps4 haS THE UPPER HAND AND ITS OPEN WORLD. Imo no other game on next gen platforms that we have thoroughly seen gameplay of looks better.
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koolaid251  +   885d ago
So, here are couple of points about some of the individual parts for people to consider:

• 18 CU's vs. 12 CU's =/= 50% more performance. Multi-core processors have inherent inefficiency with more CU's, so it's simply incorrect to say 50% more GPU.
• Adding to that, each of our CU's is running 6% faster. It's not simply a 6% clock speed increase overall.
• We have more memory bandwidth. 176gb/sec is peak on paper for GDDR5. Our peak on paper is 272gb/sec. (68gb/sec DDR3 + 204gb/sec on ESRAM). ESRAM can do read/write cycles simultaneously so I see this number mis-quoted.
• We have at least 10% more CPU. Not only a faster processor, but a better audio chip also offloading CPU cycles.
• We understand GPGPU and its importance very well. Microsoft invented Direct Compute, and have been using GPGPU in a shipping product since 2010 - it's called Kinect.
• Speaking of GPGPU - we have 3X the coherent bandwidth for GPGPU at 30gb/sec which significantly improves our ability for the CPU to efficiently read data generated by the GPU.
imt558  +   884d ago
If you want : READ THE WHOLE TOPIC ON GAF. You will see that Penello mess with wrong guys.
IQUITN4G  +   885d ago
PS4 is the second coming to some. Lets hope it doesn't disappoint. Both machines will offer gorgeous visuals though so it really doesn't matter what you game on
jamz4  +   885d ago
If MS are unhappy with the spread of this misinformation then why don't they just come out with the facts. It's not like Sony or nintendo can copy them when consoles are already being manufactured. Customers should know what they are buying. Just come out and prove it instead of letting fanboys fight their battles with guesswork
urwifeminder  +   885d ago
But neither can do battlefield 1080p so much friggin raw power.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   885d ago
EA and M$ are "special friends" currently, I just wonder if it got gimped. - to save face.
urwifeminder  +   885d ago
I really doubt it they are big games but if it makes you feel better I am prepared to run with the idea.
Jodicus6645  +   885d ago
Would be more beneficial to listen to third-party developers who are not having either company pay for publishing of their game. Because they will give you more non-bias facts about the consoles.
wishingW3L  +   885d ago
sadly, he's not wrong though, just compare these 2 benchmarks:

GT 720m - 96 @ 938MHz = 597

GT 735m - 384 @ 889MHz = 680

With only 96 cores but slightly higher clock the GT 720m is not that far away from the GT 735m. And if the CPU has higher clock speed too then these 2 consoles are pretty much on par. PS4 would still have the slight edge though due to the bigger GPU and bandwidth not gimped by a small memory space (32MB of esRam) but the differences will be unnoticeable to the naked eye.
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quenomamen  +   885d ago
Lol, MS thought they could put a talking head on a place like Neogaf to try and spin their specs, guess nobody told them alot of guys over their actually know what they're talking about. Just cuz Neogaf & N4G both start with N doesnt mean theyre both full of the same people.
Badassbab  +   885d ago
Games will speak for themselves. We'll see in the future as first gen games will hardly be pushing each system.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   885d ago
Wow, He's gett'n torn up on GAF,.

In a year to two, the true power of the Ps4 will really shine.

People seem to forget , that M$ stated that the "clowd" would make up for this power gap,. in the early days after the unveil.
Angels3785  +   885d ago
This guy just brought back previously debunked and FALSE rumors about adding bandwidth when anyone with a tech minded brain knows.....
corvusmd  +   885d ago
Once again Albert makes Sony fanboys look really really stupid, however these days it's no longer a challenge, all their "factual" reasons for not liking and XB1 are gone, so now they have to blindly make up reasons they don't like it, so shooting that crap down is pretty easy. It is amazing though how many of them still think they are computer engineers now, esp over one of the most respected in the business, who actually has his hands on the gear. Then when Sony fanboys realize they have nothing, they try to attack his image. He's constantly gone out of his way to be nice and modest, yet PSZombies always want to paint him as being arrogant(which ironically they admire when sony does it) and stupid. It's really just pathetic how insecure Sony fanboys are these days, their claim of a more powerful console is all they are clinging to, and more and more it gets shot down. Hey, at least now they have a potentially interesting exclusive, great cutscenes that look amazing, but so far the gameplay doesn't look all that great.
Metfanant  +   885d ago
Oh Albert....adding bandwidth again
Monkeyonfire13  +   885d ago
Can sommeone give me a break down comparison of the Ps4, Ps3, 360 and Xbone
wishingW3L  +   885d ago
that would take too long... Do you even know the difference between an SPE vs Core on a CPU? If you know then by just looking around Wikipedia you can have your breakdown but if you don't the it'd be pointless anyway.
Monkeyonfire13  +   883d ago
I was trollng for someone to make a page dedicated to the breakdown of the specs and a hardware acceleration comparison.
vivid83  +   885d ago
tbh I think the differences will only be noticed by the devs
MasterCornholio  +   885d ago
LOL look what the mod said to Albert.

"So the way I see it, you need to get someone like that engineer to answer these questions directly (if swaying this forum's opinion on these matters is that important to you). You need to get them an account, or you need to set up a thread where people can pick however many questions to send to him for him to answer directly. And there needs to be an option for rebuttal, because frankly a ton of people on this forum don't think Microsoft has been 100% upfront, transparent, or honest in these past 6 months, and if there are going to be technically confusing and detailed questions and answers, there's probably going to be the need for more than one back and one forth. "


Even the mod thinks hes spewing BS.
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Izzy408  +   885d ago
PS fanboys stating the X1 is under powered is naive and also hypocritical.

If you believe Albert on the dGPU debunking, surely you must believe him when he says that the consoles are similar and there is no way they would give Ps4 a 30% advantage.
JuniorCE  +   885d ago
Micro$oft... You are just sad....
kennyg3739  +   885d ago
With all the N4G developers we have in this post, yall could make one bad as game.
NeloAnjelo  +   885d ago
Does anyone believe any PR BS that MS says these days? After all the 180s, Mis-information, cancelled interviews....? When the raw specs are compared, the PS4 is more powerful. FACT! Plain and simple.

This difference may not be seen in multiplatforms, but certainly in exclusives. Look at UC3, GOW3, and the Last of Us... Does anything this gen even compare on consoles? Beyond Two Souls will be another great looking game.

Next gen the PS4 isn't complicated to develop for, it's launching cheaper, more powerful, more developer and consumer friendly... The writing's on the wall, and it says Stop going around on circles MS!
Bowzabub  +   885d ago
I think all that matters is that we all get to look forward to a great upcoming generation of gaming. Everyone will support whomever they prefer and the industry will strive. It worked really well in this current gen and it will work again.
JuniorCE  +   885d ago
Honestly, I have to make this analogy :-D

X1 = Pepsi
PS4 = Coca-Cola

Popular unhealthy drinks... But at the end everybody prefers Coca-Cola :-D
Holeran  +   884d ago
I actually like Pepsi alot more than Coca Cola. I won't even drink a regular coke, for some reason it has a nasty aftertaste to me. But I agree with the analogy.
robotgargoyle  +   884d ago
I used Pespi/ Coke comparison before using Sony as Pepsi (sweeter and always "on sale") Microsoft as Coke.

Hey, we even disagree on which one is represented by respective colas.

Maybe xbox one is Mountain Dew, with all the Game Fuel marketed by them.
xxchicago33xx  +   884d ago
This is fun

Related image(s)
JohnRecon  +   884d ago
Remember, just remember when PS3 was announced.
How the PS3 was 3x faster by the numbers and Hollywood GFX. Pure BS.

Its the same again.

And the Internet warriors (Who are also computer eng) are at it again claiming this and that, Its

The games will speak for themselves.

"Deep Down" trailer and ppl see what they want to see. Its just like the PS3 announcement, geez....
MyNameIsNotRick  +   884d ago
Exactly what I was going to say. This is just like the last launch. "Power of the Cell" all over again. I'm no tech guy (and I'm not going to pretend to be one like most of the fan boys)but there is no real difference in how the games look.

I wonder if there is anything a ms rep could say that would not cause a ps fanboy meltdown.
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