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JoGam  +   886d ago
If people are still buying PS3 games they will continue making them.
jackanderson1985  +   886d ago
not if the cost doesn't justify it
grimmweisse  +   886d ago
If consumers will still be purchasing on previous systems in high numbers then the cost is justified. They will go or stay where the money is until so and transition accordingly.
Eonjay  +   886d ago
This title takes the statement out of context to create the illusion that it was directed specifically at the PS3. The actual quote is:

"Part of this reduction in cost is really coming from the fact that this year we had to create games for many platforms, next-year we'll start to reduce that, and after that it won't happen. And so we, what we feel is that what we will do is create games for in the next two Christmas for the current generation, but there's a chance we stop after that."

He is referring to all: PS3, Xbox 360 and the original Wii.
devwan  +   886d ago
@Eonjay TBF that's correct, but the site is a PS site so they're not interested in xbox or wii, but presented here it looks skewed. I'm sure that wasn't the intention.
mewhy32  +   886d ago
The cost will be justified if the titles that they are developing for PS3 are still having high sales numbers. Trust me. If consumers are buying then Ubi will be producing.
ArchangelMike  +   886d ago
Nah, I prefer them to move over to next gen consoles. The PS3 library is vast enough to cater to late adopters even at this stage. Heck, GTA V. 'nuff said.
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jonnyvito  +   886d ago
Ubisoft won't
Blaze929  +   886d ago
what is with the logic of some of you people lol?

Company says something
Consumer: lies, I know best!

jonnyvito  +   886d ago
haha.true true
CocoWolfie  +   886d ago
ps3 has had what 7 years? 7 years worth of games, another 3 more I think itll go nicely, theres a huge line up even for people whove never owned a ps3 before but hopefully they dont stop anyway :p
The Meerkat  +   886d ago
I always knew they were 360 fans. /s
rustyspoon80  +   886d ago
I wonder how many more years we'll get COD's for current gen. I know Fifa 14 is the final PS2 game so that'll be going on for a while.
BLAKHOODe  +   886d ago
I'm getting PS4 and Xbox One at launch. I don't ever see me buying another PS3 or Xbox 360 game after GTAV next week.
monkey602  +   886d ago
South park stick of thruth. Dark souls 2. Gta 5. Batman arkham origins and beyond 2 souls. My ps3 will still be getting some loving for a while
deadfrag  +   886d ago
Castlevania lord of shadow all the support that Sony and other companys will still give for atleast more 5 years to the PS3...!!!Ubisoft is not the only gaming developer in the world not even among the 5 best for me,,sequels and sequels and sequels its all i see from them;milkyway!

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