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Drainage  +   718d ago
Protagonist  +   718d ago
LOL Major just got his neogaf account approved and the first thing neogaf does! is to troll him...greatness ;)))))
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leonlion  +   718d ago
He shouldn't have named it xbone if he didn't want it to be called xbone, if you name your dog max and get offended when people call it maxxy then you're a twit
Kriandis  +   718d ago
Ok, well now I am going to start calling it "Major Xbone"
unicronic  +   718d ago
Well calling #3 #1 makes much more sense.
redaxis  +   718d ago
Xb one isnt a good name to start with, you dont even have to misspell it to get the "xbone" nick name. Also, I wonder whats the next xb going to call? xbox one two? xbox two? plain dumb.
chuckyj1  +   718d ago
It is disrespectful, but come on MS you really didn't see that coming from Sony trolls?

I actually liked the Xbox Fusion name...but, oh well MS you can't complain after all you set up the nickname with what you named it.
Morgue  +   718d ago
I wouldn't even give my dog an Xbone.
zugdar  +   718d ago
Paint a target on your back and point the finger. Classy.
quantumofmalice  +   718d ago
Max-Zorin  +   718d ago
They should've called it the Xbox Infinity. And they need to fire the entire Xbox division and get all new people.
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