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tristanwerbe  +   724d ago
I always thought the name was just retarded and used by retards
blackmanone  +   724d ago
Great argument. It really showcases your mental fortitude.
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Kydawg  +   724d ago
Major Bone..Major Bone..Major Bone..Major Bone..Major Bone!!!
@tristan What do you call it then?
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tristanwerbe  +   723d ago
just xbox
Gigaguy777  +   724d ago
Agreed, that being said, there's nothing we can do about it except ignore idiots who actually call it that as apposed to X1.
Iceman_Nightmare  +   724d ago
#DEALWITHIT, I'm buying a PS4 anyway!
Iceman_Nightmare  +   724d ago
The XBONE is the next watercooler
Brute_Shot_Adam  +   724d ago
That's right, put a anti-anything-ms thread and wait for it to heat up! Then circle jerk together! Incredible, geniuses.
MAULxx  +   723d ago
MS did this to themselves. They thought they could bone, then squirt on they're own fan base. I was a part of that fan base. Not anymore. Now, they're getting squirted on.
Well deserved I say. Then Larry's got the balls to say things like this. They haven't learned a thing & don't care what the long time Xbox players want. They went for the Wii & TV crowd hard. Well, they can have em.
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TrollCraftTales  +   724d ago
I think YOUR disrespectful of the consumer, you tried to put an end to video games as we knew it, and you tried to turn it into a future filled with ads and TV, instead of a future filled with skilled devs and great ideas. You are the one who named it the "Xbone" (X=X: B=Box: One=One: XBone) So you can shove your condescending attitude up your ass, we are the consumers, WE GIVE YOU MONEY, DON'T PISS US OFF, IS THAT SO HARD? God I am getting really tired of this guy's BS day in and day out...
GABRIEL1030  +   724d ago
disrespectful is the DRM, the always online, the mandatory Kinect !
Daves  +   724d ago
I agree, but hasn't much of that changed now?

Backtracked at least 2 out of the 3.
blackmanone  +   724d ago
I don't understand your point, Daves? They backtracked because they were getting crushed in pre-orders, not because someone at MS started to care about any of us beyond our wallet.
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ziggurcat  +   723d ago
actually, it's 3/3... they reversed mandatory kinect a while ago. so now you don't have to have the camera plugged in to use the console.

people will probably try to say that it's because of the whole spying conspiracies (which i don't believe for a second), but it's more likely due to what happens if the camera happens to break/is defective/etc... you would not have been able to use your console if any of that happened (and they, as far as i know, aren't selling kinect 2.0 separately).
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Daves  +   724d ago
It's disrespectful that the company he works for can't count.
Vip3r  +   724d ago
"Major Ne-bone".

Grave  +   724d ago
C'mon man, someone had to know that gamers would call XBONE on day 1 given how our funny little monkey brains work.
luisvideogames  +   724d ago
gamefanatic007  +   724d ago
Who cares what this guy says. I can call XBONE what I want! It was disrespectful for MICROSOFT to basically say "screw you consumers" with all those dumb policies..that they are now attempting to retract. whatever.
spok22  +   724d ago
Lol i love hating on xbox just as much as the next guy but all i see is that he's just standing up for the dev team. Good for him.
Bonerboy  +   724d ago
He doesn't? Well sorry to shatter your delicate sensibilities Mr. Major. Better get used to it because we are gamers.

Naming a console is like naming a kid. You must ponder all of the possibilities of name modification for the sake of bullying.

Believe it or not, I went to junior high with a "Mike Hunt" and that name only came over the P.A. ONE time and one time only amongst the giggling of every kid in that school . At least he could laugh at his own name. He was a solid pal with a thick skin.

Sorry Mr. Major, you're one of the cruel parents of the Xbone and its your own fault. Consider yourselves lucky it isn't any worse, because it sure as hell could be. So put on your thick skin and stop being such a pussy. XBONE!
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Tzuno  +   724d ago
I simply name it X1
moodgamer  +   724d ago
Not has much as they did with all of us gamers. All.
Aztec_MC  +   724d ago
Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone! Xbone!
titans9999  +   724d ago
SwiftRyu  +   723d ago
Can you imagine Larry coming home every night to his wife and kids. "How'd you do today Daddy, you make us proud?", his kid Timmy asks. Larry stares off into the distance, his entire body drained and exhausted. "Something like that..." he replies. The family look at each other concerned. "Something wrong honey?", his wife Cindy asks. Larry suddenly startles, "Yes, of course, everything's fine, we're projected to move a million units at launch! All systems go". A chill runs through the air, Larry starts to shake but regains composure. "I'm going to head upstairs, please don't disturb me". His family, still shocked at his outburst, say nothing as his slumped figure trudges upstairs. Then, a minute later, a gunshot is heard. Such is the life of the Major.
PSPMAN07  +   723d ago
Dafuq lol
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jakmckratos  +   723d ago
How can one disrespect an entity that has no respect for anyone else.
GoodnessGreatness  +   723d ago
Xbone Xbone Xbone.
harbie  +   723d ago
lol, Xboned....
harbie  +   723d ago
Anyone who actually cared about their fan base / reputation would wear it as a badge of honor and would make a come back with a superior offering.

If i was MS & in charge of Xfag (i used to call them that with the first POS they released anyway, still fits), I would cut the price by 150$, and build a huge, highly talented 1st party dev community which would drive people away form Sony. My ROI would still be within 12mos easily, due to the accelerated adoption and help drive the future of MS as a true gaming company, with good dev talent.

Man the fuck Microsoft!
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harbie  +   723d ago
I also hate Major fag's argument as well- disrespect to the shitty people who were dumb enough to collect a paycheck while creating a pile of shit? Really? That's disrespectful lol... how about those same people stood up for integrity and walked the fuck out, when MS said, no, we really want DRM... I would have said, yeah, fuck you- I quit.
sklorbit  +   723d ago
well now im going out of my way to call it that
explosivetemper  +   723d ago
skip all the trash talk, arguments and complaining, i cant wait to play xbox one, and just happy next gen is finally here...
persona4chie  +   723d ago
Idk i think XBone sounds kinda cool
Orionsangel  +   723d ago
You know what we don't like Major Nelson? Sneaky corporations who are vague about what's inside their expensive device.
DoggyBiscuit  +   723d ago
The Xbox DOne got a better ring to it don't u agree Major Nelson.
Protagonist  +   723d ago
Why ‘XBone’ has stuck as a nickname for Microsoft’s new console

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