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H3ADWOUND81  +   408d ago
It'll be the XFail when unit sales figures hit the desk.. RIP major Nelson...
FrightfulActions  +   408d ago
It's suppose to be disrespectful. The fact that its a nickname so widely used by pretty much everyone should point something out to Microsoft.

Fans and educated consumers are rightfully pissed and insulted.
Zancruz  +   408d ago
I say X1 because I'm lazy... lol

Anywho, Xbox One is a dumbass name for a company's third console and seeing all the mistakes Microsoft has already made with it Xbone is very fitting, They better hope that last minute overclocking won't cause overheating problems again or it will be just another boneheaded move for the Xbone!
qzp  +   408d ago
i prefer xbox 180 myself
_LarZen_  +   408d ago
The infestation we all know as fanboy syndrome is heavily represented in this commenting section.

Every gamer should stand up, lift your foot and squash this infestation under your foot.

It's filthy digital trash that are infection out hobby.

So stand up fellow gamer, and destroy this infestation.
MetalProxy  +   408d ago
I remember when I saw a few comments like yours when the ps3 came out (especially here at n4g). I was hopping for change for a while now but its definitly worse. Sorry man, the fanboy war is here to stay. Sadly :(
_LarZen_  +   408d ago
It is probably never going to be gone...we should all try not to feed the leeches.
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Javinator  +   408d ago
I'm sure Sony doesn't like its PS4 being
called the "Sony Ouya" either. Duh.
Vanfernal  +   408d ago
That's like calling the next Playstation the PlayStation Hit, and the complaining when people call it PShit... That what I call bad market research...
stage88  +   408d ago
Tough luck.

It's not changing and i'll always call it the Bone.
optimus  +   408d ago
I think they thought of the marketing 1st and not the counter marketing they created for themselves. According to them, they just wanted ONE system that can do it all...i have gotten some promotional emails from them proclaiming "there can only be ONE."... I'm willing to bet that later down the road they will create a different model and change the name.
ElementX  +   408d ago
I thought of Xbox 360 as "360" and I'll think of Xbox One as "One". I'll have a PS4 and One :P
AceofStaves  +   408d ago
All this could have been avoided if whoever was in charge of naming the XB1 took a few minutes to write (or type) the name out and read it aloud. No-one should be surprised that the 'XBone' nickname stuck, especially once the CoD dog was revealed. ;)

And lol at the idea of disrespecting a game console. Nonsense.
Kydawg  +   408d ago
You know what's disrespectful? Lying to your consumers over and over again. Major Dumbass.
Mr_Danski  +   408d ago
Too bad Nelson.
Raiden365  +   408d ago
Given his outspoken personality, I would think he'd try to spread a new nickname around. Perhaps after the console releases, the XBONER stigma would have cleared out some.
Jafooli  +   408d ago
You need to earn my respect first!
BabyTownFrolics  +   408d ago
so what does n4g really think about this issue?
RickHiggity  +   408d ago
I think that my video game console boning me is disrespectful.
feraldrgn  +   408d ago
This got made into an article?

XBone: X = X, Box = B, One = one.
Should have picked a better name.
russo121  +   408d ago

how can this be disrespectful?
SaulGoodman  +   408d ago
I seriously think that he doesn't get it. He doesn't see that we're not calling it the X Bone, we're calling it by its abbreviated name Xbone. He's just too dumb to realize that, and is so out of the loop, that he doesn't know to correct the person that asked him the question. Way to keep stirring the pot Nelson. I'd like to send him on a trip to Belize.
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UnHoly_One  +   408d ago
Jesus Christ...

THIS is the top story right now???

What is wrong with this website???
JunioRS101  +   408d ago
If you didn't want your console to end up with a dumb nickname, maybe you should have given it a better actual name in the first place?

Xbox... One? Wait... Isn't it the THIRD console?... I'm confused.
SilentGuard  +   408d ago
Pretty sad when the best the brilliant minds at MS can come up with is "One", but then I remember all their other brilliant decisions regarding the One
JunioRS101  +   408d ago
In other news: Major Nelson has reportedly driven the Wambulance home, after ordering a box of French Cries.
Rockstar  +   408d ago
russo121  +   408d ago
Major Bone not happy... Major Bone don't like xbone....
vigilante_man  +   408d ago
Ground control to Major Bone...

..It could stick if he's not careful
Mr_Danski  +   408d ago
Major Flop ... Not Major bone. lol
alexkoepp  +   408d ago
XBone is a killer nickname I love it, it's totally going to stick it hard to the PS4 so a phallic name is actually perfect. PS4 is gonna get XBoned right in their tight pooper this fall, love it!
davez82  +   408d ago
I think its disrespectful that they only spent 5 minutes thinking of the name. Anyone could have seen the nickname xbone coming a mile away.
vigilante_man  +   408d ago
He has a bone of contention!!
GraveLord  +   408d ago

Come at me bro.
JoeKerr69  +   408d ago
Xbone is disrespectful of gamers by pandering to casual dopetards
Rockstar  +   408d ago
Aww, Poor baby Nelson!
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