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Hakoom  +   887d ago
Xbone looks nicer than xbox one tbh lol
he should be happy
PudgeySan  +   887d ago
I seriously don't give to shits what he doesn't like.
hyperfire21  +   887d ago
Xbone is too long.. its xb1 if anything
tarbis  +   887d ago
That's the idea. Mr Hryb. :)
dazzrazz  +   887d ago
Major PR puppet nelson needs to STFU !
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   887d ago
the "xbox one" was a terrible name from the start though... all it does it confuse people~ xbox, xbox360, and then xbox one? like, what? they prolly thought people would nickname it "the one" or something like that lolz
Mister_G  +   887d ago
Okay, sorry Capt. Nelsen, we'll stop using immediately

FrigidDARKNESS  +   887d ago
Well thexbone name is used by the folks from the other side that hate the xbox brand....but xbox gamers don't use the nickname psbore for the ps4.
MuhammadJA  +   887d ago
People are just idiots saying "Xbone". X1 is just better and easier.
arbitor365  +   887d ago
i dont call it that. i call it the "xbox done"
urwifeminder  +   887d ago
I love it and call it that myself sometimes its going to great to play it.
Soldierone  +   887d ago
Lmao of course its not nice, what does he think its supposed to be? Thats like Sony coming out and saying "we don't like gaystation, its disrespectful" Der!
AlexAdelaide  +   887d ago
If he didn't want it given a stupid nickname then he shouldn't have given it a stupid name in the first place. Xbox 3 would have been fine, but noooo, they had to get all cheeky with "One".. Serves you right!
5eriously  +   887d ago
Therefore I call it eXBone'd

This Nelson is becoming the biggest mental block ever. Where did M$ get this retard?
gcolley  +   887d ago
Just kids being kids.
kingPoS  +   887d ago
Microsoft would of been better off calling the Xbox One, Xbox Squared.
mhunterjr  +   887d ago
I don't hate MS like so many on this site, but Xbox marketing should have anticipated this when they decided on the name. It's no different that people changing PS3 to POS3 or calling it gaystation. If you invite them, they will come.
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NeloAnjelo  +   887d ago
Kinda like the disrespect you showed gamers when avoiding questions on the DRM? And saying "you can't flip a switch"... right Nelson?
Reem  +   887d ago
Poor guy, somebody throw him a bone or something
DarkLord1003  +   887d ago
I don't want to be offensive or something like that.. but for me the guy is such a douche... I mean seriously.. why does everybody like him so much? I just don't get it.
MasterGuru  +   887d ago
STFU bitch
True_Samurai  +   887d ago
It's not that serious calm down
mixelon  +   887d ago
Haha, dont name your console something that so easily shortens to XBone then? Its not as if they HAD to call it that, and they shouldve expected this.

What is it with tech companies and stupid product names?
Codey47  +   887d ago
Couldn't give a rats ass what Larry thinks.... I'm still calling it xbone

I also find it disrespectful when people give themselves a military ranking when they haven't officially earned it!
n4rc  +   887d ago
What a surprise... Just scrolling through comments and all you see is disrespectful, immature and downright idiotic..

Having people like you hate Xbox is its biggest selling feature.
THC CELL  +   887d ago
Deal with it
buynit  +   887d ago
You didn't see that name coming Xbox one is a stupid name should have called it Xbox live, would have at least made sense with the direction xbone is going...

You really can't do much with out live.
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Shinox  +   887d ago
Xbox "One" huh !
GTFO of console gaming business and leave the market for others to do their own job
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   887d ago
I think treating their fans as morons is disrespectful... I think this guy is a lying sack of sh*t... Not just because he is working with MS.... I would think the same thing if he worked for any other company because his actions are horrible...

This guy is just a girt bag.... he is my most disliked person in the industry for myself...
badkolo  +   887d ago
why , hes simply treating most of you for what you are
gamer2013  +   887d ago
Grow up.
buynit  +   887d ago
Dang you have a lot of anger built up over this guy..
Jamaicangmr  +   887d ago
Well just look what you gave us to work with.

After the reveal and subsequently E3 you left us no choice but to call it Xbone. it was either Xbone or the

"The Microsoft's attempt to screw over it's userbase and take console gaming into a dark place with it's complete disregard for what gamers want and whats good for the console gaming industry one"

However that didn't have quite as nice a ring to it so Xbone. Accept it and be thankful it could've been worse you reap what you sew.
SynestheticRoar  +   887d ago
The Xbone nick name is the only thing kool about X1.
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