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AngelicIceDiamond  +   663d ago
Xbone, Xbone, Xbone.

Sorry, I absolutely had to.
ziggurcat  +   663d ago
This just opens the door for people trolling him on twitter... Which I've just done.
jgrigs09  +   663d ago
Holy shit man you're so cool!
jatakk  +   663d ago
I'm not getting the ps4 because of all those childish and immature ps4-"fans" trolling everywhere! I would guess the average age of those "buying" ps4 is around 8-9 years old!
corvusmd  +   663d ago
It's all about perception....I'm pretty sure it was made up by some kids that were trying to talk trash...but it could also be about XB1 boning the it works both ways...the way the momentum is right now...its the later.
isarai  +   663d ago
Too bad, it's here to stay, even devs are starting to say it in interviews, Also you're one to talk about disrespect, this coming from the guy who talked over people to shut them up in interviews, took the mic straight out of angry joes hand to mark some snoody remark, and hitting on someone years younger than him during a professional interview.
EverydayGuy  +   663d ago
The first Xbox was Xbox, the Xbox 360 was Xbox 360 or X-360. Then the third Xbox is name Xbox One. What kind of stupid name is that? What are we going to call the first Xbox, the Xbox original, the Xbox 1st generation? XBone is the best term to differentiate from the previous generations.
cell989  +   663d ago
Exactly my point right there, it's easier to say too
GenericNameHere  +   663d ago
You know what's disrespectful? Grabbing Angry Joe's mic away from him, then you saying that the DRM policies isn't as simple as flipping a switch, BUT THEN flipping the switch and removing DRM a week later.

You never grab an interviewer's mic and suddenly be the one asking questions. That makes you rude and disrespectful.
cell989  +   663d ago
well said
sAVAge_bEaST  +   663d ago
I'm just kind of amazed that 'GAF, home of the term, Astro-Turfer,.. Invited the king astroturfer to join,..

things that make you go ,, HUH?!!?!?
cell989  +   663d ago
The audacity lol, he's talking about respect? his company was going to give us the shitty end of the stick and he talks about respect sigh.... Why the heck did you guys named it Xbox one in the first place? Whos bright idea was this? XBONE it is, it's shorter and easier to say
TheFutureIsBlue  +   663d ago
Go flip some switches, Nelson.
quenomamen  +   663d ago
Yea, but bending consumers over a coffee table and having their pants around their ankles, not disrespectful at all. This guy or MS don't have anything to say about respect, be happy your fanboys are still bending over.
Nicaragua  +   663d ago
Good comment, great avatar - macross ftw
PS4isKing_82  +   663d ago
Someone's just upset Sony is killing them.
1lawrence  +   663d ago
I didn't like DRM but I'm going to tell u what u told me #dealwithit
Redrever  +   663d ago
Major Nelson acts more childish then from anyone else i would expect it from XBONED.
Kydawg  +   663d ago
Ok Major Dumbass, I'll call it the XBOne. Hey I'm not the genius who came up with the name. Saying that the name Xbone is disrespectful, shows you how bright the whole XBOne crew is, about as bright as a black hole.
badkolo  +   663d ago
well its better then ps3.5
T2  +   663d ago
Your right that is also a terrible name but luckily Sony has smarter people working there ... They came up with ps 4 instead ... Brilliant huh?
Unlimax  +   663d ago
I just wanna know .. Who came up with this " PS 3.5 " delusional joke ಠ_ಠ !
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gamertk421   663d ago | Trolling | show
tenacity  +   663d ago
Ha its not like you flip a switch and people will stop calling it xbone!
cyguration  +   663d ago
The butthurt... it flows strong from this one.
aaron5829  +   663d ago
X Bone
Magicite  +   663d ago
who cares what Nelson likes
LAWSON72  +   663d ago
Xbone!Xbone!Xbone! I will be always be saying it get over it.
Rezka  +   663d ago
Whats disrespectful is giving me a console that is all about pleasing TV lovers
aNDROiD17_  +   663d ago
haha im glad they hate it. were gunna keep saying it
AwesomeMan   663d ago | Spam
SonyNGP  +   663d ago
All dat immaturity. It ain't looking nice on both ends, but that's to be expected from gamers ;)
rebelxs  +   663d ago
@ Rezka Agreed, seriously other than a few live sports events we barely watch cable anymore.What a brilliant idea!
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Harkins1721  +   663d ago
And your past policies werent? Stfu Nelson.
nutcrackr  +   663d ago
xbone just roles off the tongue, use it everyday
biRdy  +   663d ago
Wow N4G is really desperate for news if you got a forum reply from him on Neogaf as a headline....
strigoi814  +   663d ago
Xbone is a bit nice..but since you made a statement deal with it!!!

XBONED maybe after hardware failures occur??
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