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ABeastNamedTariq  +   886d ago

shoddy  +   886d ago
Big boss 4life
Mainman  +   886d ago
So this means they only recently started development of MGO?
Big_B0SS  +   886d ago
Played Peace Walker for the first time this weekend and I am hooked and want more...I love you Kojima!
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ZodTheRipper  +   886d ago
I want 16 players open world online and coop stealth missions :D
ohiostatesman  +   886d ago
Can't wait to play this on Xbox One. I want Kojima to fully take advantage of MS cloud support, smartglass, and Kinect.
kingmushroom  +   886d ago
i loved MGO !
onyoursistersback  +   886d ago

i miss metal gear solid online....
kingmushroom  +   886d ago
me too bro! *runs away and cries like a little bitch*
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Donnieboi  +   886d ago
YES! Your the man Nyxus! If anyone could break the news on MGO3, I knew it would be you!

Edit: Can anyone translate the original Japanese of that text please? Everyone knows that google translate totally butchers non-latin based languages.
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Big_B0SS  +   886d ago
I hope they don't bring back those Konami passes.
DEEBO  +   886d ago
the best thing in mgo,cqc you're opponent on the battlefield waking him up then slicing his neck open.
BiggCMan  +   886d ago
I don't understand the disagrees. That is some fun shit to do in MGO! I think honestly, that MGO will not be AS good as it was in MGS4, only because I really love the SOP system. Since MGSV will be in the 80's of course, it won't have that futuristic feel to it.

SOP is what really made MGS4 unique online. I just loved syncing with your team mates, the way you unlocked weapons with drebin points, and all the future-y stuff that can't really happen in the next MGO.

I'm sure it will be amazing no doubt, but there's this time barrier unfortunately. I never played MGO 1 though from MGS3, so I could be entirely wrong.
DEEBO  +   886d ago
i played games that use sop system like mgo.ghost recon was one of them.i don't care if they don't agree with me,i was just sharing my experience with mgo.i wish it had a better online setup.batman origins is going to use some of mgo gameplay too.when the two teams were fighting and snake had to collect three dogtags.
Donnieboi  +   886d ago
I hope mgo3 ignores the story and lets us do SOP anyway. The limitations in the story shouldn't limit the creativity of the multiplayer. That sucks when games do that.
Very Good :)
bornsinner  +   886d ago
lets hope it doesn't shut down or attempt to create a monopoly if it is a success ... again
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
So ready to get back into this. I logged Some 1253 hours in the first two years of MGS4/MGO. Then the cheaters became to much and I took a long break.
bondsmx  +   886d ago
Holy shit, no way in hell you had a job during that time.. 1253 hours. I mean, hell, good for you to find something you enjoy enough to do it for 1200+ hours, but holy shit man.
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Stopped working in 2007.

Here's the last day MGO was up before getting shut down. This is two of my 3 players. With Sgt Slaughter being my main. If you know what you are looking at then you'll see my last Survival match was in 2009. That's because it became over run with lag switchers.

My emblem is the Tsuchinoko, which you get for not logging in over a month. He has 642 hours. My second player has a tad under 418. My 3rd player was on my second PS3 and he had the rest of the hours. I used my 3rd player to totally mess around and have fun.

But on my main, you see the shirt I'm wearing. Those were in the MGO store just after the game went live and then pulled. So only the old school players had those. You got the shirt that matched the emblem you had at the time.
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Donnieboi  +   886d ago
What was your name on mgo? I was "Salad Snake" and "Endeavor" from North American servers.
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ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
See video above your post.
Donnieboi  +   886d ago
Sgt. Slaughter! I remember you. I used to see u in those private match rooms and training rooms.
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
There was two of us. In fact I remember seeing the other guy in Survival. It kind of pissed me off that someone had the very same name as me.
GrandpaSnake  +   886d ago
holy moly, it is about time mgo mgo2 and now mgo3 this needs to blow up, too much FPS domination, MGO has always been the most tactical shooter i have played.
Ligerzero_007  +   886d ago
Sweet! Can't wait to play MGO again!
BlaqMagiq24  +   886d ago
Oh my god!!! The new MGO exists!!! I must see gameplay. If it's anything like it was in MGS4 but made better I will put countless hours into it.
Felonycarclub8  +   886d ago
Is the next MGO for next gen?
ALARM-clock  +   886d ago
I hope they go with the old style MGO with small tactical maps, rather than the open world approach. Let's also hope they drop the whole Konami ID system, man that was a drag.
fsfsxii  +   886d ago
Oh, god, yes. The days of addiction are coming back.
IronChefWong  +   886d ago
I've logged countless hours on MGO, such an amazing game til those hackers started ruining the game. The only online game that has seem to come close to MGO in terms of gameplay has been The Last of Us online. Gosh I can't wait!
Skate-AK  +   886d ago
Hopefully it is not F2P.
Pillsbury1  +   886d ago
It's coming with mgs5 isn't it?
Skate-AK  +   885d ago
Yeah it might be. I forgot the first one came with MGS4. Just assumed it would be stand alone.
okmrman  +   886d ago
the god has spoken

Heisenburger  +   886d ago
I was always surprised by how often hiding inside a cardboard box would work.

I would think as I see them walk past me: This guy's played metal gear before, right?

I was terrible at the shooting. But I was very good at the stealth.

That's how I am with any multiplayer game. I simply don't have super fast reflexes, nor is my aim very good. I have to try to outsmart people. I certainly cannot out shoot them. :D
squallheart  +   886d ago
Lol i loved sneaking my emblem was a shark and bee. Midtown maelstrom I would lay in the alley (had the sophisticated block thing) and people would walk on me. I'd get up scan and knock them out. The only thing that worries me is they are going to go more American style. Mgo was unique and that's what attracted me to it.
yewles1  +   886d ago
And HOW MANY accounts are needed this time?...
Bundi  +   886d ago
My Xbox is ready.
FRA85  +   886d ago
loved MGO/MGS4 best online shooter ever. when the cheaters were everywhere it kinda ruined it but really lookin forward to playing again.

it got so much right and you actually had to be good too level up once got into double figures. it premoted teamwork and punished you for being reckless and dyeing plus level was decent indicator of your skill.
Shuyin  +   886d ago
Pls...gimme MGO3.

I need dat GeePee.
TheOneEyedHound  +   886d ago
I hope it's like MGO2 but with no glichers.
Welcome2Die  +   886d ago
The original MGO was great! It had all kinds of great game modes to play and awesome weapons and character customization. I only wish I was better at it and that I didnt lag so much...
Iltapalanyymi  +   886d ago
AH! Magnificent! i really hope this will be great!
ANIALATOR136  +   886d ago
I could never get into MGO. The game felt too slow for a online multiplayer to me. And the logins were ridiculous. I hope this one is good though
Mr-SellJack  +   885d ago
MGS4. MGO had the best mp i've ever played
braydox21  +   885d ago
for those of you who are concerned about the sop system remember when big boss mentions cipher working on something better than metel gear, im guessing it could be the foundation of the sop system.

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