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LostPotato  +   605d ago
I'm not interested in buying this game right now.

If it ever comes out on the PC on cheap Steam sale then maybe.I'm to busy playing Saints Row 4 and Total War Rome 2 right now.

I except the game to sell millions and set another record of course. Nothing will change that.
Tainted Gene  +   605d ago
why is Shenmue missing from the list???

It production costs were over 100 million dollars back in 1999 and was THE reason SEGA had to drop out of the console making business.
Shad0wRunner  +   605d ago
Between FFXIV ARR, Diablo 3 and gonna have my hands VERY full the rest of this year.

PLUS I got my PS4 on preprder, too. ZOMG! O_O
TBONEJF  +   605d ago
HUGE BUDGET MEANS BETTER BIGGER GAMES for GTA they should of compare from III/VICE CITY/SAN ANDREAS those other games can never be bigger than GTA
brianunfried  +   605d ago
I'm pretty sure the previous record was held by Red Dead Redemption with $100 million, wonder why it isn't on the list.
Mac420  +   605d ago
Some of you guys don't seem to realize they aren't getting all the money from a $60 price tag. They said they spent $185 million on production cost for Max Payne 3 an needed to sell 4.5 million copies first month to break even. So I'm guessing 12-15 million copies then they will start seeing profit. They also spent $80 million on Red Dead which R* said was a shot in the dark an profitted around $400 million. Don't think there worried to much about money, Max Payne 3 killed them tho sold around 450,000 first month, doubt they ever saw profit but there still sitting on RDR's profit. Money def doesn't seem to be an issue for them. On another note I'm glad this didn't come out on Next Gen would have turned out like GTA 4 rushed just to please ppl that are obsessed with eye candy. Gameplay > Graphics any day!
cunnilumpkin  +   605d ago
"GTA V is the Single Most Expensive Video Game in History - Budget is Even More than Hollywood Films"


Star Wars The Old Republic (development and advertising) - 300-500 million, and that was for one single platform


I won't touch this game till it hits pc, expect the announcement 2 weeks after console release

no desire to play this masterpiece in sub-hd with jaggies everywhere
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annus  +   604d ago
That's just one analyst, all the reports have it clocked in at 200 million. Pretty funny to think they put in so much money for a game to die so fast.

"However, that number refers to the development cost and doesn’t factor in marketing expenses or royalty payments to Star Wars license holder LucasArts."

That's what I could find in reference to the $500 mil.
Bolts  +   604d ago
There is no way in hell I'm playing a game with less than 720p native in this day and age. My last sub HD game was The Last of Us and thats where i draw the line. I'm done with this generation. I don't care what this game brings, either they update this to the PS4 or the PC because I'm not looking at shitty blurry last gen textures ever again.
claud3  +   605d ago
They will make their money back and 4x's that
TheFutureIsBlue  +   605d ago
Hey R*, I know how you can get all that $ back. Release it on next gen!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   605d ago
Spot on.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   605d ago
Folks, this is why there is going to be a next gen console version, among other reason.

And we know a PC version is inevitable. Might as well release it on the Wii U and make a version for the next iPad, which is more powerful than the current batch of consoles.
Kydawg  +   604d ago
Gotta spend money, to make money.
The_BoZZ1991  +   604d ago
The most expensive Grand Theft Auto today. Which cars could you buy for this money?
NBT91  +   604d ago
Isn't a budget the max you CAN spend and not the actual cost though?
kaozgamer  +   604d ago
$265 million budget? They probably have the next gen console versions and pc version in development
Denatsu  +   604d ago
If everyone bought the regular edition, they would have to sell a little less than 4.5 million copies to break even.
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arkard  +   604d ago
A lot more than that. 60 $ you spend when buying a game doesn't all go back to the game makers. They will need closer to 8 million to break even.
MilkMan  +   604d ago
ROFL, please stop.
Just stop.
I wanna see Rockstars financials on this before I believe that load of malarkey.
LOL, 250 million.
(whew, I needed that laugh)

IF, it was that much and that's a HUGE "IF".
80% of that is advertisement.

Man, the net bugs out sometimes.
Denatsu  +   604d ago
can't wait!
Kidmyst  +   604d ago
Hope they make back double the Money then make a new Red Dead three times as big as the last.
sypher  +   604d ago
Shame they didn't include Shenmue in the list.
Johnsonparts23  +   604d ago
That's insane. But, Avatar cost more. It's studio budget was around $250 million but Cameron put up another 100 or so of his own money. Still, for a video game this is nuts.
PickAShoe  +   604d ago
so uh, is hot coffee coming back? lol
c0nflikt  +   604d ago
Isn't Bungie's destiny about as expensive or they think it is?
iliimaster  +   604d ago
to this day i have yet to complete any game for GTA yeah its hella fun but on the missons where u have to follow someone with a car across town chasing someone for ever n then loosing them all to start from Zero and do it all over again... missions like that is what kills me and i end up putting the game away and thats how its been for every GTA game ive had
GTAallday  +   604d ago
It is Vinewood after all.
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