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eman3d  +   885d ago
PS Plus let's you borrow 'free' games, they do not belong to you. If you no longer pay for PS Plus you lose every free game, they allow you to have those games as long as you pay for PS Plus... stop ignoring the truth.

As far as Xbox Live's free games- they belong to you! If you stop paying for Gold membership you can still play the free games they give out each month.
BlaqMagiq24  +   885d ago
Yes you get free games up until the release of the Xbox One. Yet the Instant Game Collection will keep going long after the PS4 is released. Therefore Xbox Live Gold will lose value while PS Plus maintains its value.

And that's the truth.
mhunterjr  +   885d ago
Considering Microsoft's track record for reliability in this space, Sony's issues, and the fact that Microsoft is managing their own infrastructure, it's hard to pick against them in terms of reliability...

There's really no reason to think Sony would beat MS at this part of the game any time soon.
_FantasmA_  +   885d ago
You can't use PS3 vs 360 online because PS Plus was optional whereas Live was pretty much required. Next gen both will be required to play online, but only one will actually give you something for your money back likes its been doing for years on the PS3.
Jmanzare  +   884d ago
If you can buy a 400-500 dollar console plus the cost of games you shouldn't have a problem with spending 50-60 dollars a year to play online. People just need something to complain about
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