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The_Infected  +   887d ago
When Xbox Live goes down you lose accsess to everything. At least if PSN goes down other features don't.
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sincitysir1  +   887d ago
I've only ever payed for ps+ so ill say ps for me
blitz0623  +   887d ago
In terms of reliability I say XBL Gold, but that could easily change next gen because more people will be subscribing to PS+ and it's expected Sony will be investing more on their online services which was already good considering it was free for a long time
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ShinMaster  +   887d ago
PS Plus offers better features on PS4 at a better value.

Also, people shouldn't equate PSN on PS3 to PSN on PS4. Those who do are in denial.
And before anyone brings up the hack from 2 years ago, it was Sony themselves who took down PSN to make it stronger. There are tons of improvements being made for PS4. Sony is investing on stronger network infrastructure.
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Shake_Zula  +   887d ago
A funny little tidbit. Sony actually helped create the original XBL that debuted with the original 360. Marinate on that for a bit.
Okay, so I preordered the PS4 because it's a beast of a system with some of the main specs related to core gaming being, even if marginally, better that the Xbone. In terms of PS+, I'm in love with the new features, and there's enough support for it to be just an awesome service.

With that said, I think XBL will simply be better.

Confused yet?

I can't purchase the PS4 for being a hardware-superior, and then ignore the fact that MS's Azure platform which will house XBL and MS's online gaming. It will be beast-like in terms of server-side speed and reliability. Plus, there's the fact that MS has been getting money for XBL specifically for over a decade now, while Sony is just getting on it's feet with its pay service.

No opinions, just facts from an IT guy.
sonarus  +   887d ago
Based on historical evidence i am highly inclined to say Xbox Live. With PS plus revenue though perhaps sony has already started to bolster their online service to better compete with Xbox Live. Personally i have played both and don't really have any problem playing online on either. However PS4 slow download speeds coupled with having to install and update and all that crap most of that seems to have already been taking care of though
DatRealBoy  +   887d ago
go watch ps4 announcement meeting and UI youtube vid it answers your last sentence
christrules0041  +   887d ago
Sony partnered with Rackspace and in an earning call it was to "deploy openstack cloud". The thing with that is when you sign into your account, your friends list loads that happens on the cloud. Seeing how at Gamescom when Yoshida went from watching a match to being in it in 7 seconds including loading the game. That is really dang fast compared to how it is now.

It's also part of the PS3s issue because the RAM was allocated so they couldn't really improve there OS. The OS for the PS4 looks way better then the PS3. With that said it's really hard to tell based on what the PS3 does how the PS4 will perform. We have to wait and see.
ShinMaster  +   887d ago
"However PS4 slow download speeds..."

Where are you getting this information from? Have you even downloaded anything on your PS4? Didn't think so.
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jaelegend  +   887d ago
Those that disagreed EVERYTHING that has to do with a internet connection is BEHIND the xbox live pay wall...............just your friends and multiplayer on psn and with PS4 JUST multiplayer.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   887d ago
@Legend Well most features are behind the pay wall because if one person subscribes to Gold, then all your family and friends have gold as well.

In someways MS is encouraging you to opt into Gold for most of its features.

But PSN has great potential now that its mandatory to pay online. I like what Sony is doing, they made PSN fast and it has great social features such as The Share Button and X Game chat.
Mystogan  +   887d ago
No you won't? You don't lose anything. The DRM has been lifted remember?

also Xbox LIVE will be the most reliable once again. They have 300.000 dedicated servers this time around. Compared to 15.000 on the 360.

Xbox LIVE as always will be the superior service. Unless you look at things like free games every month. Which PS+ does offer. But for reliability there is no denying that Xbox LIVE is superior.
Kingthrash360  +   887d ago
when everything is behind a paywall its almost like drm..smh so....blind
n4rc  +   887d ago
Who gives a crap about the suddenly important pay wall? Sure let me DVR my single player game and share with the online friends I dont have...

Anyone remotely interested in gaming already has or will be getting gold or PS+

People are just making excuses now that they have to pay for multiplayer
USA007  +   887d ago
That is 300,000 virtual servers, which is different from a physical server. No one knows how many actual servers they are using, because multiple virtual servers can fit on one machine
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malokevi  +   887d ago
"paywall". lol.

I already happily pay for Xbox Live, so any improvement of the service is merely adding value to my existing plan. :) And boy are they supercharging the service!

Where as there will be tens of millions of Playstation users who will need to fork out an extra 60 dollars every year just so that they can play online.
USA007  +   887d ago
@Malokevi PS+ is $50, and I like how you try and spin paying for ps+ as a bad thing while you "happily pay for xbox live." I agree on how the whole paywall argument is irrelevant if you already plan on paying for a service, but a paywall can be a game changer if you don't/can't pay for the online service. And as I stated in my previous comment, know ones knows how much xbl is changing as the 300,000 number is completely irrelevant. It could be a massive upgrade, or it could be a load of PR bull, but we'll find out eventually
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malokevi  +   887d ago
"but a paywall can be a game changer if you don't/can't pay for the online service."

Exactly. And the portion of people that will be true for is much larger on the PS4, considering Xbox One is already a payed service.
Volkama  +   887d ago
Source to confirm it's virtual servers?

It's not the first time I've seen someone say they mean virtual servers, but only ever in n4g comments. Given that azure also hosts office 365 and such, and 1billion was spent expanding an existing data centre for a single territory I find it plausible that they're referring to physical servers.
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USA007  +   887d ago
MasterCornholio posts this later in the comments if you didn't see-

"The company has also confirmed that they aren’t 300,000 physical servers but virtualized cloud computing resources. Virtual servers means each physical server can host up to 1000 other servers or more with equal amount of resources."
loopygames  +   887d ago
It has been confirmed it is virtual machines/servers in an interview with Respawn by Eurogamer.

Digital Foundry: So you have server code in the cloud that all versions can access?

Drew McCoy: Our network engineer John Shiring wrote a really good article for our website, so you understand the basics of how it works. Based on demand in the region it'll spin up virtual machines and we have a package that has our server code in it that we can update whenever we need to, and it'll spin up an instance.
jaelegend  +   887d ago
im talking about the apps netflix and other internet accesses. You must pay MS its not encouraging you to opt into Gold its demanding you! I dont have to sale my soul just to watch netflix. Netflix on Ps3/Ps4 8 bucks. Netflix on 360/one 68 bucks go pay MS you drone.
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Mystogan  +   887d ago
PSN one month downtime? Quick to forgive and forget when it comes to Sony are we?
Majin-vegeta  +   887d ago
23 days so quick to forget how to do math ehh??
sincitysir1  +   887d ago
What's funny is that u can forgive Microsoft for their policies but we can forgive Sony for amuck up that happened over a year ago. #dealwithit
Oner  +   887d ago
Especially when ~

a) Sony was attacked from an outside source and customers were affected


b) Microsofts policies were of THEIR OWN to affect THEIR OWN customers
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ShinMaster  +   887d ago
Sony themselves took down PSN to make it stronger.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   887d ago
So Sony hacked themselves so gamers couldn't be online? Didn't think so.
jaelegend  +   887d ago
Hacked, not a system failure on their part. Probably a bunch of XBOX lovers.
_QQ_  +   887d ago
Remember when XBOX live went down for 2 months?
GameCents  +   887d ago
About the same time when Earth 2 was discovered on the alternate dimension?
_QQ_  +   887d ago
Smithie92  +   887d ago
Lol you'll lose access to your so-called free games that come with PS+ though ;)
ShinMaster  +   887d ago
You think PS Plus is just about free games? There's also a lot of other content and discounts that you DON'T "lose".

Over 2 years ago I got a Rede Dead Redemption bundle with all DLC including Undead Nightmare for $25 with PS Plus.
Didn't lose that :)
GarrusVakarian  +   887d ago
Based on which service has been the best THIS gen, i'd have to say PS Plus. This year is the first time i have bought it and the amount of "free" games and themes and avatars you get is amazing value for money, and they are relatively new too. Paid for XBLG for four years and now i regret it, never cared about apps, and apart from that, you don't really get anything else.

I hope MS steps it up with XBLG for Xbox One, some "free" newer games would be nice.
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Septic  +   887d ago
Well in terms of value then yeah PS PLUS appears better but in terms of reliability, I would definitely go with Xbox Live.
GarrusVakarian  +   887d ago
Ive been disconnected from that service too many times to give it that. And then it tells you that its your internet connection when everything else in the house is connected fine all day long.
Hellsvacancy  +   887d ago
I don't get this whole "reliability" argument, the PSN does what it should, I don't ever have problems playing games online, played BF3 last night for a few hours, only time I got disconnected was when I brought down a chopper with an Igla "Banned From The Server"
mcstorm  +   887d ago
@Septic I have to agree I have had more issues with PSN than Xbox live but regarding PSN on PS4 and Xbox live on One no one will know until they are both released.
ImG2theB  +   887d ago
It's like comparing Walmart and Target. One is cheap and the other has a nicer experience.
Septic  +   887d ago
Well, judging by the past pedigree of both services, I would say the Xbox One but I don't know; I get a feeling that MS are rushing a lot of things at this stage.

Some of the X1's services are quite ambitious and rely on Kinect functionality and really, the voice recognition stuff really needs to be on point if it is to pass the test.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   887d ago
Since I don't play online multiplayer the one that get me games to play while I am a member or for keep will be the one that win me offer. Currently it is PS+.
I don't mind buying Gold Live if they continue a free game a month. Well at least it should be one retail game and one "indie/digital only" game each month... to keep or pump up the freebies ;D
jessupj  +   887d ago
Well PSN has been more than adequate this generation for me. I can't remember the last time I got dc'ed in an online game.

Also downloading patches and games off the store is super quick for me.
avengers1978  +   887d ago
I would assume they're both planning to be reliable, only time will tell witch one is the most reliable
punisher99  +   887d ago
"Whose Services Are Planning To Be The Most Reliable?" As for as reliability goes. Which ever one that gets attacked the least will more than likely end up being the more reliable.
Belking  +   887d ago
That's easy. Which one has always been the most reliable? We all know that's been xbox live. That won't change just because we are getting new hardware.
Ripsta7th  +   887d ago
Whoaa you're down at 2 bubbles, soon we will be down to one :/ and all because we havent been bandwagoning the ps4 . Sad that so called gamer sites cant accept other company than their beloved Sony
MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
The only reason why you two lose bubbles is because of your trolling.


Im sure you will join GreenPowerz one bubble trolling club soon.

BTW before the bubble reset i had one bubble and thats due to me making fun of Nintendo and Kinect.
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Foxhound922  +   887d ago
You guys should try defending your stance with good reasoning and facts to back them up. Maybe that's why you don't have bubbles. There are plenty of xbox lists who carefully back up what they have to say with references, that's why they have more bubbles...belking never has anything good or reputable to say besides his fanboy rants and opinions.
punisher99  +   887d ago

Are you can just simply stop trolling playstation articles and comment with an open mind.
ashahab862   887d ago | Spam
Ripsta7th  +   887d ago
Reliable id say Xbox live because of their experience and how good it was this gen, it can only improve.Value wise i still think you get more out of PS plus w its free monthly games and auto updates(saves) and the featues we have yet to find out about
MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
Now that we have to play to pay online, PSN will be a much more reliable service than before. If you add the value of Playstation Plus with its instant game collection it gets even better and in my opinion surpasses XBOX Live.

Dont believe me well heres proof of that.

"Sony detailed the tough decision it took to make the PlayStation Plus premium subscription mandatory for those who want to play PlayStation 4 games online, saying that the extra money helps the company improve online features and services."
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Ripsta7th  +   887d ago
Play to pay online? Lol your drunk go home :p
That'd be Fucking awesome thought , id play all day
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MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
Oops i meant pay to play online. This is the number one reason why XBOX Live is so reliable is because they spend the extra revenue to maintain the servers.
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Mystogan  +   887d ago
300.000 servers though? They will never catch up to Xbox Live's reliability.
MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
And how many of them are virtual? And those 300,000 servers are available to anyone who wishes to rent them from Microsoft.

Sorry but if you think that every single XBOX One game will have dedicated servers you will be extremely disappointed with XBOX Live.
MasterCornholio  +   887d ago
"The company has also confirmed that they aren’t 300,000 physical servers but virtualized cloud computing resources. Virtual servers means each physical server can host up to 1000 other servers or more with equal amount of resources."
BlaqMagiq24  +   887d ago
And yet there is no proof that every single Xbone game will have them. MS couldn't even secure them for their flagship games this gen like Halo. Yet Sony has done that this gen.
nextgengaming_pr  +   887d ago
Ive played on both services and in terms of the network and playing "online" most games were p2p on both and offered the same gaming and was dependent on the hosts isp. However Sony had games with more dedicated servers so they had a plus on that side.
Microsoft has whispered and made comments about dedicated servers for "all" games but the reality they haven't confirmed that and have only mentioned that servers are now cheaper for developers but that doesnt mean all games will have dedicated servers, so ill wait to see how that pans out. Microsoft has a tendency of over promising and then retracting as they have been doing so far with initially saying 21 countries would see Xbone release simultaneously and now its like 13, then touting voice recognition and so forth with xbone but now will only be done at a later date and certain countries and other things that just shows how unprepared they really were when Sony announced ps4.

In the end i think they will both be reliable but im inclined to think that Sony is more prepared then Microsoft this time around and their service will be top dog this coming gen but of course i could be wrong.
staticdash22  +   887d ago
PlayStation Plus IMO. When my subscription runs out, I don't lose control of everything on my console. The apps aren't part of the paywall and that makes the service that much more appealing. I'm getting so much free games and the quality of those really convince me to keep subscribing. I always knew what I was getting from Playstation Plus. Great quality games, cloud storage, and weekly discounts. With xbox live, I know that I'm getting a good online service with faster speeds and more protection against hacking.

With xbox live, there were lots of times where my subscription ran out and I couldn't use my money to renew it. I had to wait until pay day, so the console just remained useless for periods of time. I hate that. You feel disconnected from the game community, your friends, and the social aspect of gaming. With a paywall for online on ps4, that will only improve the infastructure. Add in the fact that Gaikai and Rackspace will have support in establishing Sony's cloud servers, it can only get better.
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Unknown  +   887d ago
Azure > Gaikai + Rackspace. There is no comparison. MS is like a pioneer in the cloud servicing arena. XBL isn't as prone to hacking and has like an uptime percentage of 99.95 percent which is crazy. PSN...not so much so. I get where you're coming from with XBL having a closed architecture but I'm more than willing to pay that cost if it grants me a better service.
_cyrax  +   887d ago
For me i'd rather go with ps+ cuz naturally people like free stuffs and i think ps+ is doing a better job in that aspect
skydragoonity  +   887d ago
Playstation Plus for me.
Stuntz  +   887d ago
how can you compare PSN to XBL lets be serious folks, fanboyism to the side. XBL has had the best online gaming network/experience for like 12 years. No way in this world PSN will surpass the experience you get online from XBL. You are comparing 300,000 servers a network that Microsoft actually owns, to a network that PSN rents from companies and they only have i think 15,000 servers. The answer is obvious.
staticdash22  +   887d ago
LOL everytime I see that claim, I chuckle. We have no idea how many physical servers those are. You guys ate that claim right up for bragging rights. Now, notice how Microsoft has shied away from explaining this.
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IcicleTrepan  +   887d ago
Physical servers don't really matter. The article is talking about reliability. And you will find microsoft servers in all aspects of business across the entire world holding a high standard of uptime reliability. I don't see any Sony servers anywhere except on Sony products.
Supermax  +   887d ago
I remember psn going down for a month and my personal info being hacked dont recall that with my Xbox live.
staticdash22  +   887d ago
Playstation plus does not handle online gaming, xbox live does. The profit goes straight into the online infrastructure. PlayStation plus is a different service.

Now it handles it, but this gen it did not.
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thebudgetgamer  +   887d ago
Do companies plan for less reliability?

This works pretty well, but I think it's too reliable.
bassambient   887d ago | Trolling | show
JuniorCE  +   887d ago
Well, if you want free games... PS+ is way better and cheaper than Live.
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Regis  +   887d ago
Free games that are rentals

I payed 35 dollars for Xbox gold and I have no problems with that due to deals on amazon and I have two years ready and waiting.
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JuniorCE  +   887d ago
No rentals... I mean if you have PS+ those games belongs to you
Unknown  +   887d ago
Looking at the history of the two services and the fact that the XO will have 300,000 dedicated servers to the PS4's 30 to 50k I will have to definitely say that Xbox Live is the winner by a wide margin.
hazardman  +   887d ago
From experience I'm going to say XBL. PSN is not far behind tho. For this gen anyways!
I would also like to add that I'm taking a wait and see approach as I haven't had any hands on time with either service(next gen) to give an honest opinion.
XboxFun  +   887d ago
Xbox's of course, I have heard and been told that PS3 has an update every other day that takes 15 to 20 minutes. Now that might not seem much and it isn't but it is highly inconvenient when all you want to do is turn on your system and play TLOU.

The constant updates and patches get old not to mention there's always a schedule maintenance downtime article popping up on this site for Sony's online.

Xbox for sure has the best service and most reliable.
jaren92  +   887d ago
Idc how powerful the ps4 is you are insane if you think ps plus will even come close to being as good as Xbox live its like pigs flying it will never happen
EXVirtual  +   887d ago
Guys? Are we seriously gonna argue about this? Online services? Really?
PlayStation_4  +   887d ago
Right now, XBLG is EASILY the more profitable service.

However I expect that to change, especially if Sony can regain the NA market.
nextgengaming_pr  +   887d ago
I really believe that most ppl on here saying that "live" has been superior than psn for online gaming have never tried both networks, please enlighten me how much better "live" is for playing online when most games are p2p and use the same servers from the devs!!!! I game online every single day and never have issues with online play on my psn except for the p2p games where the host disconnects and ppl get kicked out that happens on both systems. Stop with the fanboy crap lets be realist here.

Ps3 has an update every other day? lol hahahahahaha "i have heard" Im done with this topic to much fanboy sauce in here.
AceBlazer13  +   887d ago
I think Sony is going to step their game up this gen.I'll put my money on them.
Jamaicangmr  +   887d ago
"Whose Services Are Planning To Be The Most Reliable?"
Ummm what did you say? Anyway reliability isn't something we the consumers plan on, we can only hope for reliability. Personally i hope PSN but thats all it is hope.
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hankmoody  +   887d ago
Xbox Live servers being upped to 300,000 tells me that they'll at least be running pretty consistently.
eman3d  +   887d ago
I see now, N4G is the home of Sony fanboys, no doubt about it.

How can a company (Sony) who's been hacked and just started getting into the service of online gaming be considered better then a company (Microsoft) who has been doing it for over 15 years with nothing but praise from it's customers and the gaming industry???

Sony is not known for creating networks while Microsoft is, its what they do well before they made the Xbox gaming systems yet you people throw that fact in the trash and actually put Sony on a pedestal in comparison. Amazing!

Not to mention Microsoft just invested $700 million dollars in more servers which will power their Cloud initiative and provide more dedicated servers for their Xbox Live service.

You guys must be 15 years old or something because it's really childish to ignore such obvious facts.

Xbox Live is an amazing service and the competition has to show and prove before they say they are better.
jaren92  +   887d ago
Agreed to the fullest
hankmoody  +   887d ago
Bubble. For you.
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