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sincitysir1  +   816d ago
Someone tell me is this good or bad? I didn't read the article
black0o  +   816d ago
lazy LV+ :P

OT: that'd be the expected thing daah
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dale_denton  +   816d ago
xbox fanboys needed something to post and this was what they came up with hahahhahaha..
HammadTheBeast  +   816d ago
Wow, people at IGN really asking those "hard-hitting" questions, right?
theWB27  +   816d ago
I'm sure they cherry picked those questions. Pretty much the only question left is release date.
trafalger  +   816d ago
its actually a good question since a lot of people will own both because the xbone will not be backwards compatable. plus the hdmi input on the xbone will allow the x360 to be plugged into it.

think about it, you can have join multiplayer requests coming from both systems simultaneously.
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bassambient  +   816d ago
Another one for microsoft
MrSwankSinatra  +   816d ago
i can do that with PS3 & vita so this is not something mind blowing
H0RSE  +   816d ago
It's not about whether or not it's "mind blowing," but rather that it is a nice feature to have regardless. People, gamers especially, always try to downplay and shift the interest/importance of topics by using the "this did it first argument," but it really is irrelevant.

Take a game like Portal. I think a lot would agree that the game was fresh and innovate, right? well, it wasn't unique, because it was inspired and essentially the spiritual successor of a previous game - a free PC game from 2005 called "Narbacular Drop." Does this suddenly void everything Portal accomplished and introduced to gamers? No. The same goes for the ability to sign in on 360 and X1, despite if Sony "did it first."
mario19  +   816d ago
Replace one with bone
joeyisback  +   816d ago
i hope PS4 PS3 supports that then i can talk to friends on both without being sign off on one of them
JustPlay4  +   816d ago
I don't see the point in being logged in to both consoles at the same time, mayby if one person is useing a ps3 and your using a ps4 but I don't know.

OT: anyway for x1 do you need to be logged in to use the tv stuff, is that why there doing this?
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   815d ago
I guess they will. You probably can log into your account on PS4, Ps3 and Vita the same time :D
A_Gamer  +   816d ago
0pie  +   816d ago
why would i want to use my xbox1 at the SAME TIME as my xbox one?
NoobJobz  +   816d ago
Not exactly sure but I do know achievement whores can use if to their advantage. One person on One getting achievements and one on 360 getting achievements for the same profile, other than that.....idk
H0RSE  +   816d ago
As has been stated, players can plug a 360 into the hdmi-in port of the X1 and play 360 games on the X1. In this regard, a player could could be signed into XBL on both X1 and 360, and switch between games for both using only one system.
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kreate  +   816d ago
This is a semi failed article.
They tell u, u are able to do something, but doesn't tell u what the purpose or the benefits is for doing so.

I read the whole article just to make sure and it was pretty pointless, unless its edited after I wrote this comment.
Grown Folks Talk  +   815d ago
One person can play on the 360 at the same time another is playing on the One. Both have Gold benefits. Pretty simple really.
kreate  +   815d ago
That simple.
Sky Lazarus  +   816d ago
what an awesome feat of engineering... sony techs are scratching their heads now. funny this even made news.

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