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iamnsuperman  +   890d ago
"I think consumers buy hardware because of the experiences they can have on them. That's why, for us, having a strong holiday line-up is so critically important."

So why haven't you being doing this for the last year.

""Systems that generate pretty pictures by themselves aren't selling propositions," he said, "and all you need to do is look at the last generation to see the evidence. And that's true whether you look at the home console space or the handheld space. It's not about the graphics by itself. It's about the entire experience."

True, I agree to a point. But things still have to look "cool". That is how advertising works. Show something that plays "cool" looking things and it will sell. Explosions are cool to a lot of people. Pretty looking things are cool to a lot of people.
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MONKEYDLUFFY  +   890d ago
Monolith X looks cool no?
Pedro that literally has nothing to do with what i said
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pedrof93  +   890d ago
Yes because I want more Mario games.
UltimateMaster  +   890d ago
X for Wii U looks awesome.
But I'm still buying Killzone Shadow Fall.
I sure hope Nintendo releases more great exclusive games.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   890d ago
uh because they need more time on their software.

It would also overshadowed all third parties games at launch.
iamnsuperman  +   890d ago
They have had nearly a year to release stuff. They announced the console a year before they released it (2 E3s before the system launched). How much time do they need. Why announce it if the games were no where near ready
Misaka_x_Touma  +   890d ago
what wrong with more polishing and adding more to the game.

I guess yall just too used to half-assed games that give you day one DLC
AbortMission  +   889d ago
Wii u announced in E3 2011

Mario Kart 8 not coming until 2014

Lmfao they need 3 years to "polish" a kiddy kart racer with lesser graphical fidelity than other similar titles? And let's not even forget that half of the Mario Kart tracks are rehashes from the older MKs.

Nothing but excuses with you drones Lol
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LOL_WUT  +   889d ago
They launched the system ahead of time to get a head start on the competition but failed to take advantage plain and simple. #polishing LOL ;)
dboyc310  +   890d ago
There is one thing Nintendo fails at when it comes to their console strategy and it's simply bring relevant. At the end of the month let's see what excuse they give after the newly consoles hit the shelves.
slimeybrainboy  +   889d ago
Nintendo are so strange!!!

First they say the next gen lineups are 'meh' despite the Wii U having no games at launch.

Then they say the Vita has poor sales because it can be played outside and inside, as oppose to the Wii U gamepad which can only be played inside, despite the Wii U having awful sales too.

Now they're trying to say next gen won't add anything and it's all about the experience, when their machine is basically a first party only box.

You know what I'd rather fully experience Destiny, The Division, Titanfall, inFamous, Forza/driveclub than fully experience what ever this magical dust the Wii U is offering.
TwilightSparkle  +   889d ago
you gotta understand not everyone wants a game were you shoot someone in the head
meganick  +   889d ago
The Wii U had a strong launch lineup. The problem was that many months went by after launch with very few games coming out, and almost no first party games. That's finally changing thankfully.
R00bot  +   889d ago
I don't care for shooters (although Titanfall does look good), and Project Cars looks as good as Forza and Driveclub, so I think the Wii U owners will get along fine.

That is, unless they bought the console expecting AAA FPS explosion fests with good graphics.
Knushwood Butt  +   889d ago
Reggie is getting ahead of himself: the Wii U can't even compete with the PS360.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   890d ago
I thinks Wii U has a nicer Holiday lineup than ps4 and x1. Im interested in literally every game. Still all the consoles look pretty great. May the best game system win!
blackbeld  +   890d ago
BTW, One Piece on PS3 is awesome.

I'll will get my WiiU when the new Zelda is out.
dboyc310  +   890d ago
It better have. I mean a whole year of drought. Though games are important Nintendo doesn't have the right amount of third party support to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Exclusives are important but they only contribute a portion of a console success.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   889d ago
Have you ever played a first party nintendo game? Just one is worth 10 ordinary games. Quantity over quality
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GotHDGame  +   889d ago
Personally, I could care less how much 3rd party support Nintendo has. That is why I have a PS3 and will have PS4. Most people own more than one system anyway. However Nintendo does have Sega backing them up with 3 exclusives, and I might add Lost Worlds looks pretty freaking awesome. There are enough games coming out that I will be more than busy with my Wii U. Because PS4 will not be backwards compatible its going to be costly at first for me and my PS4.

BTW my personal list of 3rd party faves on Wii U even if they are on PS3.

Zombi U
Lego City
Need for Speed
Wonderful 101(I know its Platinum games)
Monster Hunter
Ninja Gaiden
Resident Evil Revelations
dboyc310  +   889d ago
I'm not saying that the exclusives aren't quality. I'm just saying that they need more than exclusives to make the console successful. The franchises that they have stapled only create a big buzz from Nintendo fans. They need more than that if they want to even reach 70 million+ install base.
CocoWolfie  +   890d ago
so what was the wii u? :/ because that hasnt seemed to have sold all to well... if they talk about experiences then sure they have games but a lot of people want infamous, they want dead rising, so just because you have mario doesnt mean nobody wants to play other games.
GarrusVakarian  +   890d ago
Not quite sure Nintendo should be giving advice to MS and Sony right now....
Misaka_x_Touma  +   890d ago
fanboys in coming
AbortMission  +   889d ago
You're announcing your entrance? Lol
AJ Hartley  +   890d ago
Lol wii u is just a newer version of the ps3 and 360 with a few gimmicky add ons, x1 and ps4 are far beyond it. We need visual and power advances rather than just playing it safe with 8 year old tech that's why x1 and ps4 will smash the wii this time and will sell much much more.
ritsuka666  +   889d ago
Wii U has already beaten PS3, Xbox 360, in terms of power. Try another one..
LOL_WUT  +   889d ago
Yeah that's why the Wii U's ports look nearly identical and perform worser than last gen consoles... ;)
dannylilley  +   890d ago
I guess that's why Nintendo, in their game franchises anyway, have never changed. It all makes sense now.
theWB27  +   890d ago
It's simple....if your console has been out as long as the WiiU has and two launch systems software rivals, if not beats, yours then something is terribly terribly wrong.

WiiU will be even less talked about when Sony unveils SSM or ND's next project or Microsofts Black Tusk game then Halo gets out there. Reggie has a ton of optimism, but c'mon.
Sniperwithacause  +   890d ago
If being new isn't enough, then being the same with a U is way more than enough. Sarcasm. I've already unplugged my and put it away till something good comes out.
danny818  +   890d ago
Reggie is on crack the ps4 has a million pre orders! Hell yea they are shooting bricks. They putting theyre poker face on
ritsuka666  +   889d ago
Pre-orders means nothing bro. I wonder if they count cancelled pre-orders for at least 30% of this.
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R00bot  +   889d ago
The Wii U had nearly that amount of preorders. It dropped off quickly after the first week or two.
Inception  +   890d ago
So it began...

Reggie said 'meh' to PS4 & X1 lineup and Sean Coleman from SCEA counter it with 'PS4 had the best graphic compare to other console'. And now Reggie counter it again that 'Systems that generate pretty pictures by themselves aren't selling propositions'.

Well this is it folks. I hope we, gamer, got the benefit from this console wars through amazing game for all consoles.
thomasmiller  +   889d ago
Once again Reggie hits it right on the nose!! Graphics don't mean anything, It's all about the experiences, and with the line up the wii u has this fall, that place to be is going to be the wii u!! funny how the trolls think graphics make a system, back when the N64 had better graphics than playstation 1 , the trolls were like, GRAPHICS ARE NOT IMPORTANT! it's the game play!! what a bunch of two faced hypocrites!!! my how things have changed!!!
MasterCornholio  +   889d ago
"Being New Isn't Enough"

Well they proved that with the Wii U. Just because the Wii U was the first next gen console from Nintendo didn't mean that it would enjoy the same success as the Wii from the start. Im glad that they finally admitted this.

It takes a lot more than releasing a shiny new console to be successful you also need to back up the system with great first party support and excellent 3rd party support. On top of that a great price helps loads when it comes to convincing consumers of choosing your console over a competitors.
TwilightSparkle  +   889d ago
only game i want for ps4 is kh3 everything else i have on ps3 which is just rpgs
AKR  +   889d ago
I don't know why people suddenly get this notion that because the Wii U is the weakest - that immediately knocks it out of the park. It doesn't. We have yet to have a console generation where the most powerful system has one.

SEGA Master System < NES
Neo Geo < SNES
N65 < PS1
PS3 < Wii

...I'm not saying that it CAN'T happen - But c'mon...we've had five generations so far with the least powerful system coming out on top. Seriously, if people are so obsessed with specs - might as well just jump to the PC band-wagon...
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   889d ago
"Intelligent" Vote to you.

Just because we like to talk about specs and resolution does not mean that the masses care are know.

Do you think the Senior Citizens that bought Wii cared about a harddrive?

Or do you think that the parents who only buy game systems for their families care about realism?

The console that can give the best experience to a wide range of Gamers and Casuals always wins.
roland82  +   889d ago
Whats a N65?
AKR  +   889d ago
It was a typo. My apologies. I meant to say N64 and that "one" is supposed to be "won".
Knushwood Butt  +   889d ago
Pretty sure the SNES was more powerful than the Genesis.
AKR  +   889d ago
It was, but Neo Geo still had the best specs.
AWBrawler  +   887d ago
blast processing and sharper graphics on the Genesis
Knushwood Butt  +   887d ago
Overall, seems like the SNES has the edge:
gpturbo81  +   889d ago
u people really bite hard on these articles. predictable. no wonder why theres 30 of the same articles every month. cast, hook, reel in...
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