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No_Limit  +   823d ago
Nice to see and great for the developers. Played all three previous games and this one is sounding like it will be the best.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   823d ago
I still miss the original premise of the original game though.
GarrusVakarian  +   823d ago
Me too, after 2 each game seemed like a desparate attempt to out-dumb the next. I much preferred the street "gangster" setting of the first 2.
Lord_Sloth  +   823d ago
While I loved SR2's story, SR3 was still more fun in terms of gameplay and SR4 was the same. I agree with the story though. They really should have the plot of SR2 with the gameplay of SR3.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   823d ago
Listen, the game sells a million that's great but I like the original premise it had.

Gang oriented.

I don't know what happen down the line with the devs changing its semi serious cool gang vibe to a complete car wreck of a game it is now.

They lost me as a fan because they're catering to the twitchy 12 year old fanbase.

Yes I want some sort of maturity to my games along with some silliness or comic relief.

Saint Row V is not cute and its not funny. The devs need to refocus Saints Row V into something that it had before.

The war between Saints Row and GTA are long over. Saints Row has the potential to stand on its own.

Saints Row just turned into that "every other game" that's out there now.

This games a pass, a definite pass for me.

EDIT: Anybody who disagree please leave a counter argument I would like to debate about this.
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joe90  +   823d ago
You are getting Disagreed to hell because it's an Xbox exclusive mate, not because of your opinion.

I agree with what you say.
aliengmr  +   823d ago

If you decided to pass on the game, how do you know its not funny?

How can you debate a game that you have decided not to play?

I do not think its like every other game out there. Nor do I think many references the game makes would be caught by many 12 year olds. Like the part just before the final fight, for those who know what I'm talking about.

Is it for everyone, no, but even I was surprised by it. They definitely dropped a lot of the silliness in favor more satire.

But this is all academic as you've decided to not give it a chance.


Xbox exclusive that you can get on the PS3.
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joe90  +   823d ago
aliengmr, Saints Row 1 on PS3? you sure.

AngelicIceDiamond was talking about Saints Row 1,which i was replying to.

you just poked your nose in and FAILED.
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cleft5  +   823d ago
I am really happy about this news, I love SR4 and I definitely want Volition to be successful.
Flipgeneral  +   823d ago
Good for them!

With all the doom and gloom these days, I like seeing good news
Rai  +   823d ago
THQ bet on the wrong horse
Abdou023  +   823d ago
This Game looks like garbage tbh, they use cheap adult references to sell their games.
T2  +   823d ago
Well so did / does gta in a lot of ways . this series gets a lot of hate but is generally quite fun and sr4 really is getting great scores ... Ill download it at 29.99 or so...
Gimmemorebubblez  +   823d ago
Deserved. I un-expectedly enjoyed it so much 9/10, I thought it would be cheap innuendo filled GTA rip-off.
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starchild  +   823d ago
Nice to see that the PC version sold so well. And it's nice that it's selling so well in general.
GusBricker  +   823d ago
It's glitchy, but fun as hell.
SonyPS4  +   823d ago
I am still playing my PS+ SR3 and really enjoying it. Once I platinum it I'll buy this game, but with GTA V coming out I doubt I'll have much spare time for this game until spring but I'll buy it anyway just to have it in my collection.
T2  +   823d ago
Ya ive always kind of saved SR until im bored of the latest gta , but they arent bad games at all...
iceman06  +   823d ago
If you enjoy satire, parody, and pop culture, this game is hard to beat. It pays homage to so many different aspects of games, movies, music, etc. it's almost hard to keep up. It's all tongue in cheek and never really takes itself too seriously. Way over the top? Sure, but that can be fun too. I don't see this as a GTA OR SR argument. It's really a can I afford them both!?!
-Foxtrot  +   823d ago

I don't see how this sort of practice can be supported, it's basicaly SR3.5. The entire game was built around a DLC for Saints Row 3 and now to cover their tracks they are saying that the Enter The Dominatrix is still coming to SR4 but at the end of the day since this game was built around the DLC it will probably be all new DLC just using the old DLC name to make it look like they didn't sell us glorified DLC.

I mean it plays nearly exactly the same as SR3, least with SR and SR2 you actually saw the difference.

I hope they reboot this in the future and go back to what they did with SR2.
Vandamme21  +   823d ago
Saints Row 5 confirmed
BattleTorn  +   823d ago
What I don't get about Saints Row IV - seeing as it's get criticized for being too similar to SR3 - why they wouldn't change the menu and HUD. Like seriously, especially when they're already re-using the map, and playing it dangerously close to being seen as $60-DLC (if you ask me), why not change the UI? At the very least change the colour scheme from purple.

Call me crazy, but it seems extremely lazy. I understand there is great development cost to be saved when they reused things like the map - is changing the menu/HUD/reticule really that difficult?
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aliengmr  +   823d ago
What was wrong with the HUD? It certainly wasn't bad enough to warrant an overhaul. That really would be a waste considering the budget was most likely very limited.

Lazy would have been seeing controller UI on the PC version IMO.

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