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cunnilumpkin  +   827d ago
looks absolutely terrible

also, looks last gen
whoyouwit04  +   827d ago
Maybe so, but so far all the people who actually got to play it has had nothing but good things to say about it.
JokesOnYou  +   827d ago
Terrible, NO.

Great, NO.

It definitely looks like a workout to play and nobody with hands on say its bad just that they'll wait and see how the full game turns out when its released. Its looks the part for some family fun for sure.
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SatanSki  +   827d ago
I rally would like kinect to be awsome but its implementation in this game is absolutely terrible. Many times characters were doing _completely_ different moves then players... My old kinect can do better so i hope its software not hardware problem.
Shadonic  +   827d ago
what about Cod how does that look
ABeastNamedTariq  +   827d ago
YOU will NOT see the END OF THIS DAY!

Anyway, highly, highly skeptical.
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DEEBO  +   827d ago
i think it's good for one reason.physical person who takes his health serious,this is a good way for humans to be healthy my friends.
thrust  +   827d ago
Kids and family's will love this!

Have not seen anything like this for the ps4 yet and at the of the day it's a big market!

Man says to wife he wants a console it's £350+ look this one we can all do,this have fun with the kids and friends and family when they come around.

It's a good bargaining tool and am speaking like this because am getting the Xbox one and my wife is looking forward to kinnect, she loved it on the 360 dance central and fruit ninja so on.

I do understand what alot of,people are saying about it not being a gamers choice but I really have had fun nights with friends and family playing it.
Goldenarmz  +   827d ago
This looks silly. Kinect is for bowling and exercise games. Not fighters. I do not want to get up and air fight my friends. give me a Stick and or gamepad.
Shadonic  +   827d ago
So you wonder like the physical satisfaction of pulling off a killer combo or landing some amazingly flashy finisher. Really the physical aspect would make everything change just imagine something like that robot boxing movie but with this game possible even utilizing the motion capture to create your own fighting style.
Shadonic  +   827d ago
Sorry about my writing guys, was using my Moms phone which is horrible when it comes to typing due to the word guess thing.
Software_Lover  +   827d ago
Kinect games, done right, are nothing short of f'n exercise. Some of you need it. I have fun with my kids playing the Power Rangers Samurai Kinect game on 360. I cant play Kung Fu High Impact for more than 20 mins at a time because of the sweat it causes me to produce. If I go longer than that I will feel it the next day. Dont get me started on fruit ninja Kinect.

The games are fun, plus they keep you in shape. I just can't see a negative, unless you dont have the space or just want to sit on the couch. When you have a family, your perspectives "should" change though.

I also like Hole in the Wall, and the wipeout games.
tigertom53  +   827d ago
this will be kick ass love Kinect games like this...
memots  +   827d ago
i saw a video instruction of this with game somewhere. And you could see a chick playing . Basically punching punching punching punching at the same spot and the game would not even do anything she is doing.

Again the power of the Kinect ...
Shadonic  +   827d ago
I saw a video but mostly just saw high latency on the punching since that's the only thing that's being treated fully for1:1 which isn't there. There are a lot of scenes that play out after a few consecutive hits and from what ibe seen the players still keep punching even during those. Besides the games still not done so there's hope it can be fixed
Supermax  +   827d ago
Total crap
Shadonic  +   827d ago
I've seen much higher non cutty gameplay and i can safely and honestly say as a kinect lover that the game latency wise is crappy. Besides the latency it recognized the players gestures perfectly, and as the guy said the game was not optimezed yet. The delay is longer than what ive seen form the street fihgter kinect mod but the recognition is better on this game.

Graphics look decent for next gen and are above that of the top selling FPS so I wouldn't even see the point in trashing them. Gameplay is a step up from that of there kinect power up heroes and marvel avengers games but the latency on fighter within is larger than it was with those.

My gripe with the gameplay is that theres too many scenes outplaying the other, There should be some sort of stamina meter instead and cutscenes should play only when they do the ults seeng as the players most of the time didnt realize that a cutscene was happening until the thing was over ( there that short).
MichaelLito79  +   827d ago
I think this can be the kinect sleeper hit. LOL. Of course Kinect sport being the better game.
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