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TheLyonKing  +   900d ago
I was planning on picking it up anyway, I enjoyed 13-2 enough that I want to finish the saga and then I shall wait for 15 to come out by playing kh 1.5 and 10 hd
Lunatic_Medic  +   900d ago
I'm right there with you. I rather enjoyed both previous games. XIII had it's problems but it was an ambitious title. The Soundtrack was still stellar. As for XIII-2 it was refreshing and more upbeat (like X-2). The soundtrack had a Jazz feel to it that I was really able to appreciate.
And after the way XIII-2 ended, I need to know how Lightning rectifies it
-Foxtrot  +   900d ago
The damage is done, FF13 was terrible, FF13-2 was crap so FF13-3 AKA Lightning Returns won't be any different. The game is being made for those who like the games for whatever bizzare reason....them talking about all these things that will appeal to old school fans is just PR talk to try and lure you into buying the game, the more old school FF fans they sucker into buying the game the more sales for them.

They said FF13-2 was going to be changed to suit old school FF needs and adress complaints about the first game and they hardly did anything...just a few things here and there.

Them adding all this Cloud stuff to Lightning Returns is just desperate in my opinion. They are trying way too hard for people to like her and the sad thing is which they don't realise that the majority of FF fans don't like her. She's bland, boring, depressing, a moan and sometimes a bit of a b****...she has no character development what so ever unlike people like Cloud, Squall, Zidine or even Tidus.
Simco876  +   900d ago
I know a ton of people reading articles for FF, love the way the game has gone or still hold out hope. I agree with you man. I wish they would bring back the old school game style. Sadly until they can prove that, FF is lost in Bermuda right now.
arronax-1  +   896d ago
Oh spare us. You Square-Enix apologists can say whatever you like about Legend of Zelda, at least THEY keep their dignity in check.
Brucis  +   900d ago
>They are trying way too hard for people to like her and the sad thing is which they don't realise that the majority of FF fans don't like her.

Stop right there. Recent polls show her as one of the most popular female characters out East, even beating out Aerith for the #1 slot once. She's well liked over there, period. Here in the West is where she's debatable, and even then she has fans.

Going 'Everybody hates her' simply isn't true. You can not like her or the games, but that part is flat out false.
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-Foxtrot  +   900d ago
Japan likes anything new or "in" at the minute, once the next FF game comes out the female character or main character in that will be the most popular. So don't give me the polls speech, america and Europe are a bigger place then Japan.

"'Everybody hates her' simply isn't true"

Never said everyone hates her...I said the MAJORITY do.
Brucis  +   900d ago
>Japan likes anything new or "in" at the minute
Oh, so that's why Aerith, a character from a game in 1997, has consistently been one of the most popular female FF characters. That's why Yuna and Tifa almost managed to win as well. Because they were new. Got it.
>So don't give me the polls speech, america and Europe are a bigger place then Japan.
What's your point? Size doesn't matter, the amount of fans does, and guess where most of the FF games are most popular. You have no evidence that the amount of people that dislike her in NA, EU, and JP are more than the people that like her in NA, EU, and JP. I, at least, have offered some kind of evidence that she's a popular character.
>Never said everyone hates her...I said the MAJORITY do.
Of which you have no proof or evidence to base that on. You don't like Lightning. I don't particularly care for her either but to flat out say "Most people don't" with no basis is silly.
chadwarden  +   900d ago
Because Lightning is the best character ever to be created in the history of the human race.
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Blackcanary  +   900d ago
u just made me spit my drink out.
KonsoruMasuta  +   900d ago
I'm buying it.

I'll be picking it up while I'm in Japan in November.

XIII may not have been the best FF but I had some fun with it and XIII-2.
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SirBradders  +   900d ago
I still cant believe she is called lighting imagine her kids names fire, ice and ground.
Rai  +   900d ago
her real name is Claire.
PersonaCat  +   900d ago
I would have bought it if it was releasing this year. Next year will be strictly next gen for me.
ben_jamin0  +   900d ago
I sort of feel this way too.

I think the game would sell much better if it was released November this year, however I don't think I will be jumping into next-gen until later 2014 so it suits me right now.
VileAndVicious  +   900d ago
I think Lightning Returns releasing early next year is a sign that XV wont be available next year. Its almost as if they are releasing this as a place holder while XV is still in development to make some money on the side. But IMO it looks pretty good so we shall see.
KonsoruMasuta  +   900d ago
They said they were probably going to make some next gen ports.
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It's from Square-Enix. It would be a waste of money to buy it.
Lord_Sloth  +   900d ago
I find your Avatar selection most amusing while you talk of buying games based on the company making it being a waste.
greyhaven33  +   900d ago
Dues Ex:HR, Tomb Raider and A Realm Reborn say hi. Square Enix isn't the terrible company people seem to believe
Bhuahahaha  +   900d ago
ff13-3 looks better than dmc
kratos_TheGoat  +   900d ago
Not me
kratos_TheGoat  +   900d ago
fun fact: ff X Is Better Then XIII, XIII-2, & XIII-3
dredgewalker  +   900d ago
Actually almost every past FF games were better than any FF13 game.
Brucis  +   900d ago
That's called an opinion, not fact. Unless you have some sort of objective fact (framerate, textures, sound quality), and even then subjective things like fun might overpower those, you can't really just go 'X is better than Y'. You can go 'I like X better than Y', 'For me X is better than Y', 'X is better than Y, in my opinion', etc.
VileAndVicious  +   900d ago
Ill be picking this up it looks much better than the other two, plus I did enjoy XIII-2 much more than the original XIII.
WeAreLegion  +   900d ago
Still consider?


Why would we have considered it in the first place?
Williamson  +   900d ago
After I finish 13 & maybe 13-2 I'll get this game. The combat in LR seems to be more of my style.
Tei777  +   900d ago
I wish they just made this instead of XIII-2.
CLOUD1983  +   900d ago
Eh... NO!
kalkano  +   900d ago
I can only think of one reason: you enjoy rewarding a company for completely decimating a once great franchise.
VileAndVicious  +   900d ago
Not exactly. While I agree that FFXIII was pretty bad compared to the others in the franchise (probably the worse)it's not the "only" bad final fantasy entry from SE. So I wouldn't exactly say they've "decimated" the franchise....
kalkano  +   900d ago
I don't think any of the other main entries are bad. I even put them all in the good category, to one extent or another.

Unless you count 10-2 as a main entry...that was REALLY bad.
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VileAndVicious  +   900d ago
True the term bad is subjective. But personally I have *never* been a fan of FFVIII, FFX, or FFXIII and I could probably write an essay about the flaws in each lol.

X-2 was....interesting for what it lacked in a decent plot or any serious tones it made up for in combat and "certain" other gameplay mechanics. Overall I think I personally enjoyed it more than X from just a gameplay standpoint. But I can understand why some didnt like it, it was pretty silly and bubbly.
bakasora  +   900d ago
FF13 was such a gigantic disappointment.

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