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Lovable  +   623d ago
Yawn typical FF hate. Here comes the sheep.
Tales RPG addict  +   623d ago
Agreed can they STFU
Who cares its art. Besides nobody is thanfully getting on Namco for Milla Maxwell's outfit in "Tales of Xillia" . Regardless though for fucks sake its a game.
SaffronCurse  +   623d ago
Why do people hate Lightning so much?
FYI I haven't played the latest FF game =(
jonboi24  +   623d ago
I think most if the hate towards Lightning is because people hate FF13. I like the character but man FF13 was not good.
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legionsoup  +   623d ago
I'm in this boat.
Williamson  +   623d ago
I like lightning as a character, she might even be my favorite final fantasy character. Squall would probably be 2nd.
BG11579  +   623d ago
Wait what? Lighting is coming back, why? Couldn't she go away?

I would have prefered Square-Enix back to its rooth, when they made good J-rpg... FF6 <3
Williamson  +   623d ago
I'm playing though ff13 for the first time and I'm really enjoying it, the atb is kind of addicting. Lightning returns battle system looks like something I'll enjoy even more.
Lovable  +   623d ago
Uh'll get crucified now.
Williamson  +   623d ago
Yea I know :(
I dont mean to offend anyone, its just how I feel about the game.
kingPoS  +   623d ago
I came for Dragon's Crown... wait that didn't sound right.

Ahem: More Dragon's Crown DLC would be great. More quests more characters more boo... er loot new levels. Yeah I want that!
squallcloud9  +   623d ago
Imagine a world where boobs no longer had the magical effect on men that it does. Or even worse, a world where they didnt exist. Go ahead. Id rather live in a world with dragons crown than live a world without magic.
Inception  +   622d ago
I hope the world without boobs never comes :(

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