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ELBACANO  +   683d ago
Great but i hope a PS4 version comes soon.
stage88  +   683d ago
Looks very PS4-ish.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   683d ago
bring on the ps4 version and all will be awesome again.
AutoCad  +   683d ago
i want the ps4 version..wth
Gamer-40  +   683d ago
Nice i buy. Please, no making port for Ps4. I want true next-gen GT7.
medziarz  +   683d ago
an emphasis on the new tire-suspension and aerodynamic model
Iceman_Nightmare  +   683d ago
We need a GranTurismo 7 for PlayStation 4, no GT6 port!
Ddouble  +   683d ago
I better not buy this and then have to buy a PS4 version in the future.

I would wait but I want the steelbook and Apex II book.
level 360  +   682d ago
Vision GranTurismo video footage looked really spectacular.

GT6 - ( )

A must buy for me for the PS3. And will also wait for PS4 release version which I think will add more improvements, of future up-coming cars and classics plus more tracks.

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