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Vinc360  +   829d ago
Hey guys, feel free to join the discussion and ask some questions. We'll be happy to reply! Thanks :)
HammadTheBeast  +   829d ago
Question: How are the analogs for PS4 more suited for shooters, and how does the does the touchpad "click", is it hard or a soft click.
Vinc360  +   829d ago
They feel more precise and tighter, they are also smaller and more mobile. For these reasons, it's easier to aim for headshots, for example. As for the touchpad, it's halfway between a hard click and a soft click. It feels pretty good!

Another major plus for shooters, as I mention in the podcast, is that your fingers naturally land on the triggers now, as opposed to the bumpers like it was on PS3. It's a subtle change but it makes a huge difference.

For those of you interested, the controller talk happens roughly in the last 20 minutes of the podcast. Thanks for listening! We'll have more coming. :)
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unworthy15  +   829d ago
I'll be more than happy to reply.
oscarcat59  +   829d ago
I have both the 360 and ps3. Never cared for the ps3 controller myself. Too small, light and never could get used to the sticks side by side. I hope the ps4 is a large improvement over the ps3. I plan to get the ps4 later on but if the controller is like the ps3 I will pass. Is the ps4 that great of an improvement over the ps3 controller?
Vinc360  +   829d ago
If you prefer larger controllers, definitely! I wouldn't even call it an improvement or a refinement as much as a complete redesign. It barely even feels like a dualshock controller anymore, and it fit my hands perfectly.
oscarcat59  +   829d ago
That is good to hear. Am looking forward to some of the games that are only going to come out on the ps4. I love to play games and really could care less on which console it comes out on.
unworthy15  +   828d ago
The 360 controller always fit like a glove for me, but that wasn't the best thing in certain situations. I've taken up Devil May Cry recently(the old ones) and that game requires a LOT of adrenaline and button mashing. That's something that is much better suited for the PS3 controller with its flat face buttons and kind of raw feel. For comparison's sake, I have Bayonetta on Xbox 360 and it can be difficult to play sometimes because the buttons are rounded at the top and feel more plastic.

overall I think the 360 controller is better because it fits well and the triggers are miles better than PS3's. It's just with hack n slash games, the PS3 is better. It's looking to be though that the PS4 controller is a great compromise. I can't wait!
Transporter47  +   829d ago
I don't have time to listen wish i could just read it real quick but another one in the same day.... Still think PS4 is more advance but both will be comfortable to used.
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_QQ_  +   829d ago
Will you put one in your mouth?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   829d ago
I think both are going to be great. PS4 controller looks like a great improvement, more so than the "40" MS made for the XB1 controller (by that I mean DS4's changes are more apparent). But the XB1 controller looks great too. I bet both will be comfortable and have improved functionality. I've never really had a problem with either controller (besides DS3 resting on the triggers too much and 360's d-pad). I think some of you guys are too sensitive :P
Vinc360  +   829d ago
Trust me, when you get your hands on the new ones, the faults of the old ones will become more apparent and it'll be hard to go back!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   829d ago
That's good and bad, haha. I plan to keep my current console (and repurchase a 360 sooner or later). I'm still glad they've improved a lot. I can't wait!

P.S. - I'll be listening to your podcast more often. You seem very nice/well-mannered and engaged with your listeners (us commenters I guess, lol).
Vinc360  +   828d ago
Thanks ABeastNamedTariq! We really appreciate that! :)
unworthy15  +   828d ago
Thanks Tariq, we like to be passionate WITH our listeners, especially at an exciting time like this with new consoles coming out.
-wub-  +   829d ago
The only things i care about is the new features. I've never been picky about how a controller feels, i played with the N64, PS, and GC controllers daily but never complained about any of them. Gamers now ( especially Xbox gamers) are a bunch of whiny complainers that don't know how to adapt.
spaceg0st  +   829d ago
I'm stoked the new ds4 is vastly improved, I'm just curious to what sort of a game changer the rumble triggers are for xbone. From the hands on demos, it seems pretty amazing... Heartbeats, tire braking etc...
JunioRS101  +   829d ago
Whew, when he started praising the X1 controller I was thinking "oh no he likes the Box controller more than the PS controller"

BUT! Then he praised the PS4 controller just as much.

Basically, he said they're both awesome and will be excellent for shooters (score!)

But apparently the PS4 has better bumpers, says him.
badboy776  +   829d ago
I attended Comic-con. PS4 controller feels way more natural.
JunioRS101  +   829d ago
You have no idea how happy I am to read that comment lol

MRMagoo123  +   829d ago
the DS4 feels amazing heavier and better in every way it really feels like it is made for your hand.
ufo8mycat  +   828d ago
The fact that many people are saying that the PS4 controller fits better in your hands and feels more natural. XBONE controller must have really taken a huge step backwards, as the 360 controller was the most natural ergonomic

What on earth did Microsoft do?

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