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Tctczach  +   588d ago
I'm going to be so pissed if it is a sequel.
Senyra  +   588d ago
It's the option that makes more sense, however a prequel would be easier to do. And Bioware is known for rushing things. Hint, hint, Dragon Age II
aLucidMind  +   588d ago
And Mass Effect 3. It was obvious ME3 was rushed more than DA2, and that says something. The narrative was tripping over itself throughout most of the game.
NYC_Gamer  +   588d ago
I believe fans of ME3 want to see what happens next after their end game choices
Saika  +   587d ago
It would seem that most of us don't really want to see what happened before all of this, unless it is relevant. I don't see the point in making a simple spinoff, gamers want to see something bigger than that. I'd like to see how the galaxy is living with Shepherd's choices. In the case of the Synthesis ending, it's gonna be pretty messed up.
Korix  +   588d ago
I would be pissed too if it became a *direct* sequel, starting off where ME3 ended.
I would rather have them let Shepard become a legend, let his story stay as it is. Make a new story within the same universe, only many years later, when all of his crew has become the stuff of legend, and the story of the reapers a far passed historical event.
This would add a certain kind of mystery for the new characters, about the events of the old trilogy. They'd be able to see all that happened from a different perspective, if they even focus on it at all.
Heck, they could have some of the characters still live, like Liara.
I just want them to mostly leave the old trilogy alone. But I want them to continue in the same universe with a new and original story.
Senyra  +   588d ago
That's exactly what I discuss in this article. without Shepard, Biwoare will disappoint hard most of the fans and the series popularity will decrease too. And if they actually choose a prequel, there can't be any Shepard.
CaulkSlap  +   588d ago
It would be a mistake if they try and shoehorn Shepard in to another sequel. It's time for a whole new story. They created an amazing universe so there's plenty they could do with a totally new story. Plus continuing any game based on past decisions would be so convoluted at this point it would be impossible to manage a coherent story.
Senyra  +   588d ago
Exactly, that's why they'll most likely make a deep into the future sequel.
HugoDrax  +   588d ago
I still haven't finished ME3. After the negative backlash over the ending, I lost interest and haven't finished the game as of yet. I also didn't find the story as compelling for some reason, and I enjoyed the direction ME and ME2 had taken the franchise. The funny thing is I completed ME & ME2 two times, yet I can't complete one play through of ME3.

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