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grashopper  +   919d ago
So much for the NDA
stage88  +   919d ago
Surely the devs don't mind if the size of the beta gets out. If anything I would think they would want people to know.
grashopper  +   919d ago
Well it's just that the guy hasn't even fully downloaded it and is already taking pictures and posting.
I know that stuff is unimportant but I'm sure there well be more where that came from.
rajman  +   919d ago
Downloading mine right now =) There is an NDA for it?
grashopper  +   919d ago
Yes, it was mentioned when asking for the platform you wanted and at the bottom of the code email.
3-4-5  +   919d ago
Yea Just read mine a minute ago. About to download in a few.

How long does this last ?
Shadonic  +   919d ago
lucky I had completely forgtten about checking my oringal live account for an invite. I was too late when signing up.
Axecution  +   919d ago
honestly its the internet. If they put a beta out to the public, footage is gonna leak. ...and that's bending the definition of leak, since they put the content out themselves anyway lol.
Plagasx  +   919d ago
Sighs, not coming to PC..
MidnytRain  +   919d ago
It's a Batman multiplayer beta. My guess is you're not missing much...

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