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mii-gamer  +   920d ago
lol great to hear this
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ritsuka666  +   920d ago
It looks like the most ... I think Bayo 2 it just became my most-anticipated game for 2014 already.
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3-4-5  +   920d ago
Yea, Nintendo caring about quality is a GREAT thing for the industry.

It may not appeal to everyone, but it won't need patching and DLC to be fun 10 years from now. And it will work as it should and as was intended.
LOL_WUT  +   920d ago
Bayonetta wasn't even relevant when it was multiplatform, Nintendo fans are only hyping it up now because it's an exclusive. If bayonetta sells poorly, there will be a lot of exposing to do. ;)
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Gemmol  +   920d ago
since Nintendo got them perfecting this game, I believe this game will score a lot of 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10
mii-gamer  +   920d ago
i played the original on the ps3 besides the framerate it was amazing. Bayonetta 2 is look to top it
falcon97  +   920d ago
Basically they say Nintendo are the masters at perfecting gameplay and most gamers know this anyway but it's nice to hear,i can't wait for Zelda I'm guessing it will have cinematic gameplay....
mmj  +   920d ago

"Nintendo wouldn't allow us to shovel out **** for easy money" like most developers do nowadays.
Minato-Namikaze  +   920d ago
But has that ever been his style?
mmj  +   920d ago
I don't know but I think it's good to see a console maker taking an active role in ensuring quality. Microsoft have a 'certification process' but I suspect that is aimed more at making money (rather than ensuring quality) looking at the extortionate rates Microsoft charge developers.
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bayonetta  +   920d ago
Whatever they say the game looks awesome and i can't wait for it =D
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   920d ago
I know I'll be picking it up, and also can't wait.
Zodiac  +   920d ago
"Working with Nintendo, one thing that comes out of that is that we’re not able to cover up weaknesses in the core gameplay by making the graphics prettier or adding cutscenes, or whatever"

It's nice to hear the respective tone in that.

T-Rex in a fighter jet approves.
linkenski  +   920d ago
This is why Nintendo must never die. In the end their games are amazing no matter how dull they can seem sometimes. DKCR:TF is probably gonna be so good people are gonna appreciate Retro did it.
Smashbro29  +   920d ago
They kinda failed to beat out RARE with the last one though.
PopRocks359  +   920d ago
Says who? DKCR was well received all across the board. The latest one even has David Wise doing the music.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   920d ago
Great article

"Excellent" and "Yes" Vote.

I like reading things like this.
I think this is one of the reasons so many companies do great with Nintendo
Then do bad when they leave like Rare & SK.

I'm NOT saying that those companies weren't good without Nintendo
With Nintendo they get great guidance.
- I remember reading about Nintendo working with SK on Eternal Darkness- it was very similar.

People who worry about what would happen if Nintendo is the one who buys Atlus, should read and learn.
Festano  +   920d ago
I enjoyed the first, I hope this second episode is valid.
TheEvilWithin  +   920d ago
@SmashBro29: I don't think Retro was trying to out do Rare. It was more of a continuation then trying to outshine the legendary Rare versions of DK.

I just mastered Donkey Kong Country Returns and found the only thing they needed to change was that they needed to put more DK barrels in the stages.

I'm playing the SNES version as well and found that RARE put DK barrels close to there checkpoint barrels where Retro put them far far away from the checkpoint which upped the difficulty of the level's.

All and all Retro did a fantastic job on DK and with the sequel coming this November I'm hoping they fix this small mistake and perfect the formula that RARE had left for Nintendo.
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Smashbro29  +   920d ago
Shaking the remote alone puts it far below the original 3 and even when you hack classic controller support back in the controls aren't as good.
NaAsAr  +   920d ago
i wonder how much longer we have to wait to get deluxe version for pc,ps3 and xbox360 so the can turn a real profit on this game.
BlaqMagiq24  +   920d ago
Not gonna happen. Nintendo not only has the publishing rights but are personally funding this game. The chances of this going to another platform is next to zero.
Realplaya  +   920d ago
If the game appeared on other platforms the proceeds would go to Nintendo bam another win.
Hicken  +   920d ago
Is that what happened with Mass Effect on 360? Cuz I'm pretty sure it didn't. And it was published by Microsoft, was it not?
marloc_x  +   920d ago
what color is the jewel in your tummy ?
Kevlar009  +   920d ago
There's a reason Nintendo sponsored games average in the 90's and high 80's and sell well. It's because Nintendo works hard and takes the time to make sure they are facilitating the best experiences possible. Even when they use the same franchises again and again with the same general concept it is still top-notch with something special to find.

I wouldn't be surprised if several games were pushed back a few months to make sure they were the best they could be. For Nintendo gameplay surely is King, I can't wait to see what other amazing titles they can release in the future.

They certainly live up to the "Nintendo Seal of Quality". When you make a name for yourself through quality and innovative titles it would make sense to continue that tradition
Brucis  +   920d ago
I was actually nervous when reading the title, turns out it was actually a good thing. Nice to see Nintendo pushing Bayonetta 2 to its fullest.
Kevlar009  +   920d ago
I had the same feeling. I was afraid it was going to be about how Ninty was hijacking the game development, interfering with the design process, basically the nightmare scenario people give when they have the thought of Nintendo gaining access to a beloved franchise from another console (see Atlus and Persona)

Nintendo is investing in the game as the exclusive publisher, so it's only natural the game gets the utmost attention. Bayonetta 2 is in good hands.
RFornillos4  +   920d ago
i think the title was intentional to get hits... but as i've already read the interview even before I saw this, so i was pretty sure the title was in a way sort of misleading... but "unnerving" was enclosed in double quotes, so yeah...
Neonridr  +   920d ago
Totally agree. The title, while an accurate quote, is taken out of context so it makes it seem like it's a bad statement, when in reality this is shown as a positive from Platinum's camp.

Regardless, the game looks to be shaping up nicely, and I can only hope that Wii U owners reward a company like Platinum for their hard work.
thomasmiller  +   920d ago
Cannot wait for this great title!! and nintendo helping make the game better? both the developer and the fans win on that one!!! just like all the other great nintendo games, Bayonetta 2, will definitely be one of the best!!
Enigma_2099  +   920d ago
Nintendo: We remember Bayonetta for PS3... you will NOT pull that s*** with us!
chadboban  +   920d ago
Thanks, that made me laugh! :)
MWH  +   920d ago
well, to me, the game is worth buying a Wii U for.
fatstarr  +   920d ago
Nintendo aims to have a great solid game under its belt.
and it doesnt want gamers to sell the game after a week.
fsfsxii  +   920d ago
The first game was "Meh" in terms of everything. I really think its a reskined DMC4 but with a nice ass.
Hopefully the next game will be awesome
timeon11111111111  +   920d ago
Nintendo has made awesome games.
But aren't you guys giving Nintendo to much credit?

This is Platinum Games, one of the best Hack and Slash game developers, if not the best.

I am sure Nintendo has good feedback so that PG can make a even better game, but i dont think that Bayonetta 2 being a very great game is soley because Nintendo is in the picture.
It will be very great because of PG.

Bayonetta 1 - 9.5.

Plus like the developer said , with Bayo 2 they have a base for the game which allows them to polish and add to the experience.

Something they could not do in the first game. Because the first was the base!
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Hicken  +   920d ago

Still, good to hear the game is shaping up well. It's still my biggest incentive to get a Wii U.
Realplaya  +   920d ago
@TheHunter Dude stop hating on a positive article with your negative spin.

The reality is most people and developers don't realize why Nintendo's games sell well on their home consoles. But they have given Platinum insight on it. The key words is Nintendo won't let us just let of make a game with pretty graphics and cut scenes thy are challenging them to find alternatives to make the game not good but great. As a developer you don't want to make hits you want to make classics
timeon11111111111  +   916d ago
I think Nintendo is one of the company that are doing things right. They have a good approach to game design compared to other companies.

They don´t focus much on graphics.

But...that is exactly what Platinum Games as a studio do with their games.

Nintendo has little to teach Platinum Games about gameplay, especially gameplay in a Hack and Slash genre.

Oh and Call of Duty sells over 5M+ everytime. Does that mean Call of Duty is a good game and every other developers should get adviced from Call of Duty studio?

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