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Stuart5756  +   915d ago
TLOU has to be at the tippy top! So good, the story telling is better thank most movies these days.
CrossingEden  +   914d ago
Of course so NOW the last of us is considered a zombie game, I called it a zombie game a week ago and got fifty replies telling me that it wasn't
Kevlar009  +   914d ago
I believe ND officially calls them "Infected". Almost like violent insane indivduals with a Virus
goldwyncq  +   914d ago
Of course it is. The infected may not be zombies, but they act like one, and that's enough to put TLOU into zombie game territory.
Stuart5756  +   914d ago
Fair reply, i can understand ND wanting TLOU to be considered something other than a part of the over-saturated 'zombie' genre, I can go as far as agreeing why people would say it isn't, but either way TLOU is an absolute epic piece of gaming history made by people who lead the industry. Zombie game or not, TLOU always comes in at number 1.
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Pillsbury1  +   914d ago
I hope to sweet jebus dayz comes to ps4.
Murad  +   914d ago
Is Infestation seriously on this list? I'm down marking the article. The title is downright the worst thing I've ever played. Even with a EVGA GTX 670, I still couldn't get decent framerate on that game. Not only that but a lot of people los their credit card data, and you think saying it's a good game is a good idea.
JumpToGamer  +   914d ago
Well firstly, people never lost their credit card data, they got hacked, but that information didn't get accessed as HP don't handle that stuff. Just because you couldn't get a good framerate doesn't mean other people can't and don't enjoy playing it.

I have laid into the game numerous times, but most of it is aimed at the developers. If your into PvP, then why not give it ago? That's what my point in the article is. It can be fun "at times". I've sunk over 200 hours into the game, ok most of that was from the start of the year, but it still has a lot of players, even if the developers are the worst I have ever seen :P
Murad  +   914d ago
There are several claims that credit card details were stolen, and several gamers along with journalist agreeing with them. Also, just because I couldn't get good framerate. EXCUSE ME? Dude, I don't think you seem to get it, 90 percent of the people I've talked to said their framerate was around 15 FPS, you know how bad that is? You know how friggin bad that is on a GTX 670. I can play Battlefield 3 on the ultra settings and maintain 60 FPS, but apparently I can't do that for this stupid game.

How the eff did you ever sink even 20 minutes into this game. Hell, you know what, I think I know why, you kept dying and having to wait for it to load a friggin new character. Honestly, everything you just said is completely shocking to say the least, if anything, it's downright a lie. I'm even shocked to find out you're defending the game even a tad bit.
JumpToGamer  +   914d ago
The frame-rate in the game is terrible, it is the worst optimized game I have ever played, and probably ever will. I've even had these issues, as have majority of other players like you said. DayZ is miles better in my opinion, and I hardly play WarZ anymore. But what I'm saying is just because you have bad FPS, doesn't mean there aren't people who do enjoy playing the game, and if your looking for a pure PvP, then WarZ is the game, that's why I included it.

I bought into the Alpha and paid $50 for legend, what a fool I was. But before they really started to mess things up, I played all the time. As with any games, there are those who play all the time and love it, no matter how badly perceived it is by everyone else.

The developers are full of lies, incompetent, and I have no idea what they actually do as every patch breaks more stuff than it fixes.

I agree with you on all points. But you failed to read why I included it in the article, despite all this.

Bottomline is if you want a cheap, zombie game with emphasis on PvP, then I suggest War Z. Through all it's faults etc, people will suffer crashes, hacking or bad FPS, others more so than others, but "some" people enjoy it, and if you want PvP, then go and get it.
Murad  +   913d ago
Whatever man. I think you're crazy for recommending this, but I'm not in the mood to argue or try to change your opinion. However, I'll be honest, whenever anyone says War Z is any good, I will downright tell everyone that it's a plague on the gaming industry.
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Sizzon  +   914d ago
Left 4 Dead 2 deserves to be mentioned and is missing on that list.
JumpToGamer  +   914d ago
I did have it originally :P, but then I changed to add Dead State in there as that is coming at the end of the year, and I'm sure it will be a cracking game. Well I hope so anyway...
Sizzon  +   914d ago
ah ok it was for this year, sorry :p l4d2 was ofc released back in 2009.

great list otherwise, last of us and state of decay are both great games.
Stuart5756  +   914d ago
Left 4 Dead 2 wasn't out this year!
Sizzon  +   914d ago
i know, my bad :p
gaelic_laoch  +   914d ago
No COD?????? Oh forgot that is a game FOR ZOMBIES!!!!
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Perjoss  +   914d ago
State of decay is one of the glitchiest games ive ever played, but its also one of the best games ive ever played.
badboy776  +   913d ago
Where is Zombies Ate My Neighbors!???!!!

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