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xHeavYx  +   916d ago
Nice update, This will keep my Vita busy. I wish they had announced NFS though
Mea Maxima Culpa  +   916d ago
I agree with you that I wish they announced NFS, but how is this a "nice update"? They are just pushing out all the AMD Never Settle Reloaded games... if you have a PC with a new graphics card, you probably have all these already..
xHeavYx  +   916d ago
Well, I don't have a PC, I don't have Hitman or any of the other games, so, for me, it's a nice update
cleft5  +   916d ago
We are getting free Hitman Absolution, which I didn't care for but it's okay, free Machinarium for Vita which is okay, free Zen Pinball games which are really good, free Darkstalkers Chronicle which is really cool and best of all free Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, which is amazing.

This is a great update, NFS will get here sooner or later. It will be great when it does come to ps+, but the other games are hardly substandard.
gaffyh  +   916d ago
Really didn't like Hitman, couldn't even finish it I found it THAT boring.
Mea Maxima Culpa  +   916d ago
So for all you "disagrees" have you bought more or less games from PSN since you became a PS+ member?

I for one have bought FAR less!

I will keep saying it, we should get a choice in games!!

For example, if I knew I could pick between 2 games one month I would buy more on PSN knowing that if I bought it I could just pick something I didn't buy.

I would rather support the developers with my purchase if possible anyway.

A perfect example would be if Tomb Raider was a PS+ free game. Tomb Raider was such a good (under appreciated) game that I would have rather purchase/support that game and take any other free game that would have been offered that month.
SolidStoner  +   916d ago
I might get PS plus just for this game.. and since its going to PS4 anyway.. sooner or later.. dosnt really matter now..
BitbyDeath  +   916d ago
@mea, what is greater though, 2 million shop sales or 10 million PS+ sales? You are supporting devs more with plus as their is more games available than most would buy generating income that wouldn't otherwise exist. Just wait till PS4 and the plus numbers would skyrocket potentially giving devs even greater earnings.
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abzdine  +   916d ago
PS+ is the best thing ever!
MrBeatdown  +   916d ago

So, let me get this right...

You say...

"I would rather support the developers with my purchase if possible anyway. "

Yet you complain that Plus doesn't give you choice... so that you can NOT take the one you think deserves the money?

If only there was some way for you to buy the games you thought were worth buying. NASA should put scientists on that one.
The_Con-Sept  +   916d ago
My PSN ID is The_Con-Sept. I am a PS Plus member. And I just bought Magic 2014, Stealth inc, ducktales (because I remember playing this game before.) As well as ibb and obb. Pre ordered them but I have bought more PSN games in the past year alone than I ever have. I just haven't bought more then re6, ttt2, tlou, sd, psasbr, gr (psv), resistance (psv), sly 123, r&c 123, gow 12 coo&gos, a bunch of ps1 titles, along with downloading all the free games. Yeah I have still spent quite a bit. I got mad over buying sleeping dogs and gravity rush. But after getting saints row 2 and 3.... Yeah I'm happy.
SnakeCQC  +   915d ago
i have a pc and have hitman on it and i think hitman is a broken shitty game
Craigatorian  +   916d ago
I prefered the EU PS Plus freebies, i wanted to play all of their games
3-4-5  +   916d ago
Would be cool to have on Xbox 360 :-(. o well
ZodTheRipper  +   916d ago
Just get a Playstation ...and behold the ONE subscription service to rule them all.
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Mea Maxima Culpa  +   916d ago
@BitbyDeath Do you know for certain developers actually get any of the PS+ revenue? I understood that the developers "took a loss" in hope that they could sell DLC and/or sequels. Correct me if I am wrong but I think every game on PS+ doesn't get the developers ANY revenue.
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porkChop  +   916d ago
Sony pays the developers and publishers to have the games on PS+. Not as much as retail, but Sony still pays for them. The money from the PS+ subs go toward these games.
TwinDad  +   915d ago
Where is a link or article that states Sony pays, them? I'm interested as I assumed the developer/publisher agreed as they could profit from their DLC sales and not from the downloads of the main game.
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showtimefolks  +   916d ago
and some still say psn-plus isn't a great service

the free games alone are worth $50 on top of that you get big discounts when you buy something on psn
joe90  +   916d ago
Complaining USA PS+ members....BOO HOO, go and cry on 4chan or something. We UK/EU gamers get screwed on everything compared to you guys. We get our games 3 days later, we are not allowed early access to some BETAS because of our region, we get some of the worst collector editions, our money is converted equal to yours in the gaming industry, $400 = £400 in your scamming gaming regime. Try living in the EU's shoes for 1 minute as a gamer, then you will not complain.
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nominal266  +   916d ago
Why did EU PS PLUS get 3 large retail games but US gets one?
LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
Regardless of what the reason is, its not like you have a choice of what you get and what you don't. Anyone in the U.S. who believes that what EU PS Plus gets is VASTLY better than what the U.S. gets should just suck it up, make a fake EU account, and get EU PS Plus cards via Ebay.

Makes more sense than complaining every month no?
DeFFeR  +   916d ago
"Makes more sense than complaining every month no?"

No. Complaining is free.
admiralvic  +   916d ago
"Makes more sense than complaining every month no?"

Not at all.

If people complain, then Sony knows that people are less than thrilled with how things currently are. Is Sony listening to use? Well we got a poll (which might just be for show), but they did go back to revealing everything at the start of the month, so I like to believe they're at least listening a little bit.

As far as your solution goes, that sadly makes no sense if you're a Vita user. Not only would I lose everything I currently have on my US account, I would have to constantly swap between the two (wasting time / effort and losing out on trophies) just to make the EU account mildly work for me. Finally, if everyone just accepted things as they are, then Plus will logically become a lower and lower value.

Like I personally don't mind that EU gets a "better" deal than the US, but I do mind that the US is double dipping with freebies. First there was Jet Set Radio and now we have Machinarium. Some games I wouldn't mind on both consoles, but it just looks bad to double up on games. Especially since the Vita offers have largely been lackluster.
HeavenlySnipes  +   916d ago
Given the fact that EU pays more for PS+ than we do ($50 for PS+ here and £50 there which is not equal) I'd say they deserve better updates given they are paying an equivalent of like $77 for plus
FunAndGun  +   916d ago
When did Sony ever state that EU, US, and Japan Plus subscriptions would be the same or even similar?

They are all separate subscriptions.

You pay $50 for a yearly sub. Either the content is worth it to you or it is not. Do you compare everything you purchase in the US to how the rest of the world purchases those similar items?
nominal266  +   916d ago
Jeez, it was just a question. Never did I say it wasn't fair. I know that the US has some advantages in some areas and EU has its own advantages as well. i was just hoping for a logical answer. Like "oh, because of region popularity, or demand." Or something like that. I'm plenty happy with my subscription! =D
Salooh  +   916d ago
I wish if it's separate , Eu already got hitman , and the rest of the games looks awful and doesn't worth even looking at their names..

Yes , i got both Eu and US..
admiralvic  +   916d ago
Depends on how you look at it.

If you go from a literal "they said so" stand point, then you're right. However, if you look at it from the early days of plus, then you would see that US and EU were LARGELY the same. The only differences were usually avatars / themes, which the US sometimes got. About the time of the IGC we saw them go vastly different directions.
FunAndGun  +   916d ago
sorry....guess I am just tired of people complaining about the differences of the two subscriptions instead of focusing on the content and value they are actually getting.

probably just should have continued scrolling without making a comment. :)

anyway, game on!
slimeybrainboy  +   916d ago
I have to agree that EU gets better content. Unfortunately for you i'm from the UK so I won't complain. Hey, You guys still have Party in the USA, that song is the shit.
joe90  +   916d ago
@nominal266, USA PS+ members can go and cry on 4chan or something. We UK/EU gamers get screwed on everything compared to you guys. We get our games 3 days later, we are not allowed early access to some BETAS because of our region, we get some of the worst collector editions, our money is converted equal to yours in the gaming industry, $400 = £400 in your scamming gaming regime. Try living in the EU's shoes for 1 minute as a gamer, then you will not complain.
nominal266  +   915d ago
Lol you didn't read my 2nd comment did you? Don't worry no one is crying over a video game console. im much too old for that. =P
LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
I keep telling this to people every month. Whatever EU gets, the US gets. It may take a little more time, but we will get it.
Goro  +   916d ago
Where's Red Dead Redemption?
LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
If u want Red Dead so bad, why not buy it? You can probably find it for less than 15 bucks now.
stage88  +   916d ago
Don't bother with RDR. It's a chore fest.
Insomnia_84  +   916d ago
People complaining because they don't get what they want from PS+.

How about you all complaining stfu and BUY WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU WANT!!

Ignorance is very annoying.
Goro  +   916d ago
I've already had RDR since launch (It's my GOTG and i've got 100% of trophies), I'm just saying your point is wrong because US didn't get RDR eventually after a year now
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LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
Just because it hasnt happened yet doesnt mean that it won't.
kupomogli  +   916d ago

"if u want Red Dead so bad, why not buy it?"

That wasn't the point. You stated that everything Europe gets the US gets. He mentioned a game that the US hasn't got. Here's what else Europe has got that the US still hasn't received.

Dead or Alive 5, Red Dead Redemption, Unit 13, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Crysis 2, Lord of the Rings War in the North, Rayman Origins, Kingdoms of Amalur, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, ICO/SotC Collection, and more.

That's a ridiculous amount of retail titles that they've received that we haven't especially when last month I think Europe received the last of the retail games the US hasn't received aside from Disgaea 3 Vita version. Not counting old PSP games instead of retail Vita game.

Now I have most of the games that were released for Europes and US', but I don't have Crysis 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and no longer have War in the North or Kingdoms of Amalur. Those would be games I'd enjoy getting. I shouldn't have to create a Europe account in order to get some decent games. Sony should show their entire fanbase respect rather than sticking the middle finger up at them if you don't live in specific regions.

Japan gets a good monthly PS+, Europe gets a good monthly PS+. US fans get the middle finger.
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xxxsiegezzz  +   916d ago
I actually like when sometimes USA can suck the middle finger. If Europe would have worse Ps+ then you would be saying "I'm so glad that I live in USA it rules mathafukazaz"
admiralvic  +   916d ago
"Just because it hasnt happened yet doesnt mean that it won't."

So you state an absolute "Whatever EU gets, the US gets.", but write off the absolute nature with the concept that it can always happen in the future. I am sorry, but at most we usually get what EU gets, though even that is unture. The only thing that actually happens, is that a game given in Europe becomes slightly (maybe 1%) more likely than any other game on the PSN. Simply because it happened once and might happen again. Even then, it's more of a belief than a fact.
Pillsbury1  +   916d ago
NO we do not game the same games. We might get very similar games but not exactly the same.
nick309  +   916d ago
A psp game again, a vita game that was on plus as a ps3 version,a running game.... And a pinball game? Only hitman worthy here.
despair  +   916d ago
bit.trip is awesome.
Goro  +   916d ago
Crappy update, It's just the reality, Let the disagrees commence
LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
Its not the best update, but its not the worst. I'll simply dl Hitman and ignore everything else.
nick309  +   916d ago
The fanboys disagree with the truth , nothing new here.
OR maybe (you listening?) O_- People actually disagree about it being crappy and know that just because they have no interest in it doesn't mean it's a bad update!!

Naaaaah that can't be it. FANBOYZZZZZZ!!!
fsfsxii  +   916d ago
The fanboys will cause metoer to fall on earth
TheFutureIsBlue  +   916d ago
Ask and you shall receive *disagree*
aquamala  +   916d ago
last few months have not been good for me... another game I rather play on PC and already own
LOGICWINS  +   916d ago
Sorry you haven't had a good experience with your Plus service. As we all know, no service out there can cater to every single persons tastes. Unfortunately, Sony can't read ur mind.
Heisenburger  +   916d ago
I feel so sorry for you.... :/

I'm not even joking. This is all you have isn't it? That is tragic.

Ot: I'm looking forward to Hitman at least!

I paid $18 for my subscription and Hitman is $18.99. Boom I already got my value. Plus I picked up Max Payne for seven dollars. Woo hoo!
Blackpool  +   916d ago
people defend company's for no reason.. Smh at the end of the day they just want your money.
BLAKHOODe  +   916d ago
Great update! I'm a huge Hitman fan, so I already have Absolution, but I'm happy it'll get a lot more exposure now that it's finally on Plus. I'm excited for Star Wars Pinball.. I've been thinking about getting it for awhile. I'm glad I held off.
kma2k  +   916d ago
damn already beat it, oh well i guess ill just add it to the digital collection
Williamson  +   916d ago
I bought this game last week, still unopened so Im going to return it lol. So first PS plus takes all my HDD space away from me and now its saving me 15$...please stop!
nick309  +   916d ago
Get a 1tb hdd , my 500gb is full):
Williamson  +   916d ago
Can you recommend a good HDD that's not too expensive? Also can I hook up an external HDD and store games on that?
LoveOfTheGame  +   916d ago
I just bought this for Steam sale. I'd rather have it on PC but that feeling is still there that I could of waited and gotten it free.
roland82  +   916d ago
More games I've owned since they launch
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   916d ago
Cool I wanted to play hitman now ive got it for free
Benjammin25  +   916d ago
Hitman Absolution Absolutely Free! Oh yes...I went there.
GABRIEL1030  +   916d ago
Amazig game, Plus is great!
blackblades  +   916d ago
I guess it's a good update, can't complain cause it all free, but still another fighting game, and pinball game, and machinarim which I haven't even touched on ps3.
Outsider-G  +   916d ago
Damn, I was hoping for Mafia 2 being added as well.
Sarobi  +   916d ago
Hitmand and Bit trip isn't bad at all
PickAShoe  +   916d ago
damn it all, i just bought hitman not long ago.
SlapHappyJesus  +   916d ago
It's a fine game. Just didn't see it as anything special. Nothing to complain about for free though.
P_Bomb  +   916d ago
Great drop for Plus users who haven't played it yet! I bought Hitman for a twenty a couple months ago and platinumed it. Had a lot of fun. Some reviews were way too harsh imo. When in doubt stealth wise, as far as outfit cover being blown, hold the button that obstructs 47's face more. Helped me walk through many a mine field, like the hotel.
RedDeadLB  +   916d ago
I suggest everyone to get Hitman. It's an excellent game if you have the patience to play it properly.
ceedubya9  +   916d ago
already beat Absolution. May as well download it just in case I get the itch to play it again at a later date.
Ozmoses  +   916d ago
Just bought Hitman: Absolution like July 14th...

took it back today and put the money towards my PS4...

I'll be adding this to my download list tomorrow evening.
Gamesgbkiller  +   916d ago
My plus subscription will end in September.

I hope Sony is going to have a discount like last year.
nunley33  +   916d ago
a few months ago there was a plus promotion that if you bought a year of plus, you'll get an extra 3 months for free. I bought and took advantage of the deal, the plus you buy would just get added to your remaining time. and some time before, maybe late 2012, the telltale jurassic park game was given free to just people who renewed their plus sub for a year.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   916d ago
Damn it. I bought Hitman a few months ago for 20$ of the store and I found out it wasn't even worth that.Its ok but I remember the older hitman games being better.
ApolloTheBoss  +   916d ago
It's August already?!
MrTrololo  +   916d ago
Meh. This game is one of the worst in the series and anybody who disagree with me never play a real stealth game or the previous game
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nunley33  +   916d ago
i agree that the hitman games were better but it wasn't too bad. the game was made to reach too broad of an audience instead of fans of the past games. there is better stealth games, like every mgs game ever.
ninjahunter  +   916d ago
Your naustalgia clouds your vision. Perhaps you should go replay them. they were good for their time, but by modern standards they are rather.... obtuse, clunky and hit and miss by stealth, action and story standards.
ajax17  +   916d ago
I really need to renew...
Pillsbury1  +   916d ago
Do it! Do it now! Get to tha chopper!
Jaydena   916d ago | Spam
TheSaint  +   916d ago
Last week we saw Crackdown (Feb 2007) on Gold and now we have Hitman Absolution (Nov 2012) on Plus, and people honestly believe Gold is better?


'But cross game chat'.
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