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cellur111  +   846d ago
The difference between NA and EU ps+ is ridiculous. This month while the EU gets 3 AAA titles NA gets a okay AAA game, a pinball game dlc and a runner game that should be a free app on a iphone.
teezy  +   846d ago
I really enjoy this whole PS+ giving away free games. It lets me try things I wouldn't normally buy.
_FantasmA_  +   845d ago
Yeah it gives me games I never heard of, or games I wanted to play but not bad enough to spend the $60 on, or games that are out of my comfort zone. I felt like when I switched to PS3, my gaming tastes expanded to genres other than shooters, but now I'm even more open minded because of Plus. Best subsrciption serive evar!! However I still can't get into RPGs :(.
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_FantasmA_  +   845d ago
Just got the Platinum for Blood Money since I bought the trilogy a few weeks ago when they were on sale for Plus members and I had a feeling this game was coming to Plus before the end of the summer. I knew it was coming because Square has put alot of their games on Plus and because EU already had this game not too long ago. I'm never one to complain about Plus, but it does seem like after June, they have only been giving away one big budget retail game a month. Hopefully this is because they don't want to give to give gamers a huge backlog right before the PS4 launches. Hopefully the PS4 is releasing very soon and that is why they are only giving one game, so that gamers won't decide to keep the PS3 for a while longer. I'm ready for next gen and it doesn't start until Sony says so. Hopefully greatness comes soon!
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WitWolfy  +   845d ago
Man I love PSN+ Just bought a PS Vita and the free games just keep on coming :D

Awesome AWESOME!!
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