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cleft5  +   917d ago
The poor sales for the WiiU is disappointing, but at least Nintendo is acknowledging that this situation is their fault. This gives me hope that they will turn around the situation.

Honestly, I would much rather the WiiU take the path of the 3DS than the Wii. I don't own a WiiU right now, but after Bayonetta and X comes out and a price cut I will definitely buy a WiiU. I am not a big Mario and Zelda fan, but those are good games that I will want to play.
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Cmk0121  +   917d ago
its just deserved sadly, they used dated technology, dont allow a second wii pad to be purchased. dont fully support online.over priced for the tech at the time, targeting mario and zelda audience and have yet to fully branch out, horrible marketing right up there with MS.
THamm  +   917d ago
All they needed was a new 3d Mario 64 at launch, what have they been doing for the years prior to launch? I assume focusing on turning around the 3ds at the time, but this was also SEGA's fate
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3-4-5  +   917d ago
Does nobody pay attention to the 5-6 HUGE games that have yet to release on Wii U that WILL be available in 2014 ?

Why don't people mention these things? Have you all forgotten ?
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Chrono  +   917d ago
Why bother? Let it die.
sway_z  +   917d ago
Nintendo will not allow Wii U die....

Nintendo have a stubborness being the Grand Daddy of the industry...

and you know what?, actually, for once I am happy for the stubborness, especially if it prolongs the console life for those already and/or yet to be invested in it.

Long Live Nintendo...Gaming Heritage!
Nevers0ft  +   917d ago
Well said! As a Wii U owner I'm confident Nintendo will release plenty of "must have" games for the console but it's still disappointing to see the negative press and sales figures. It's the lack of multiplat that is most troubling though, if things don't improve in the coming months then I'll be looking to the PS4 to keep my Wii U company, otherwise my only gaming console would be the ginger stepkid of the console world :/
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Pancit_Canton  +   917d ago
Maybe Wii U will come back to life with Zombie U
LXFilthyFate  +   917d ago
I honestly think the wii u has been dead for sometime, first of all Nintendo should have waited until they had better games than the ones they launched with. I purchased my wii u with the launch titles, and now it just sits there collecting all the dust in my house! I mean sure they have time to improve with updates and new and better titles! Actually NO, with the superior entertainment system Microsoft is bringing this waiting world known as the "One" Nintendo has NO chance of redeeming itself. It might as well only compete against Microsoft's INFERIOR rival Sony as the Wii U will never be able to compete against the the winner of this generation's console wars, the almighty Xbox One. I have to see all of you online fighting the best fight we will experience thought Microsoft XBox One Home ENTERTAINMENT terminal

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