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DragonKnight  +   925d ago | Well said
The name of this website is ridiculously apt after you read the article, which I suggest you don't bother.

Let me save you the trouble. Because the Wii U sold only 160,000 units, Sony and Microsoft should be worried that the console market is on life support.

Utterly ridiculous claim. People who don't game and don't understand gaming should not attempt to talk about gaming because they end up grouping consoles together as though they are all the same thing, and offer all the same things, when they aren't and don't.
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badkolo  +   925d ago
gaming journalism AT ITS WORST
blackmanone  +   925d ago
I don't know, this kind of gaming journalism seems to be par for the course, lately.
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PopRocks359  +   925d ago
It remains to be seen how well the new generation will take off, but I highly doubt the Wii U's current woes are an indication of the new consoles' initial performance. Nintendo and several third party developers have created a share of problems that crippled the Wii U's first year and possibly the Wii U's chances of success as a whole. This is not mutually exclusive to the performance of the PS4 and Xbox One.
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black0o  +   925d ago
thank u .. bubble up
brewin  +   925d ago
So glad you have that crystal all and can see the future. The sticker shock of a $400-$500 gaming system in this economic climate is enough to argue the opposite of your claim. If you think that these new maguic boxes will have an awesome, continuous stream of new and worthwhile titles that will move systems then you are delusional. The market does not take shape overnight dude. These consoles will go through their growing pains as well and we shouldnt be surprised to see fledgling sales after the initial sell-through.

Time will tell, but history is telling. These new systems dont really offer anything that is THAT much different than the current ststems. The VAST majority of consumers believe that they offer the same games just prettier on the newer consoles!

Parents wont just go out and buy a new system for little johnnys CoD fix if that same game is available on the system they already have. You folks who are arguing the new systems wont face sales lulls need to learn a thing or two about economics.
DragonKnight  +   925d ago
The irony of you starting off your comment with a sarcastic crystal ball comment and then making predictions about the consoles based on what your perceptions are is just pure gold.

And then the audacity to bring up history, a subject you clearly know little about. Troll on brewin, troll on.
Hicken  +   925d ago
You just got that all wrong, brewin. I've seen a lot, but I don't know if I've ever seen such a contradictory comment before on this site.

I hope you've got a drawing board...
brewin  +   925d ago
dragon knight,u obviously have no idea what trolling is if u think i was trolling. i play my ps3 and 360 more than any other systems. i also fail to see where i made any prediction. i am speaking from a parents viewpoint and the new systems havent sold me yet, nothing says to me that these systems are needed yet because most of the available titles are also on current systems.

and history? ive been through a ton of system launches and even the best of them had sales lulls, even the mighy ps2. thats not a prediction, thats from being there when it happened. i was pointing out what history tells us, not what the future will be. if i made a predicion it would be that these systems will have great runs in due time, but the wiiu also a good indicator of the struggles that new consoles may realistically face.
ovnipc  +   925d ago
even if in the next year or two current consoles sale more than new still good cause actually m$ and $ony make more $$$ than new consoles cause new consoles they lose money old consoles they make profit. But that wil mean that gaming its not dying like you are saying. Gaming its not going anywere actually its growing.
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chobit_A5HL3Y  +   925d ago
nintendo's wiiu issues won't effect sony or ms in the least. people know what the wiiu has to offer and decided to skip on it this time around. the real next gen consoles will out-sell the wiiu in no time.
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Adaminy  +   925d ago

insecure much? the Wii U might pick up in sales in the next few months but it won't be any sort of competition to the ps4 and xbox one on their respected release dates.
EXVirtual  +   925d ago
Thank you! I'm a Nintendo fan, but i might skip the WiiU. I'm already getting the PS4. Nintendo needs to step up. BIG TIME.
Ol_G  +   925d ago
Thats only a percentage of the People most of them won't buy a new console cause the old one is Working just fine parents decide and the biggest part of gamers are little children
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Godz Kastro  +   925d ago
I do feel consoles have reasons to worry but not due to this. This is why I preach unity among console gamers. We NEED to support the medium we enjoy. I rad an article that said the Oculus Rift will support mobile devices before consoles due to the fact that phones/tablets get stronger and stronger year after year but consoles update hardware once every 8 years now. I am concerned because I love consoles...
Shad0wRunner  +   925d ago
Mobile gaming is a joke, whether its on an android phone, iOS tablet, or iPhone.

Have you seen the stats of next gen consoles? Are you kidding me? And youre worried that someday in the near future, that a phone or tablet will dominate over a console? LOLOLOLOL Thats funny.

Hey hey...maybe calculators, dishwashers and microwaves will dominate consoles too. LOLOL

Oh man. I got a GOOD laugh off that. Thanks bro. xD
brewin  +   925d ago
man i hope ur right. i am so damn sick of analysts and developers saying that mobile games are going to take over. it makes me feel sick just thinking about not having any other option for gming. yuck. imagine if consoles really did die off and mobile games were all that was left.f2p and casual puzzle game and shooter ripoffs with no real value! thats scary...
likeaboss302  +   925d ago
No need for MS and Sony to worry at this point. They didn't release a system that pretty much is equal to the 360 and PS3 at the end of that console generation. Nintendo thought they could strike gold twice with another Wii and failed.
brewin  +   925d ago
right, because a systm that has been out for less than a year has already failed. by your logic, the ps3 should have been killed offmuch earlier since they tried to strike gold like they did with ps2, but failed miserably. ive been a ps3 owner since the day mgs4 bundle was out and that was a pretty tough dry spell to deal with.
Shad0wRunner  +   925d ago
The PS3 was also $500-600.00 at launch, too. Not a lot of people could afford one, during the 1st year. This was the main contributing factor behind why it didnt do so well during that year, untill price cuts came.

Unlike Nintendo...Sony wasnt copying & pasting the PS3 from the PS2. The differences between the 2 systems are night and day, a few being: BluRay technology, Blutooth technology, an online internet based network and high definition resolutions.

Nintendo, on the other hand...basically copied and pasted the Wii U from the Wii; the only 2 major differences being swapping out the motion control wand for the tablet and integration of HD resolutions. It's basically an upgraded, overglorified Wii that finally caught up with current gen capabilities.

And Nintendo thought since they had so much success with the Wii, that they would try it again with the Wii U...except this time, it didnt work. It didnt work, because the audience they were marketing to with the Wii...are no longer interested in the same crap a second time around. And ya know what...THATS WHAT NINTENDO GETS FOR NOT DRAWING FEEDBACK FROM ITS FANBASE AND CONSUMERS! Nintendo fans wouldve happily told Nintendo what they wanted to see in a next gen console. Some probably did. But Nintendo was adamant on doing things THEIR WAY, regardless of what people wanted.

I keep saying it over and over, folks. If you are a console developer or a software developer and you DONT LISTEN to your fans and consumers when you develop, it's your own damn fault if and when you fail. It's like going to McDonalds and saying "I want a tripple cheeseburger with 3 pickles and 4 tomatoes and bell peppers on it" And the store manager saying "Hey, you want all that...take your ass to Burger King where they make it YOUR way."

We are gamers and we are consumers. We are paying customers and we are your fans. We buy your consoles and your games and you make your money off of us...BECAUSE OF US. We can also brake you and destroy you in the same manner, by not buying your crap, too! So I suggest you start acting like we matter to you! Or your ass will end up like Sega - only producing software.

Just sayin...
memots  +   925d ago
No one i know knows that there is such a thing as a wiiU
They all heard or have the wii, the guy ay ebgames told me thy get wiiU games return all the time because people buy th games thinking its going to work in their Wii.

Bad marketing and the name should have been different, even Wii 2 would have been a better name.
brewin  +   925d ago
i love my wii u, but you hit the nail on the head. its the same issue they ran into with the 3ds. i dont know wtf those marketing guys are smoking but they need to stop. now if they can pull the3ds off the cliff the way they have i have total faith they will make the wii u a great system in the long run. once a real new zelda comes along and blows everyone away, all of this ealry cycle stupidness will be forgotten. people have been calling for nintendos doom since the snes days, its par for the course.

but again, i agree about the naming fiasco. has to be the most idiotic thing i have seen in gaming in a long time. then microsoft topped them by calling their new box One after 360... i miss the cool console names like the genesis and super nintendo. even the dreamcast had a decent name compared with what these fools are coming up with nowadays.
memots  +   925d ago
Agreed , I think the WiiU is an awesome Console and people would be interested. But most people out there don't even know the game pad is sort of like an Ipad. People would totally dig this.

I keep telling people how the console is but most people got off the wii wagon a long time ago and don't want to spend that kind of money.
Crillvirus81  +   925d ago
They will be in trouble as there's no real system seller on them consoles at launch like gears ,halo, or metal gear ,or god of war ... So as soon as all the hardcore fans pick there consoles the sales will slow down the same thing that happened to Nintendo will happen to them untill they release a system seller...I see Nintendo winning this holiday again cause there line up is so great its not even funny 3 proven system sellers in 3 months plus the console is cheaper and trust me it will get a price drop .... For ms and Sony to avoid this they will have to do like Nintendo is doing this hoilday next year they really have to give there fans a reason to upgrade with games from the best franchises they have all in a row .... That way they won't have no choice but to get a x1 to play the new halo or gears etc ....thats whats going happen this holiday a lot of parents will be mad and have no choice when little Timmy wants that new Mario and donkey kong games and they say ok untill they find out the wii u ain't a add on to the wii and have to buy one lol....and all the Zelda fans that will have to upgrade to play ww hd....and that's how you sell consoles not with pretty graphics with games lol
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   925d ago
Even the people selling this thing don't care about the system. A friend got told by a Best Buy salesperson that the Wii U was a HD version of the Wii!!

Sony and X1 have a buzz going on that the Wii U has never had, no need to worry.
Klad  +   925d ago
@WackVee You're in denial. as long as the PS3 & the 360 are still out & still receiving new AAA games, the PS4 & Xbox One will not have the AWSOME sales you are expecting. maybe on release month, but will die down. Your going to find that publishers are going to loose money because of PS4 & Xbox One low install base & higher development costs, some Studios may also close. These AWSOME sales wont happen until Sony & Microsoft decide to kill off there current gen consoles, forcing consumers to buy there next gen consoles. Simple common sense, i wish people on this site would just use it!
shibster88  +   925d ago
Lol sony/ms worry because the naff wii u just sold 160,000 units thats a small number thats nothing drop in the ocean, all I want is the wii u to just die let it rest now.
Kydawg  +   925d ago
This article is nothing but a pile of poo slime.
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Benjaminkno  +   925d ago
I've been saying this for months.

A lot has changed from 2006 to now.
I don't understand. Sony is not doing very well overall. At least Sony still has a good image with the Playstation brand. Microsoft has itself, destroyed the Xbox image without even mentioning that they have no market in Japan.

Sadly as bad as WiiU is doing, Nintendo is still not sitting too bad in regards to the future. I would go so far as to say that they still have the advantage.

Let's have this conversation 2 years from now, when gaming means more than what looks "pretty".

More Ps3's and 360's will move than next gen consoles for the first two years or so. I'm not sure anybody understands just how fast the industry is changing.

This business is getting smaller. Developers are starving and dropping like flies. All this speculation about superior hardware hurts any gamers cause imo.

How does Nintendo not doing well help anyone?
It's pathetic irony.
EXVirtual  +   925d ago
Mobile gaming is a joke. If you think touch screens will take over, LOL
thomasmiller  +   925d ago
yeah if this article would be about sony or microsoft then it would be true right? the sony and microsoft trolls on this sight are so stupid.. just because they say so that means it's true... what ever helps you morons sleep at night!! what a bunch of losers!!!
erikthegman  +   924d ago
So much Wii U bashing on N4G. I have problems with the console too but I still enjoy it. The worst being no optic port that even the ps2 had I'm forced to use it on my monitor without sound cause you can't do hdmi out and use the wii cables for stereo sound. And you can't play your own media on the console, streaming to the gamepad would be cool. But alas, I think everyone should make a list of suggestions for nintendo to turn the wii u misfortune around and we should all vote on the importance of each. Then again Nintendo never listens to its fans

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