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THC CELL  +   920d ago
Looks good but I think warthunder looks very good
lastofgen  +   920d ago
off-topic much??
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golding89  +   920d ago
No doubt that would be a smart move..
Rhinoceros  +   920d ago
World of Tanks sounds like a silly idea to me. I laughed when I heard the title.
Grap  +   920d ago
45M players doesn't seems silly to me
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ThisIsSolidSnake   920d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
Supermax  +   920d ago
X1 would be better off trying to get arma and day z ported over.i don't see world of tanks doing well in the states it's more of a euro thing.
lastofgen  +   919d ago
Well, with ms's recent policies changes (self-publishing, no fees for patches), I'm pretty darn sure that day-z will definitely make its way over to the xbox one now.

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