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thrust  +   849d ago
This site just went to a new low.
rdgneoz3  +   849d ago
This is a new low? There are a lot of other things to choose from, but you pick this... The quote even says they changed from the xbone to the wiiu because they thought it was a "better target."

"We changed our plans from Xbox One, to Wii U. We always had plans to go for Play Station but currently Wii U seems like a better target than Xbox"
sknygy  +   849d ago
Apologies for quoting a developer and reporting fact, next time we will be sure to reverse what was said to suit your needs.
Yep  +   847d ago
exfatal  +   849d ago
This game reminds me a lot of Limbo for ps3 if its anything like that i'll surely enjoy it
Moncole  +   849d ago
You do know Limbo wasn't only on PS3?
exfatal  +   849d ago
actually i didn't, i owned a ps3 and played limbo on that. never owned an xbox so never saw that they also had it. Limbo was a random buy for me, just kinda saw it on psn and clicked it. Didn't do any research behind the game.

Sorry if i offended you for not including the xbox 360
Moncole  +   849d ago
I'm saying its also on PC, IOS and Xbox. Why would I get offended? I dont own an Xbox.
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PopRocks359  +   849d ago
I played Limbo on my PC. Beautiful game.
gedden7  +   849d ago
Well cool for me either! I love my Wii U I just want the games to come!! Next is GONNA have a TON of GREAT eShop games!!!
MNGamer-N  +   849d ago
This game looks awesome! I will buy it for WiiU
punisher99  +   849d ago
Game looks really interesting. Will definitely get it, but on PS4.
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deafdani  +   849d ago
As a Limbo fan, I'm naturally loving the art style on this trailer (this is the first I see about Monochroma).

However, the character animations... they are awful. Too rigid, spastic, and weightless. I hope the developers improve those animations, because they look horribly out of place when compared to how smooth everything else in the trailer looks.
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falcon97  +   849d ago
Getting it on wiiu :)

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