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mafiahajeri  +   733d ago
Best video game of the generation? Your kidding right? Heck far cry is better than bioshock in released just last year.
BizDaWolf  +   732d ago
Your picture is what I think of your comment
mafiahajeri  +   732d ago
Far cry is better than bioshock in terms of gameplay and bioshock is no where near the best game of this generation.

Sorry? I don't understand what you mean about my avatar? Your not making any sense, you like footballs?
HumanAfterAll  +   732d ago
so.... Ball-ocks?

Wni0  +   732d ago
FarCry 3 has more variety in gameplay and stronger graphics than any of the Bioshocks, but its not a better game.

We shouldn't even be having this discussion since TLoU came out, (which is the clear winner so far.) We still have GTA:V, and Beyond Two Souls that could be really good.
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BizDaWolf  +   732d ago
very funny you change your avatar it was joker laughing
Chrisgamerguy  +   732d ago
Bioshock and the last of us are the best games of the year so far. This dlc bringing us back to rapture is going to be amazing!
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e-p-ayeaH  +   732d ago
Nostalgia DLC pretty much.
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Rhezin  +   732d ago
YUP. TLOU and bioshock infinite DEFINITE GOTY candidates.

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