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GentlemenRUs  +   607d ago
Zynga's dieing that's why.

And Activision milk the customer... That's why Investors love them so much!
OrangePowerz  +   607d ago
At least activision never did online passes or stuff like that, they still milk customers less than EA.
rlacorne  +   607d ago
Doesn't mean much for games as a whole, really.

Zynga and Blizzard are far from being the "be all end all" of videogames.

Also, I believe there might be a point in a casual gamer's life when he/she really did all there was to do in farmville...
Software_Lover  +   607d ago
Atleast you get it.
Software_Lover  +   607d ago
And next week the stocks will change. Are we gonna get an article on that also?
dark-hollow  +   607d ago
Mobile gaming, while no doubt it's a healthy industry with many developers profiting and making millions from it, it still can be very risky sometimes.

It is VERY saturated with everyone and their grandma can publish a game very easily in the appstore/Google play. It is not the magical solution for gaming companies to abandon consoles/PC for it.
nolifeking  +   607d ago
Not much in my opinion. I could see this being a thing if they ran the entirety of the gaming economy, but these companies are no goldman-sacs.
kevnb  +   607d ago
Lets not think too hard about the stock market, I just play games...
fsfsxii  +   607d ago
Since you're a part of N4G, you just HAVE to worry. And you have to fight over your beloved company and worship them
Tzuno  +   607d ago
Mattrick says hi!
Agent_hitman  +   607d ago
"money money money money" - Killing floor
azshorty2003  +   607d ago
I see Don Mattrick is settling in nicely at his new job.

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