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Godlovesgamers  +   928d ago
Gamespot, your video player/encoder is almost as bad as IGN's.

Dennis Dyack, I played Eternal Darkness to a ridiculous degree, saw all three endings and the final ending, I was pretty obsessed with the game and its universe, so much I penned a sweat sequel for Eternal Darkness, but you brushed me off. Then you fiddled around and then produced some crappy titles afterwards. No animosity here, but good luck. I look forward to playing "Shadow of the Eternals" if/when it comes out.
Drainage  +   928d ago
maybe its your end? the video player is good
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SnakeCQC  +   928d ago
use chrome
Godlovesgamers  +   928d ago
I use nothing but Chrome :)
tuglu_pati  +   928d ago
good interview

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