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optimus  +   856d ago
that fps demo sounded stupid; wouldn't it be quicker for me to hit a button on my controller to activate something than to raise my hand and touch my temple??... the way they describe it...if i'm running and shooting at the same time then i would have to stop either one for that brief moment to activate my visor...i could get killed in that instant...i hope doing something like that is optional.

they should just keep it to voice commands for any type of game using the kinect...or for games that would put gestures to good use like a star wars game or something...(by good developers that would not over use it).
CathyRolphe6  +   856d ago
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AceBlazer13  +   856d ago
What game can utilize Kinect properly, cod? Hell no when ur in the middle of a game ur not gonna take ur hands off the controller to wave around ur hands and ur sure as hell not gonna snap to any tv shows.
AceBlazer13  +   856d ago
I can't wait for Xbox to release first thing I'm gonna ask the Kinect supporters is "how often you use it?"
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