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eezo  +   926d ago
battlefield 4 will support kinect functionality.. i just can't wait to see what DICE has in store for Battlefield community
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
nothing much just like ME3 had kinect features

its not something you can use for hardcore gaming or atleast it hasn't been used till date the right way.

also it shouldn't be dice showing what they can do with kinect 2, it should be MS and its studios. when ps3 was thought of being hard to develop for sony release killer games to show that extra work in development can be useful if done right

if MS wants developers to take advantage of kinect 2 than MS should show them what its capable of and not a device you use to turn your system on and off
LoveOfTheGame  +   926d ago

Perfect example of a good use of Kinect.
BallsEye  +   926d ago
I don't see why they can't add things like in MS Kinect FPS demo for example tap your temple to turn on night vision. Since kinect 2.0 is way more accurate they could add hand gesture commands (for SP) like real special forces use. I also see new Kinect work amazingly for commander mode. It wasn't possible with previous kinect ( I got one, it's not accurate enough) but 2.0 looks way more promising. I can't wait to see what devs will come up with! Now that it's with every console, they can get creative.
hazardman  +   926d ago
Well if you look it the better playing in kinect games were the 1st party games. I pretty sure MS has Kinect covered. I mean they have dedicated developers for it.
Shadonic  +   926d ago
Modders/Hackers did it the best
asmith2306  +   926d ago
So voice commands I assume. Big deal. Here is the deal with Kinect: no matter how powerful and accurate it gets, using motion controls to move around in 3D worlds is NOT feasible. You need more than a camera to do this.
corvusmd  +   926d ago
Good point, probably why this isn't how Kinect is being used. BTW PS4 shouldn't be used to make french fries
s45gr32  +   925d ago
You are talking about the oculus rift. Which is what I am waiting for not this gimmicky kinect. I am talking about a device that uses virtual reality
Yetter  +   923d ago
a camera and a thumbstick... I guess an omni directional treadmill would be able to pull it off. Pairing that with oculus, you've got a pretty decent VR setup I would imagine. Using Kinect as a controller supplement instead of a controller replacement is a great idea.

Paring it with something like this maybe?
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xtremeimport  +   926d ago
Kinect voice features are actually, to me, pretty damn stupid.

You expect me to pay an extra $100 for a camera that I just end up using for voice commands. Tell me how that couldnt be done with a simple microphone?

This has always been a bit of a head scratcher to me.
redwin  +   926d ago
Kinect is a mic, and a camera, and a remote control and a sensor...I dare you not to buy a smartphone with a camera and a mic that does face recognition . Can u imagine? You go to your friends house to play and ad soo as u pick up the controller it can load your account ? I think it's cool.
spaceg0st  +   926d ago
i'm interested to see how it's incorporated. If it's mic based, and simple gesture based (like grenade throwing)... then its a $100 waste of time. But there DEFINITELY is potential to be cool, but i imagine more so for kinect based games.
Shadonic  +   926d ago
Really when it all comes down to it, how good the games turn out depends upon the developer. Considering how I've seen modders make kinect actually look good with a 3D world with free movement in skyrim, like it was really close to those indie films in future settings when they show VR games just with a lot more lag.
s45gr32  +   925d ago
I accidentally disagreed meant to agree. Anyhow voice commands are nothing new. Remember the first Socom U. S. navy seals it used the microphone of your headset to issue commands. Now with kinect if it can bring what we saw with Milo and can bring the illumini room. Then yeah it will be innovative, if not is going to be a gimmick no more no less
xtremeimport  +   925d ago
I understand it does it all.
But, majority of its uses on the 360 are voice commands unless you're playing kinect specific games.

I dont understand how people disagree with me when I'm just stating something thats accurate from my experiences with the device. Of course, im talking kinect 1.
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Raiz  +   926d ago
we are yet to see something special kinect 2.0.. Ryse: Son of Rome was good but need to see something better
The Meerkat  +   926d ago
What is sad is that people were using Ryse as a reason to buy the Kinect 1.
GameCents   926d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(8)
grassyknoll  +   926d ago
I find it very bizarre that people are excited by Kinect 2, the first Kinect didn't have a quarter of things promised & probably had the worst software for any system in existence (bar the excellent Dance Central). I think it's gonna be a hard sell to the mass market this time round.
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
its a MS device so expect over promises and under-delivered

MS has been doing for 20 plus years now
n4rc  +   926d ago
Yeah.. That's why they own the personal computer industry and have so for those 20+ years.. Don't customers speak with their wallets!?

They could buy out Sony with their q4 profits.. But yeah.. Nobody likes Microsoft..

What pisses me off the most are the haters thinking they speak for everyone.. Hate Microsoft all you want.. They don't care, and either do I.. But you DO NOT speak for everyone
Patrick  +   926d ago
Whoa there n4rc,
MS didnt get where they are because people chose to support them. Whens the last time you went to buy a PC and had a choice of the OS it used? "Never" would be the correct answer. You don't get an option and if you did... I guarantee Windows wouldn't be the choice for most people. Just see windows phones sales verses Android and Apple if you want to dispute that. MS is a monopoly with windows... for now. But someday hopefully soon you may have a choice of say Google OS for your PC or Windows... if and when that happens, expect MS to start losing money.
Sitdown  +   926d ago

PC=personal computer
Personal computer=mac
Mac=non windows
Pc=mac=no windows=choice
lgn15  +   926d ago
I sorely hope you have never owned a PC or you are a fucking hypocrite.
scott182  +   925d ago

Good point, I understand when you are saying "PC" you are referring to every brand on the market that is not Apple. I completely agree that there needs to be an option when buying a "PC" as far as operating systems go. I do not hate windows 8 like a lot of people do, I actually like it. I would love to have a choice though when buying a PC...
Patrick  +   925d ago
Oh yeah I own a PC, a gaming PC to be exact. And yeah it runs Windows because they didnt have a choice in OS like they did with Motherboards, memory, graphics cards. etc. So I had no choice but to pick Windows. And no, A MAC and a PC are 2 different things. If I want a MAC.. I have to buy Apple since Macs are Apple. But in a PC I have a whole host of choices and brands so quit being thick and think a little. Competition breeds innovation. Without it, you get Windows.

But I do have a choice on internet explorers and I choose Chrome because to me its better than MS internet explorer.

So "Sitdown" just sit down and hush if your gonna be clueless.
IGN15.... well, your really not worth my time but not having a choice doesn't make you a hypocrite, having a choice and still choosing Windows and then talking about it would make me a hypocrite. Think before you speak.
Jeff257  +   926d ago
That is why they are throwing it in the the system and making it required. Honestly if it wasn't I don't think they would have any game out there that would show people why they have to have it and it would sit on store shelves. But like the first Kinect it will be a lot of gimmicky add ins for games that don't need it or games that just don't work as well as they should to make it actually fun to play.
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Nyromith  +   926d ago
If every generation introduced a mandatory gimmick we would be surrounded by useless crap now.

Just make it optional and demonstrate it's abilities instead of going the cheap way.
NewWhiteFeather  +   926d ago
Nyromith, every generation of your phone has had new features forced in and no one complains. Every generation of gaming HAS had something new. It's progress. The way the world works.
CommonSense  +   926d ago
Probably for the same reason people were excited for Move even though the eye toy bombed on ps2. A lot of people want to give new tech the benefit of the doubt. And, in this case, a lot of people have gone hands on with and say that it does what they promise this time around.
grassyknoll  +   926d ago
It's nice to be excited by new technology, but if the software just leads to a creative cul de sac (as it did with the original Kinect), what's the point?
NewWhiteFeather  +   926d ago
@ Grassyknoll, I would have the same concern if it were a peripheral, but it most likely won't lead to a creative cul de sac if it's an integral part of the system. Developers will use it in ways we can't dream of right now because they KNOW everyone has one.
DoubleM70  +   925d ago
This is why Kinect 2.0 is intergrated into the XBone.
r21  +   926d ago
Heres to hoping Kinext will actually work 1:1 now or at least close to that.
Godmars290  +   926d ago
Has anyone compared navigating the XB1 or 360's UI with a game controller versus voice command?

That's one of the many things MS haven't even gone near. Along with showing new Kinect games against old ones.
B-radical  +   926d ago
Ive done both haha im more of a controller kinda man. Voice does work smoothly on the xbox 360 tho
GodGinrai  +   926d ago

I never bought the original kinect but that said, Im looking forward to telling my xbox what to do..."xbox..on!" or playing single player KI just to unlock some achievments in between the breaks when im watching adult swim or something, just being able to snap/switch like that. It will be a very handy feature. Its not game changing or anything like that. But its very convenient.
n4rc  +   926d ago
That's the big thing.. Its not replacing a controller.. And most of its features are not absolute must haves..

But its cool and gives us a new tool to play with.. Its brand new tech, people that assume its kinect 1 are simply assuming, quite wrongly I might add

Let's compare a 35mm camera to a new 15mp DSLR.. Both just cameras right? That DSLR can't do anything the 35mm cant right?

Its new.. Brand new.. The only thing that makes it like its predecessor is a camera and a name..
NewWhiteFeather  +   926d ago
n4rc gets a bubble.

That's dead on. This is an integral part of the system but it doesn't mean you have to play dance games or even stand up. It doesn't mean all games will become full motion control. It doesn't mean you have to abandon that precious controller. It just means there will be more options in game.

Hell, I think if I'm playing The Division and that neato holo-map pops up and I can use my hands to interact with that map in the air, that'd be awesome.
Shadonic  +   926d ago
Yea thats kind of suspicious to me, I would of at least expected Rare to have something up but considering the first demo of kinect sports there probably going over it multiple times.
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HexxedAvenger  +   926d ago
Oooh I myself am interested in the kinect on a tech geek kinda way. I can't wait to get my hands on it.... Or my hands in front of it lol. Good time to be a gamer with all these games and tech.
quenomamen  +   926d ago
Motion controls always have been and will always be a gimmick to sell consoles for for all the fools who shit their pants when they saw Minority Report. Well that and grandparents who dont know jack about video games and heard it was what all the young kids are into these days.
Themba76  +   925d ago
i agree with ya i smoke way too much to be waving my hands at the screen i just want to pick up a controller and play some games
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Wizziokid  +   926d ago
Maybe it's just me but none of those things in the list excited me.
Exiled_Samurai   926d ago | Spam
SynestheticRoar  +   926d ago
I would be more excited if they sold X-box with out kinect. Then I would buy one.
SilentGuard  +   926d ago
Interactive porn is the only thing that would make Kinect exciting.
MysticStrummer  +   926d ago
...and make it sell in Japan.

Years from now, this could be looked back on as the golden age of dating simulators.
shibster88  +   926d ago
Wow kinect is ok for family's or kiddy winks, for core gamers ps4 is the inly way forward, xbone is taking a step away core gamers, shame I love my 360.
Trekster_Gamer  +   926d ago
I can't wait for kinect 2.0 It's dtime to move forward and offer something beyond the controller. I am not saying abandon the controller as it will always have it's place but I have been a gamer since combat and adventure was king. I think it is a very cool immersion kinect can bring to a game. it's no holodeck but is a start.

The game market is big enough for all, I don't see why there is so much complaining.
givemeshelter   926d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Smootherkuzz  +   926d ago
I agree that Kinect should be sold as a add on to lower the price. Kinect is fun to use if you like that kind of thing. Kinect 1 sold very well and the younger kids love it. Some of the older gamers enjoyed giving commands in games like Mass Effect and getting around the console menus with voice and hand movements. Kinect 2 will continue to advance the fun that can be had this time around. And if Sony had priced the new PS4 like they did PS3 would we be even talking about the price of the new Xbox One? Maybe,maybe not. DRM thing was truely a joke and never could get off the ground without Sony doing the same thing but they decided not to play the DRM game which give them the front running,well played lol. Things will be great for MS & SONY but now the playing field is more even coming out the gate. Either way it's going to be sweet.
SITH  +   926d ago
Kinect 2.0 is 100% what kinect should have been. I am glad I waited on purchasing kinect. I borrowed my parents and rarely used it. The kids loved the thing, but this 2.0 has me excited!
fsydow1  +   926d ago
Kinect 2.0 is a gimmick, plain and simple. Who in hell wants to flail your arms like idiots on the couch.Voice commands is also nothing new and kinect 2.0 will be no different.Remember not all countries pronounce the words the same,say for instance a Japanese guy gives a voice command like"Repeat", it would sound like the guy is saying"lepeat" to Kinect. Also answer me this,how will 3 people look in front of kinect shouting commands and flailing like idiots. Kinect2.0 =FAIL.
coopman300  +   926d ago
Seriously, they're talking about precise gestures not "flialing" your arms around. If your playin a kinect game and youre flailing your arms around like an idiot youre obviously doing it wrong.
MALVAD0   926d ago | Trolling | show
unicron7  +   926d ago
Kinect is lame and produced shovelware. No thank you. It has no real uses for hardcore games. A gimmick is a gimmick. I'd like to know how many people who bought the original kinect will admit that it collects dust and never gets used.
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Urusernamesucks  +   926d ago
People downplaying the kinect are the hillbillies of gaming. They want to stick with the same shit over amd over and over again And will lynch you if you say other wise.

Inovation is the future. Gaming will never evolve If we keep sticking with the same stuff. Why do you think japan is giving up on consoles? Werent they supposed to be the meca of gaming? Now they are more interestes in these "gimmiky" Mobile games, why would that be?
unicron7  +   926d ago
I'm all for innovation...but that camera is a joke and still can't produce anything groundbreaking in terms of gameplay. It just adds little tacked on things to hardcore games that don't matter and casual shovelware.
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jmc8888  +   926d ago
Actually no it's the opposite. The people who empower themselves through knowledge and not hype understand that any additional gaming utility gained by Kinect2 (which in terms of functionality is surely going to be better than the crappy Kinect1, but unknown if it meets Microsoft's claims) is vastly outweighed by the fact that our gov't spies on all of us and the Kinect2 is the best piece of spyware ever far

With or without the complicity of MS, who has been well known to be complicit, willingly AND unwillingly, MS has given the gov't a tool to massively spy on everyone, and if they were interested in your privacy in reality, unlike their fake slogan, then they would allow the user to unplug the Kinect2 and still have a functioning Xbox One.

Notice allowing a user to unplug a Kinect2 is not the same as requiring one to be packed in the box. Therefore there is NO change in trying to showcase the technology to developers, since everyone will STILL have one.

On top of this, even beyond the gov't spying of Kinect, which can be done in multiple ways, through willingly/unwillingly accessing the data they can also hijack the data flows going in and out of MS and your local broadband carrier, like they are right now with everything else.

The gov't IS spying on everyone, and is attempting to collect EVERYTHING. They are currently building, and it is operational the Utah Data Center which when finished will have the initial capacity through today's means to hold data the enters the PETABYTE level.

Innovation isn't cut and dried like you mistakenly think it so. New technology or inventions can both PROGRESS or REGRESS society.

For example, when the TBTF bankers repealed Glass-Steagall this allowed their NEW INNOVATIONS called derivatives to explode. These are nothing more than completely worthless gambling that has destroyed our economy. It was NEW, and a INNOVATION, but all it did was bring our markets back to pre-depression levels and what do you know, we're now in a depression.

You make alot of assumptions and pretend that japan was a mecca of gaming? Says who. Morons who were wrong in the first place? This doesn't make your point.

Microsoft itself wants to sell you down the river by using the spy device, Kinect2, to limit you, advertise to you, and empower others to screw you. These are FACTS.

People that deny reality, are well, more like the term you use to describe then people that are well aware of these facts and show concern.

Because being concerned about your privacy when it IS under assault is valid. You ARE being spied on. When none of it is necessary, as it isn't needed to keep us 'safe', which in of itself is an unreachable goal and wildly fluctuating metric so big the titanic can sail through it.

Your position is to ignore reality, and pretend none of this is happening, pretend it won't screw it over, and pretend the people talking about it are somehow Luddites instead of informed citizens. That IS reality.

The Kinect2 will allow you to freely give your information to outside parties, who will use that against you. Just like idiots who post their drinking party pictures online will be screwed when they try to get an important job a decade or two from now.

How many Anthony Weiners are out there right now showcasing all the women they've banged and oops, a decade or two from now they'll wish they hadn't put that out there. The difference is, that with Kinect2, just as damaging of information can be gleaned about you and yet all you have to do is use your console for you to be equally screwed. Same effect, but few realize it. None of it justified or necessary.

Good luck
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Urusernamesucks  +   926d ago
ok, First off you say "people who empower themselves through knowledge and not by hype understand that any additional gamming utillity gained by kinect 2 is vastly outweight by the fact that our gov't spys on all of us..."

Your implying that these theorist are empowered by knoledge? Lol... Its actualy the oppsite of what you said. They are fanboys feeding off this ridiculous spy propaganda that stimulates negative hype towards the kinnect.

"Kinect 2.0 is the perfect spyware"

Not at all, if anything, smartphones are. Most people using smartphones are always online, while half of xbox users are offline. Tell me how will they be able to spy on me if im offline.

I guess some people are just afraid of the future, wich is understandable. Mankind has always been skeptical of change, weve been afraid of fire and lightning every since they were discovered but look how far its gotten us.

Dont mean to mock your comment, but most of that stuff you said about kinnect is irrelevant since its all theories :/.

Anyway, those with an open mind, are willing to see things through rather than sh***ng on it before seing the full potential.
Machiavellian  +   926d ago
I wonder if you have a smartphone. Your smartphone records your conversations, Text messages, Social media apps, has all your family friends and business associates. Actually if the government wanted to use a device that could profile you like no other than the smartphone and mobile companies would be the absolute best target. Its beyond silly to think the type of info that can be gained from Kinect is anywhere close to the amount of info you give away on a daily basis.

I believe the person who is ignoring reality is you. Why don't you drop from using the net, give up your phone and use a beeper, and never call anyone either
coopman300  +   925d ago
Seriously dude what kind of vital info are they gona get on me, what brand of underwear i like to wear while gaming lol.
Nocando  +   925d ago
What a monumental waste of time and energy.
How's life on the compound?
samekratos   926d ago | Off topic | show
4me2  +   926d ago
It will make way to easy too Rage-Quit-Games....

COD MP " You mot$%#&^ f*&%^% lagging ^%$#%%...... XBOX OFF"
Thomaticus  +   926d ago
I wonder how many kinect features the ps eye can do. I know it can't do as much, as kinect but the ps eye should be able to do some decently.
scott182  +   925d ago
If they make good motion sports games then I may buy a ps eye. The sports games for the move on the ps3 are really fun. I don't care at all about voice commands and recognition stuff.
S2Killinit  +   925d ago
Oh yeah I'm totally excited about being spied on
scott182  +   925d ago
I think the camera is powerful and has potential, but none of the said features are that great at all...
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