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DoctorMontalban  +   925d ago
That's M$FT. Screwjob first, then after people react, backtrack. Like a whorish gf that crawls back to you and says "sorry about all the dicks...I promise, no more dicks" with her fingers crossed behind her back. If anybody buys into these guys, they deserve any bs that happens to them next gen.
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LosAngelesActor   925d ago | Spam
jackdaddy  +   925d ago
All this point making is lovely.
But don't forget, Microsoft have early dlc rights to call of duty dogs. Lucky kids.
IQUITN4G  +   925d ago
ms seems to be recovering well from it's recent stumblings

One thing to realise is that we really are a much smaller percentage of those that buy these systems. Most people are oblivious to things we bang on about on the internet . Xb1 will be just fine
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JohnS1313  +   924d ago
I disagree. Microsoft is looking like fools. This has turned into a huge disaster. They know they screwed up big. Now they think they can steal all of Sony's good ideas. No, it won't work. Only fools will be fooled by this.
BattleTorn  +   925d ago
I confuse Phil Fish for Jonathan Blow - and vice versa - all the time
Gamer666  +   925d ago
You don't just wake up one morning and decide to allow self publishing and that any xbox can be used as a development tool.

That requires planning and building of development tools and policy changes that have to be approved through the xbox organization. Significant procedure and process changes as well. What I think happened is that MS looked at the feedback from last gen and decided to do this about a year ago. They new it would not be ready for launch, hence why no announcement as part of launch. The perfect forum would've been GDC. But, it leaked earlier...

To say that is reactionary is uninformed and lacks understanding of how a large business like MS works.
JohnS1313  +   924d ago
You must work at Microsoft. Everything they're doing now is reactionary. A million changes to their Spybox. What a disaster.
annus  +   924d ago
The feature isn't coming out at launch, and there isn't even a release date for it, so why couldn't they have made it up in the last few months.

You think MS was like "Yeah, lets have this really locked down console where you have to check in every 24 hours, BUT we will make it totally open so everyone can develop on it!".

It makes no sense. Why wouldn't they mention this or any of the other features they have revealed in the last few days at E3? A price drop is more than likely going to happen as well, but I guess they planned that months ago as well...
Gamer666  +   924d ago
Development and DRM are two completely different things. Just like on a PC how you can do software development, but have stuff like iTunes with DRM.

And they are not opening the platform for modifications. They are allowing development tools and debugging on the platform.

Ever since E3 they have continually talked about many features.
annus  +   924d ago
For software development to be able to work you need to be able to create and stop processes, read and write files, and much more. For this to work they are going to need to have the system pretty damn open. People will find ways to make pirated games to run if it lets you run any source code you want. And just like PC, it will be plagued with people changing the software.

Protip: Microsoft doesn't want this, as you can see by the fact that they wanted 24 hour check ins.

There is also a reason everyone can't openly go out and buy a dev kit, and selling them on ebay isn't allowed.
ALLWRONG  +   925d ago
The guy made it clear before he didn't like MS, like things are suddenly going to change now. Lost of damage control today. Almost feels like karma.
SlapHappyJesus  +   925d ago
This guy is so bitter.
Say what you will about Microsoft in general, but all of this hate comes from what he considers a bad experience working with them.
Someone should also remind him that, had Microsoft never funded Fez, he may have never actually released the thing to this day.
D-riders  +   924d ago
why couldnt he have released his game there are plenty of platforms to release games. MS paid for the game.
JohnS1313  +   924d ago
Nobody should make a deal with Microsoft. It's like making a deal with the Devil. Nobody ever wins in those deals but Microsoft.
D-riders  +   924d ago
cause it is BS, MS said screw gamers and now they are like that was a mistake. So there are some that are like oh yeah MS is great again. They wont get me
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JohnS1313  +   924d ago
They won't get me either. I don't want anyone spying on me. No thanks. They sure are desperate. Horrible console from the start. Nothing was thought out right. When they make so many changes it tells you they're a mess. Just reactionary now.
PablitoPaperito  +   924d ago
M$ sux
JohnS1313  +   924d ago
I agree with this guy. Microsoft screwed up big. Now they're running around changing everything. Not smart. Does anyone really want a console designed that way? It will end up a big mess. Microsoft has really become clueless the last few years when it comes to making things people want. And I don't mean gaming. Everything. They've had a lot of flops. Maybe Steve Ballmer isn't the right person to be leading them.
Groo  +   924d ago
Hes a typical corporate fathead that doesn't know shit.. its seems most American companies today hire leadership like this..
Groo  +   924d ago
for some reason, Microsoft reminds me of Don King... hmm
sarcastoid  +   924d ago
Subzero200  +   924d ago
"Fez creator on Xbox One self-publishing change"

IT'S A Trap
Yetter  +   922d ago
#1 Phil Fish is a total tool and has a vendetta with MS so everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt.

#2 considering Build conference announcement of the Xbox partnership with Unity (these things don't happen overnight) and the recent announcement that the 360 will also allow self-publishing to the XBLA (Not just the XBLI)and the fact the every XB1 can be used as a debug unit, I am pretty sure this has been in the cards the whole time and If you think MSFT is just basing all their decisions on what Sony has said you're pretty dense. I bet MS barely pays attention to Sony at all, they are more interested in Apple and Google.
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