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ashiksorel  +   927d ago
What did I just watch........?
Oh Japan. xD
xHeavYx  +   927d ago
"Praystation Vita!" That's the best part, lol (Asian girls in bikinis are always a plus too)
Tales RPG addict  +   927d ago
that's why I love Japan their commercials are Over the Top. Not Stupid like most of America's commercials today.
ExCest  +   927d ago
Old Spice and recently insurance companies are bringing the funny though.
ExCest  +   927d ago
Oh sad guy. He wasn't invited to their beach party. Guess it's time to cosplay.
nick309  +   927d ago
pwnsause_returns  +   927d ago
despair  +   927d ago
Hahaha crazy stuff.
SirBradders  +   927d ago
The bomb
webeblazing  +   927d ago
Yoooooooooooo tooooo funny.
at first i was like what this have to do with PSO.
then the dude lol greatest buzzkill moment.

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