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zeal0us  +   929d ago
"he would turn to Reaper technology to accomplish his goals and become something akin to Mass Effect 1 villain Saren."

It would've been better than here's three choices now choose.
3-4-5  +   929d ago
First game was amazing, the world felt alive the Citadel was like a real living place.

2nd game was ehh.. Thane was cool and some other stuff they revealed was good but it was boring in terms of gameplay and missions.

EX: Go find person A, go find person B ect.....

I played 3 hours of ME3 and returned it. Just wasn't doing it for me.

O well, Tali was a great character though.
SeraphimBlade  +   929d ago
Sounds like they should have gone with these ideas for, well, everything. Well, vaporware's always perfect, as Drew Karpshyn put it.
ramtah  +   929d ago
After star wars the old republic i will never trust bioware
Lucreto  +   929d ago
I like this version of Tali
AznGaara  +   929d ago
Yeah, idk why they just didn't put that image into the picture frame instead of that stock image online...
Pozzle  +   928d ago
I like the one that's bald because it's a little more alien-ish. But either option would have been better than the shitty photo-shopped photo they used in the actual game. :(
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