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Destrania  +   668d ago
Uhh... wtf? lol
Something this gay should be xbone exclusive.

Also cool.
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6DEAD6END6  +   668d ago
Hahaha wtf did I just watch lol
john2  +   668d ago
the point of the video is not obviously the dancing, it's about the lighting techniques ;)
Destrania  +   668d ago
Nah, I'm pretty sure it's the dancing ;-) /s . Besides, Enlighten looks crazy good compared to whatever the heck that was lol.
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dogdirt2000  +   668d ago

The nature of this tech inherently means it can produce more accurate global illumination than Enlighten can.
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   668d ago
Such an awkward way to show tech
Cowflab  +   668d ago
Would you f*ck me. Id f*ck me!
Loki86  +   668d ago
This had me on the floor, nice job sir.
Einhert  +   668d ago
well that was interesting to say the least...
Holeran  +   668d ago
The lighting in that demo is fantastic. Ya maybe the dancing was goofy but if you were looking at the video for what it is showcaseing you can't help but be impressed.
Rhaigun  +   668d ago
I was impressed with the shadows. I can only think the dancing was shown to showcase how fast the shadows move in relation.

Still creepy though.
Holeran  +   668d ago
My thoughts exactly. The shadows and lighting in tandem were phenomenal.
Destrania  +   668d ago
PersonMan  +   668d ago
The Last of Us looks better than this crap!
dogdirt2000  +   668d ago
That's not what this engine is about. Brigade uses path-tracing for lighting, instead of traditional real-time rendering techniques.

It can produce very realistic lighting as it aims to simulate the rays of light bouncing around the scene as you would see occur in real life. It's very taxing to calculate this sort of lighting in real-time, which is why this and all the other Brigade engine clips are really quite impressive.
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PersonMan  +   666d ago
It's a pretty big performance hit for such a subtle effect.
isarai  +   668d ago
Weird way to show it but impressive nonetheless, wonder how long it'll take till the rendering noise is not visible
mrmancs  +   668d ago
Gay raving , wow cool.....
Black_McGrath  +   667d ago
Pretty sure he used the same program

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