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Smoovekid  +   366d ago
Sales are down because new consoles are coming out.
Omegaman   366d ago | Spam
Minute Man 721  +   366d ago
Try still too expensive, seriously OG Xbox and PS2 was $99 this point in their lifecycles and the 360 only has had a $100 official price drop. Looks like Sony and Microsoft pricing people out of the PS3 and 360
kreate  +   366d ago
Is sales down in other regions too or just usa?
EvilFluff91  +   366d ago
I think another reason why the traditional games industry is in decline is that the casual gamers that flocked to the Wii and then kinect temporarily inflated the industry and when they left to go to smartphones and tablets it caused the industry to go back to a normal level like before the Wii, I think everything will be fine in the end.
dcj0524  +   366d ago

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