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Auron  +   930d ago
Final Fight Guy I got it from my uncle who worked at blockbuster direct from Japan Orange box and all.
Nizulo  +   930d ago
That's incredible! You sir are a very lucky man :)
TheWolverine  +   930d ago
wow, i've still got my ninja gaiden trilogy. maybe I should trade that away
Nizulo  +   930d ago
If it's still in great condition with the box and all, you should fetch a nice little sum :) Hell, even if it's not in the best condition, it will still attract some good coin!
pixlz  +   930d ago
i have my copy of Metal Warrior right over there. ::points:: game only, but it is SO BADASS!!!!!!!!!! Best multiplayer split screen mech game almost period. ^_^;; My friends and i musta played that and Armored Core(later on) about the same.
crazysammy  +   930d ago
Hey Nizulo,

Can I just asked what this top ten list was based on? Or how you define rare? Did you look at total copies in print or price value?

I enjoyed the list but where are games like E.V.O and Aerofighters?
Nizulo  +   930d ago
Thanks for the comment :) I tried to base this article on total copies rather than actual value of the game. My goal with this list wasn't to make it a 100% accurate, but to have fun with it and make it as interesting as possible. ^DV
crazysammy  +   930d ago
It was a good read! Thats why I asked because there can be rare games that aren't worth much money, and also games that are really expensive and have a high circulation. My friend had a sealed copy of the uncirculated Speed Racer/Mountain Bike rally 2 pack. He sold it and bought a car if I remember correctly. That thing is mega rare!
FateoftheGame  +   929d ago
Quick thing about Noah's Ark: it's not a "rip-off" of Wolfenstein 3D - it is Wolfenstein 3D. Apparently, the game's developers might have made it as a middle finger to Nintendo. Watch the Angry Video Game Nerd's take on it for the specifics:

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