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Mr_Nuts  +   860d ago
Oh you mean how FF13-2 was supposed to be the game FF13 was...pffft please. If your a fan of the first two fine you;ll enjoy it but to those who didn't like FF13 and even FF13-2...FF13-3, I mean Lightning Returns will be just as bad
Godmars290  +   860d ago
Yeah, the mechanics look good, but the story will more than likely keep me away.

" I just don't know why they made a third one since FFXIII-2 sold less than half compared to FFXIII."

Because they had always planned to make 13-2 and 13-3.

No. Just like Nomura is now, Toriyama was talking about direct sequels to FF13 beyond the PSP game and use to be vs13.

In fact they're likely carrying on Wada's plans of producing a FF a year.
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wishingW3L  +   860d ago
the plan was the Fabula Nova Saga or whatever but that never materialized, so they made sequels with recycled assets to recoup some of the money they invested in creating the Engine and stuff.

But anyway, as long as Toriyama is far away from the franchise things will become better.
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VileAndVicious  +   860d ago
....I actually enjoyed 13-2 much more than the first
Firan  +   860d ago
FFXIII wasn't a flop since it sold rather well. It just wasn't a good FF game. I just don't know why they made a third one since FFXIII-2 sold less than half compared to FFXIII.
The Great Melon  +   860d ago
Using the same assets again is much cheaper than creating a whole new set of assets for a new game. It's costly to create new games or franchises.
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Godmars290  +   860d ago
Its the game Square Enix probably would have made in the first place if they understood HD and otherwise had a production plan.
elda  +   860d ago
FF-XIII wasn't a flop,but imo only half of those who bought the game didn't like it that's why the 2nd sold only half of what FF-XIII did.I happen to really like FF-XIII & didn't care for pt 2 due to the fact Lightning wasn't playable throughout the game,no summons & no other human characters to recruit to fight in your party but imo LR looks interesting.
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wishingW3L  +   860d ago
the sequel didn't even sell half... FF13 sold 7 millions and FF13-2 only 3 (3+3=6 not 7).
elda  +   860d ago
FF-XIII sold over 6 mill,FF-XIII-2 sold a little over 3 mill so that's about half.
Irishguy95  +   860d ago
I hated FFXIII and didn't bother with XIII-2

I agree LR looks quite good so far. I might bite...depending on how relevant the previous games are to it.

I'm just looking forward to FFXV though. Looks vastly superior to the 13 series
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HexxedAvenger  +   860d ago
If it succeeds then what?
wishingW3L  +   860d ago
define success. Because I don't think the 3rd one will sell anywhere close to the original.
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elda  +   860d ago
@Hexx...Imo if it succeeds they'll probably make more spin offs,maybe more console games or handhelds,haters don't like this but business is business,due to Square & Japan loving Lightning especially if this game sells at least in the numbers that FF-XII-2 did,but Square said that LR is suppose to be the last of the story,we'll see.
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Williamson  +   860d ago
I hope the game ends up being good since im interested in picking it up.
josephayal  +   860d ago
lightning MEH
Summons75  +   860d ago
A that's what you call selling real well, having critics say its great and fans too. Not to mention having the main character popular in an entire country. TLOU must be a flop too then... Try harder troll.
Wrightylfc88  +   860d ago
Tbh I wanted this game a lot but realistically its not gonna sell well due to the next gen consoles coming out a few months before its release. Its a pity as I wanted it but unless U can play it someway on ps4 I won't be getting it
elda  +   860d ago
@Wrighty...There are almost 160 mill consoles out there in homes etc,when the new gen starts I'm quite sure not even half those numbers will be next gen owners by Feb 2014 when LR people will buy this game,we'll see just how many fans or first timers buy it.
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kalkano  +   860d ago
Yeah, no. The original XIII was not a great game, but at least is was part of the same genre as Final Fantasy. Something that Lightning Returns cannot say. Lightning Returns will be the first Final Fantasy that I don't buy, other than the MMOs.
Dagobert  +   860d ago
I remember the same bullshit with FFXIII-2. It's still shit. XIII is just a horrible trilogy which I'm sure won't remain a trilogy because as they finish fapping, they need new Lightning material to fap.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   860d ago
I still have to play FFXIII-2. BTW, I hear that there's a real ending and a bunch of other endings. Does anybody know if there are certain things you need to do to get a the official ending?

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