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claud3  +   772d ago
Then that is your choice
retrozoid  +   772d ago
Always difficult to chose, think saints row edges it on the fun factor
dvewlsh  +   772d ago
I really, really liked SR2 just for how fun and ridiculous it was. The story was kind of whatever, but I had a lot of fun just causing mayhem in it. I thought that in SR3 they kind of tried to appeal to that a bit too much, which made it feel less fun.
Hazmat13  +   772d ago
eh get both. no big deal. haha
ifritAlkhemyst  +   772d ago
Saints Row series > GTA IV

GTA III, VC, & SA >> Saints Row series

Hell, Bully, a game built exclusively on mini games, is better than the Saints Row series.
SilentNegotiator  +   772d ago
Saints Row 2 > SA > Saints Row 1 and 3

But Bully > Saints Row series? Heck no.
TheEnigma313  +   772d ago
Saints row is a bit too silly for my tastes. Gta 5 looks sick.
mafiahajeri  +   772d ago
To each his own, but Im baffled how anyone can prefer that crappy game SR over GTA, baffled...

SR is feels like a thrown together mess, heck there next game was meant to be DLC, lol no comparison...
MiasmaDodo  +   772d ago
I love Both.

In my gaming sessions GTA4 is NY (obviously)
and Saints Row 2 feels like Texas to me. LoL

they are both fun, and I am glad they are different.
cyguration  +   772d ago
I'm still playing GTA IV and Saints Row 2.

I uninstalled Saints Row: The Third after beating it since there was nothing to do.

It looks like SRIV will be closer to SR:TR than it will be SR2, and for that reason it's hard for me to say that Saints Row as a series is better when only one of their games was as good as the GTA series.
MestreRothN4G  +   772d ago
While I love both SR and GTA, I think you're right.
But Saints Row is growing, getting its own identity, which began clearly as a GTA ripoff, evolving to something completely nonsense and fun. Quite the opposite of GTA IV.

With GTA V being GTA again and SR4 moving towards the complete BS area, I think we shouldn't even compare the games more than Sleeping against Watch Dogs.
retrozoid  +   772d ago
Saints row is easy to get into for me compared to GTA
Sketchy_Galore  +   772d ago
GTA4 was unbelievably repetitive and could have been cut down by half of its playtime without losing anything but I still would much rather play it again than any Saints row, especially 3. There's only so much you can laugh at a giant rubber penis and a man in a silly costume before you start noticing the lazy, poorly made game underneath. I'll take a weighty, low speed chase through a living breathing city over a high speed rocket dildo bike chase through a dead feeling map with no actual immersion factor whatsoever.
cyguration  +   772d ago
Yeah I agree.

I've really learned to appreciate and love the car chases in GTA IV now, especially with custom vehicles from other games.

I don't think I've ever had a meaningful car chase in Saints Row: The Third. It's so sad how shallow that game was after you unlocked all the basic stuff.
retrozoid  +   772d ago
The dildo was the funniest thing in the game for me lol
CarnageXB  +   772d ago
Ill just put this here. I haven't finished a single GTA campaign. I have finished the Saints Row 2 campaign twice. I have finished Saints Row the Third campaign 1 and a 1/2 times. Saints Row 2 was the best. Saints Row the Third was good but it took away alot. In Saints Row 2 I loved fight club, the extensive highway system, the airport, the extensive car customization, the good story dlc, and The awesome easter eggs out in the ocean and on the land. In SR3 I liked the upgradable hangouts, the the zombies, cool vehicles, the character customization, and most of the story.


But I am looking forward to GTA 5. Especially Online.
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H4zZz4  +   772d ago
Saints row 2 was very good but I feel that saints 3 was a bit too over the top.
tigertron  +   772d ago
I think SR3 was waaaay better than GTAIV. I can have fun on there, do crazy stuff like kill zombies with Burt Reynolds whilst dressed as a toilet. You can't do that in GTAIV.
cyguration  +   772d ago
Yes you can do that in GTA IV
STK026  +   772d ago
I loved GTA 3 and Vice City, I however didn't like San Andreas as much, as, while the gameplay was great, I didn't enjoy the story as much, and by then, was getting tired of the awkward controls of the GTA series. When Saints Row came out, it was buggy, the story was forgettable, the graphics weren't that good for a next-gen game, the soundtrack was pretty bad, but it had great shooting controls, and that's all it needed to win me over.

Then came GTA4, which simply bored me. Saints Row 2 and 3 were awesome, for me anyway. And the co-op aspect was very nice.

I'll be buying both Saints Row 4 and GTA5 at launch, as while they are similar, they are still very different from each other, and I do believe there's at least enough space in the gaming world, for the 2 franchises to co-exist.
retrozoid  +   772d ago
I'd imagine both will cause a stir, we gamers win either way
The_Truth_24_7  +   772d ago
SR series >>> GTA series. The truth has been spoken.
RGDubz  +   772d ago
Rockstar fan boys & casual gamers are the only ones I've ever heard say GTA IV was good, when we all know it is by far the worst GTA of the series.

As far as Saints Row goes, SR2 was the closest thing weve had to a GTA: San Andreas this-gen so far.

Go to the prison in GTA IV, it's completely empty.. Now go to the Prison in Saints Row 2, It's full of guards & prisoners.. Which world would you rather play in? Let's face it, only a blind Rockstar fan boy would still say GTA IV's world.

Hypocrites will say "well the graphics are better", yet they weren't playing Driver 3 & 4 last-gen when they had the much, much better graphics over the GTA titles.. To them last-gen was about gameplay and now apparently this-gen is about graphics, because whatever Rockstar does better is all the blind fan boys want to focus on.
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RavageX  +   772d ago
That was in SR2 though. 3 was complete rubbish. Everything that made 2 great(mainly for me it was the fact the city had life) is gone.

GTA4 was incredibly boring for me. I enjoyed it but not in the manner I enjoyed the previous games in the series, and I felt that was a problem.

Instead of taking SR4 back to the series roots, they've turned SR3's expansion into a full blown game(supposedly), so I already know I will be disappointed.
Goro  +   772d ago
Overall i prefer GTA but i do think SR2 + 3 were better than GTA4...
iceman06  +   772d ago
I agree. I did enjoy the world of GTA4, but the mission were just really kind of bland after a couple of hours. The one thing that Saints Row does well is to disguise their mission types behind the over-the-top narrative. That being said. I am REALLY looking forward to GTA 5. Seems like a return to the roots of the game, serious...but with a chaotically crazy undertone.
PersonMan  +   772d ago
Saints Row is not fun to me. It's too arcade-like and ridiculous.

GTA IV is mature and the physics are really fun to mess with.
_FantasmA_  +   772d ago
You guys can thumb me down all you want but the only GTA that was a masterpiece was Vice City. 3 was okay but only towards the end when you could travel outside the first island. San Andread was just graphically ugly and was the same crap over and over again and was really racist. Didn't care for 4. Saints Row is lame too, but I did play the first one for a few days before I got bored with it. Sleeping Dogs was more mature, and had a tightly scripted main storyline. Hopefully we get a Sleeping Dogs 2.
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RGDubz  +   772d ago
I like features from Vice City but I disliked it the most out of the PS2 GTA's, I would much rather play the real Scarface game instead of that fake "Scarface" game, I also dislike how flat the map was.. It was kinda weak overall, I played GTA 3 way more til San Andreas dropped.

#1 GTA: San Andreas
#2 GTA 3
#3 GTA: Vice City

At least for me.

Also, Sleeping Dogs is great & I'd bet we'll be seeing a 2nd game.
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_FantasmA_  +   771d ago
That's why I liked it. It felt like Scarface more than the Scarface game, but all the Scarface tracks had already been used in 3. San Andreas was the worst for me. I played a few missions and then threw it in a shoebox. Its somewhere around my house but I'll never play it. You can only beat up so many hookers before a game gets old.

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