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nick309  +   358d ago
I saw blood in the least trailer, it looked real enough for the esrb to say its for mature audience.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   358d ago
He must have poked someone in the eye.
linkenski  +   358d ago
The first Ace Attorney started out by showing a bleedout from a blunt force trauma to a victim's head and it was animated... that game was rated T for teen.
CaptainYesterday  +   358d ago
Seriously? That's very interesting can't wait to get my hands on this game :)
Donnieboi  +   358d ago
Well at least those who were teens before (when the series started) should be adults now anyway. But it sucks that today's teens can't play (unless their parents are cool with it).
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chadboban  +   358d ago
My parents were always cool with me playing mature stuff just as long as I never behaved badly and never repeated what I heard. If I ever did they'd insta-ban me from them and they were very clear about that. Same goes for my little brother now.

Off topic here: I noticed you've been changing your avatars like crazy man, you stuck with Yosuke for a good while, then you went from James Gandolfini to Apologetic Iwata and now Trayvon Martin in a matter of weeks. LOL. What's inspired the changes?
Donnieboi  +   358d ago
On Topic:

Yeah my mother never cared if I played mature rated games. The only one's off-limit were Grand Theft Auto games.

To respond to your second portion:

The inspiration is based on the things I can't get my mind off of at the time. Yosuke because I was obsessed with Atlus and Persona 4. Gandolfini because he was a great humanitarian and actor who died recently. Apologetic Iwata because I thought he should retire (and now I am on the fence about that). And Trayvon because I lost/dumped 3 close friends this week when I saw them celebrating Zimmerman's victory as if it was a mutual victory for all whites (instead of seeing it apart from the racial factor--and remembering that an unnarmed teen was killed for walking home with a hoodie on--a hoodie, in the RAIN.). Keep in mind, that not too long ago, gun-ownership rights were up against the wall. So some of Zimmerman's overzealous supporters (not all, but just the willfully blind) might also see this as a misguided victory for gun rights (which explains their "joy" at the verdict).

But I am not going to get into a political debate about that here.
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MrMister  +   358d ago

Sorry you had to find out about your "friends" the hard way like that. My own cousins were acting all giddy over the verdict too, talking gibberish about how it's payback for the OJ Simpson trial (don't know if your old enough to remember that though). So petty, since one case from years ago has nothing to do with the other.


On topic: I'd let my children play mature rated games, but only when they are teens and I can monitor them. I don't want them playing things that are murder sims though.
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Donnieboi  +   358d ago

Y'know what? I always loved the Pheonix Wright games because I'd always been good at debating and fascinated with law. Maybe later when I eventually go for my Masters degree, I might give "Law" a try.
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chadboban  +   358d ago
Oh okay, sorry about having to lose your friends, that's always a hard thing, but it's cool that you stand up for what you believe in. Stay cool bro.
Donnieboi  +   358d ago
Thanks. U too :)
wingman32x  +   358d ago
I know that there's a lot of darkish content in the Phoenix games already, so this really shouldn't be surprising.

Still, though, I didn't really expect an M rated AA game. I hope the more lighthearted aspect doesn't go away or get diminished.
Kryptix  +   358d ago
The M rating is probably only for making the crime scene and wounds more descriptive. Plus with 3D, searching for evidence in rooms with blood can be terrifying to some. The Phoenix Wright games always had darkness in them and that didn't stop the characters from having that unique charm. Hopefully it is M rated, it would make you really feel how a real life lawyer operates in the real world.
Canary  +   358d ago
There a release window yet?

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