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iamnsuperman  +   938d ago
That is a good month for me. I have only got one of those games. It is a shame the Need for Speed is just the PS3 one but still I am happy
hkgamer  +   938d ago
Agreed, I would have preferred the Vita one. PS3 got a decent list but I'm not really interested in those games and the vita list looks boring.

oh well, maybe next month.
minimur12  +   938d ago
dammit, WHY DID i SIGN UP TO US PLUS, I am EU, and thought I'd sign up to US, let's hope US is just as good!
hkgamer  +   938d ago

I think you made a big mistake. EU has a better plus library for PS3 content compared to the US. But I think that vita US has better than EU.
abzdine  +   938d ago
Damn this month is crazy.. i always wanted to try Mafia II and LEGO on Vita looks amazing!

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Fluke_Skywalker  +   938d ago
Mafia 2 is a great game, dont let anyone tell you otherwise! just don't be expecting an open world type game, it's a very linear story driven game, it just happens to have an open world that you can't really do anything in.
abzdine  +   938d ago
i'm actually not a big fan of huge open worlds, i rather prefer intensity. I have tried the demo when it first came out and i kinda liked the grphics and the gameplay physics. Definitely gonna DL this one.
Thank you
Salooh  +   938d ago
Lego sucks. Spec ops already have it from the US ps+

The others are alright but not really exciting. I know i know , i'm always complaining to you but that's what i think when i see these lists when they could do much better especially in the vita..
The_Infected  +   938d ago
Stop complaining.
hkgamer  +   938d ago
why can't someone moan about the offerings? its not like he is asking for his money back.
The_Infected  +   938d ago

It was a joke.
hkgamer  +   938d ago
sorry... hard to tell
Salooh  +   938d ago
apparently they are not considering your comment as a joke.. xP

I'm not asking for new games. There are a big library of great games that people didn't support it. So why not bring those games . For example : Heavy rain , mirror edge and others that really worth my time.
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The Meerkat  +   938d ago
Lego Sucks? Are you serious?

You may not be the target audience for the Lego games but they are far from sucky.
Salooh  +   938d ago
The vita version suucks compared to the console version . That's what i meant..
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minimur12  +   938d ago
You don't have the right to complain when something is free
Salooh  +   938d ago
I'm paying for ps+ , it's not free -.- . I'm sorry but your excuses are not really a reason to disagree. convince me with reason not in a fanboy way. PS+ is not freeee. I as a consumer demand better games. It's not wrong , it's best for you too . I want great game that didn't sell a lot. These games are not really something i call great . They are normal games..
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HammadTheBeast  +   938d ago
Come on though... you're paying $50 for all these games (over 100). I don't expect them to be the absolute newest or best. Maybe next month.
sway_z  +   938d ago
2/3 games I never got around to buying...thanks PS+ !!!
Mr-SellJack  +   938d ago
mafia 2 and NFS MW for me,glad they're adding more variety
the leaked prediction was half false
Dark_Vendetta  +   938d ago
To be honest I'd have liked the leak to be real. DMC is a good game, and would have been a great addition. But I guess it'll be added later on (maby next month)
Genuine-User  +   938d ago
I wanted to buy Spec Ops and NFS a few days ago but decided to pass due to being short on money. I can't believe Sony is offering both of those games, love it.
Fil101  +   938d ago
I was thinking bout buying mafia 2 the other day from store but got tell tales the walking dead and glad I did.
slimeybrainboy  +   938d ago
Mafia 2 is so good, one of my favorite games this gen, very underrated. It's a little stiff in menus, customisation and variety but it's a good story, gameplay and setting. This is why these ols games are good in PS+ for people like you who never picked it up and don't have a major reason to go back.
Campy da Camper  +   938d ago
Mafia 2 was surprisingly good. Awesome story and game play. The graphics are pretty good, too.
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Spontogical  +   938d ago
Damn.. so I guess DmC must be for US members then. Could've sworn Dmc was going to be for EU
Iltapalanyymi  +   938d ago
holy shit gonna get all!! great games.
Bluepowerzz  +   938d ago
good month
Koyes  +   938d ago
Amazing month :D
ianblake  +   938d ago
i want need 4 speed for the US :(
Salooh  +   938d ago
Why don't you get the europe ps+ since you like what it offer. You should demand better games for US not the same. Well that's my thinking/opinion , imagine both have different content , that way you get to buy both and get a bigger library of games. But i guess people want the same stuff -.-

It's like i offer you a 120 different games for 100$. But you choose the 60 games for both regions.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   938d ago
Good update.

I only played NFS and When vikings attack.
CaptainPunch  +   938d ago
Hope the US store has good offerings for August.
MrBeatdown  +   938d ago
Wow, that has to be the best month of Plus in EU or NA.

I'd love to get NFS and Mafia in the US.
Red_Devilz  +   938d ago
Ho Lee Fuk!

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